Perfect 4th Of July Weather

Good Friday and Happy 4th of July. We have a very cool holiday taking shape across the bluegrass state and many surrounding areas. This is something we first talked about more than a week and a half ago and mother nature is delivering the goods.

Highs today will hit the upper 70s for many areas. 80 is a good bet in the far west and far south. Everybody gets in on low humidity and sunshine. Enjoy!

The 80s return for the weekend with Sunday feeling just a touch on the muggy side. This muggy air increases next week and that leads to rounds of showers and thunderstorms cranking up.

The GFS is putting down some hefty rain totals…

GFS RainMuch of that looks to come from a cold front that moves in and puts the brakes on by the middle of the week.

I leave you with your 4th of July temp trackers…

Current Temperatures

Today’s Highs

Today’s Lows

Happy 4th and take care.

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7 Responses to Perfect 4th Of July Weather

  1. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect day to celebrate our independence! Hope everyone gets out and enjoys the day and celebrates what we have. We will worry about the humidity and rain chances later. Happy Fourth of July everyone! Have a great day!

  2. Jason says:

    Pretty incredible for July 4th..

  3. Shawon says:

    From the NWS Wilmington Ohio Twitter feed:

    The low temperature of 51 this morning at CVG Airport was only one degree from the record of 50, set in 1968.

  4. Bryant says:

    Looks like a dry second half of the summer for most of us in eastern and southern KY. Most of our region is now labeled as D0, or abnormally dry by the Palmer Index. Our yard here in Laurel co is turning brown in spots and some of my new plants are showing stress. Being it’s only early July, and the climate does not favor most moisture this time of year, we could head into moderate to severe drought by summer’s end.

  5. Todd says:

    Bring on the rain please!

  6. Coach says:

    This is A perfect weather day CB

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