Winter Storm Watch

Good afternoon everyone. A WINTER STORM WATCH is in effect for all of central and western Kentucky for Wednesday night into Friday. This is for the arctic wave that will be blasting through here during this time. Here is a look at the counties impacted…

Eastern Kentucky will likely be placed under a watch before it’s over. My take on this system is the same as it has been for a few days now..

– A quick hitting 2″-4″ of snow with the fast moving low itself on Thursday. Locally higher amounts will be possible.

– An additional 1″-3″ with the backlash/northwesterly wind flow Thursday night and Friday. Much higher amounts of 4″+ will be likely across southeastern Kentucky during this time.

– Winds will be a HUGE player with this system and into Friday. Blowing and drifting snow is likely and will create near whiteout conditions at times.

– Wind chills may drop to 0 to -10 Thursday night and Friday.

– Sub 0 lows will be possible this weekend as arctic air settles in over a snowpack.

There you have my quick thoughts on later this week. In the short terms… snow showers are still cranking across much of central and eastern Ky and will drop up to another quick inch in a few spots with 2″ or 3″ in the higher elevations.

I will have more later tonight so check back. Take care.

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100 Responses to Winter Storm Watch

  1. Char says:

    Thanks for the update Chris.

  2. wondering says:

    Can anyone tell me why Wayne County & others to the east aren’t in the watch area? I would also love to hear your thoughts on totals the Wayne County area might receive, as many of you are…we’re snow starved!!

  3. ROLO says:

    just like i said 6 plus inches for SE KY by the time its over with 8 or more in spots TIMMY!!!!

    WSW will be up by midnite at tl;atest for us. look it alway west and south to border, how it going gtyo miss guys.

    IT AINT!! and the models are under doing the moisture as well. wait and see.

  4. rolo says:

    i just explain it WONDERING, u be in it soon sir.

    wayne county could see upwards of 4 inches as well.

  5. rolo says:

    that not county what the upslope gives us this weekend.

    that be further east ther heaviest of it, but we in laurel,clay,knox can get another 1-3 out of upslope too.

  6. ROLO says:

    man for as active as the blog was, er is everybody at, NEW POST AND JUST ME AND CHAR AND WONDERING.

  7. Coffeelady says:

    I certainly hope we get in on it! Rolo, I hope you are including Pulaski County in that! We need the snow love, too! I kind of figured that it would got to WSW, if nothing else, because of the blowing and drifting snow. That is going to be some dangerous weather.

    Rolo, I hope you are correct! At lest, let us get more than a winter weather advisory out of this thing!

  8. Whitley Co. Snowwatcher says:

    Wow! Don’t remember many east-west systems for a long time in the winter. Usually everything bubbling up from the South. Hope for a big one!

  9. upslope says:

    Upslope really crankin up again here in Leslie Co.!

  10. elle says:

    I am a semi-lurker. Post with questions on occasion. i love the input and knowledge all provide…its exciting watching this unfold. I try to make my own predictions.(teacher wants a snow day!) What’s ur thoughts on lexington?

  11. Joe T says:

    Coffeelady….U know we live in the WORST possible place in Ky for snow….Too far west for any elevation assistance, too far south for clippers, too far east for ohio valley storms (we manage to always be in the warm sector) it literally snows all around us!!!!

  12. james says:

    If the snow starts early enough Thur. morning,say 4:00 or sooner, then there is a good chance wont have school Thur. If they do go, will probably be dismissed early. On Fri., I don’t think there will be school do to the snow all day Thur. Of coarse, all this depends on getting the several inches were suppose to get.

  13. Joe T says:

    Coffeelady….U know we live in the WORST possible place in Ky for snow….Too far west for any elevation assistance, too far south for clippers, too far east for ohio valley storms (we manage to always be in the warm sector) it literally snows all around us!!!!lol

  14. Joe in Clark CO says:

    Don’t be suprised if they cancel the School on Friday due to the Blowing and drifting snows, with the fridged temps. What I have seen in the past the blowing snow can freeze on the already salted roads. even when the sun is out. Don’t let your guard down when the snow ends as travel could be very tricky.

  15. Joe T says:

    Coffeelady….U know we live in the WORST possible place in Ky for snow….Too far west for any elevation assistance, too far south for clippers, too far east for ohio valley storms (we manage to always be in the warm sector) it literally snows all around us!!!!lol

  16. Chastity says:

    As of the 6:33 update from Jackson, their take on things remains unchanged. I am hoping that they will finally come around later tonight.

    I agree with you that we should have a WSW. I personally don’t think that [some] people would take a WWA as seriously as it should be taken, especially with blowing/drifting snow an issue.

  17. Andy Rose says:

    i predict 3 or less for Knox County and i hope i eat my words

  18. Michael S says:

    I predict 1.5″ or less for Pulaski Co. I hope I eat my words too.

  19. feederband says:

    Belski has a new snow map up on his blog. Has the whole state split into three tiers, on parallel lines from due west to east. Louisville to Lexington to Louisa, 6 +. Paducah to London/Somerset to Harlan, 4+. Southern counties up to 4.
    We’re still over 24 hours from onset. Interesting.

    John Wall is this week the first person to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, The New England Journal of Medicine, and Time in the same week…….

  20. Prelude says:

    I think Louisville and points west will be under the gun with the travel headaches for the morning commute there snow should start somewhere shortly after 4am getting to Lexington by 6am I firmly believe they will cancel schools on Thursday region wide Louisville and Lexington should get a solid 4 to 5 inch snowfall east of I-75 5-7 inch just because of upsloping and decent snow showers/squalls developing with the artic front.

