Mother Nature Has A New Spokesperson

Good evening, everyone. Mother Nature has a brand new spokesman and he has a special message for the bluegrass state…

No rain for youCarry on and take care.


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13 Responses to Mother Nature Has A New Spokesperson

  1. pattyversailles says:

    Yep! That’s us alright!

  2. Andy Rose says:

    This is actually funny and true

  3. which way is the wind blowing says:

    I have a sprinkler.
    The weather will be cooler
    embrace it folks embrace it.
    it beats the hell out of a snow drought.

  4. miss kate says:

    dang rain Nazi!

  5. WendyT says:

    This stinks. Look at the rain everywhere but in Kentucky.

  6. jjteach says:

    Haha, so true!

  7. Jamie says:

    Rain will come someday. We are just getting teased right now. Until then, the beans and tomatoes will make friends with the sprinkler.

  8. Horseownerx3 says:

    It rained at my house…and at the barn in London today….Kentucky that is.

  9. Phil Marion Co says:

    2 wks and counting

  10. prelude says:

    Had some vivid lightning about half hour ago and that was all. No rain fell and why would it?!? That would be too much like right.

  11. Shelley says:


  12. Lisa ♡ Danville says:

    Around 5pm rain came down for 5 mins now at 1230am tons of lightening and hunder and strong winds bending the trees…but guess what NO RAIN !!!

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