Daily Archives: June 15, 2020

Time posted: 1:50 am

Upper Low Issues This Week

Good Monday, folks. Our upper level low continues to work across the state and will stall just to our east and southeast today. These systems like to wobble and this one may actually wobble back toward us over the next few days. The end result is a continuation of the cooler than normal temps and the potential for a few more showers and storms.

This low is actually a thing of beauty. Watch the forecast from the NAM…

As it drops out of Kentucky into Tennessee today, it then heads toward the Carolinas into Tuesday. From there, you can see how this starts to head back toward the direction it came from by Wednesday. These things are fascinating to watch and have the wobbles can have a big impact on local weather conditions.

I see from weather twitter that a lot of other sources totally missed this system rolling across the state over the weekend. You guys weren’t among those folks, though! 😉

What does all this mean for us? Again, temps are way below normal, especially in the central and east, and the potential for a few showers and storms each day. Much of this stuff will be working against the grain and coming from the east or southeast.

Here are your tracking tools for whatever action shows up today…

What happens with this upper level low really complicates what happens late this week into the weekend. Yes, temps will recover, but just how warm can we get? 90 degree temps are certainly possible, but one cannot underestimate the seasonal trend being established of the actual numbers coming in under what the forecast models suggest… Especially the perpetually blazing hot Euro. It’s been way overshooting temps in recent weeks and months.

Another deep trough is likely to dig in here late this weekend and early next week…

That would be preceded by a few rounds of showers and thunderstorms…

Have a happy Monday and take care.