  21. Thomas says:

    You guys kill me, talking this morning about how western Kentucky ends up with all the snow west to east storms when I always see my county get the least of the entire state, Calloway, 1-2 inches at this point, I think.

  22. Michael S says:

    Welcome to the southern part of the state. 30 miles east of me in Pulaski CO. has been nailed with snow so far this year and we’ve not had much at all. Only suppose to get 2″ or less here too…dont feel bad

  23. Thomas says:

    Ironically, you guys have seen or been getting snow all season including this week, how much do you need when you get the better portions anyhow? I have only seen 2 hours of flurries this season with no dusting at this point.

  24. Thomas says:

    I understand just annoying to see history repeat itself, when I know central/east will always see the better snows with nothern sections included. I may as well live in TN where I am at cause I am only 12 miles from the border in southwest Kentucky.

  25. Thomas says:

    At this point it is wait and see, but prelimenary talk about downgrading our area from WSW to an advisory, pfftt.

  26. Kaye says:

    How do you see the eastern end of the state (Johnson County) doing with this storm?

  27. feederband says:

    You guys are going to get pummeled. Epic stuff. Of biblical, fire and brimstone proportions. You deserve it. It’s been fifty years since you all have had snow.

    Accuweather says you will get 4-6 feet.
    John Wall says you will get a serious storm surge.

    Just kidding. (Insert smiley) We are all going to get our snow. Just “elbowing” those who moan and wail about what what others get and they don’t get.

  28. vanessa says:

    How about Letcher Co.

  29. Thomas says:

    My apologies Feederband, no different than the poor complaining about bills while the rich get richer! 🙂 I only came here cause it said Kentucky Weather Blog, but have noticed it really is the central/eastern Ky blog, so I will venture elsewhere, enjoy your snow, hope you get buried! (insert smiley)

  30. Beverly says:

    I was wondering about Bath County. We aren’t in the WSW yet. I figured we would be. But how much will we get?

  31. Beverly says:

    What I mean is i figured we will eventually be in a watch.

  32. Mike says:

    I read the blog all the time, probably 10 times daily, it seems that the closer it gets to “the storm” southeastern KY is getting less chances of snow. I live in Pike Co. and was wondering if someone could post an updated Accumulation Chart for me…


  33. feederband says:

    Peace, bra. Not directed at you. Common thing on this blog. We welcome the input from the vanguard to the west. You get what we get before we do. Please let us know what is going on out there when you get it. We used to have a guy in Madisonville that would do that.

  34. WXman says:

    I think Chris has a good point…it’s not that the snow is going to be so deep…the problem is the snow is going to drift and blow AND the wind chill temps. are going to be horrible. THAT is what will make this storm so dangerous.

  35. vanessa says:

    Watch WYMT news at 11pm and Jim C. should tell us the amount.

  36. Thomas says:

    Yeah it is cool, I had to move back here last year for that mean ole ice storm from Evansville, IN after losing my job and was enjoying their weather up there, so I was just venting. I took your comment as an indirect way to take a shot at me, lol. Yeah I’ll give ya the heads up Wednesday night as it moves in. I don’t hold grudges, but say what is on my mind all too often, hope it is cool, thanks for the clarity.

  37. Thomas says:

    Hey Feederband, Vanguard to the west is a good anology, by the way, dig the lingo.

  38. Mike says:

    That is the problem, I have satellite, i don’t get WYMT. I watch WSAZ though.

  39. Debbie says:

    Murray…hmmm…yep…you’re def “Western Ky”…but you’re definitely AHEAD of Nelson Co. (“The Donut Hole”)far as snow totals…heck, I don’t think the dusting’s we’ve had the past few days have amounted to even 1/4″…last week, in LouVull…a friend of mine got a 6″ Snowman out of less than an inch of snow….I took my dogs out, we built a “Snow-Flea” w/ our 14 flakes that fell…(not counting the 9 others that melted on contact…);)

    However…I WILL ADMIT…you guys have a bit of an ‘advantage’ over us…??! It doesn’t seem to matter which direction the snow flies…?! Western and Eastern KY., and LouVull, get in on all the SNOW..??! Right here, smack-dab in the middle of Bardstown proper…heh…?! We get the little Rain/Mx…or the ICE STORM…or NOTHING…drive anywhere 15-20 mi’s W/N/E of us, it’s an out-right ‘Crippler”(SNOW!)They get all the bragging rights, we get the “What a sucky day…..”
    1-2 in. so far your way, really??!;)
    Maybe we will ALL get something to brag about this go ’round??! 🙂

  40. John-Austin says:

    Our first Winter Storm Watch of the season here in Central Kentucky!

    I work at a grocery store and we were so busy today you would have thought it was Thanksgiving and Christmas all over again! I don’t see how we have ANY bread and milk left…I really don’t.

  41. SNOWCAT says:

    Wayne County, Kentucky or West Virginia?

  42. SNOWCAT says:

    Schools in the East have already been out all week and probably won’t return until week after next at least if we get anything at all out of this next system. With temps this low the snow isn’t going anywhere other than packed in.

  43. MarkLex says:

    I took a look at the NWS forecast for Lex last night; they had blowing snow in the forecast, but they don’t now. I keep reading there will be wind gusts once the storm passes making what snow does fall, blow around, thus “blowing snow” WAS in the forecast, but not now …….HMMMMMMMMMM

  44. MarkLex says:

    My friend from says it’s even like that in upstate NY where she used to live; they call for a big storm, and everyone flocks to the grocery. I think it’s like that everywhere honestly.

    I wonder why they took blowing snow out of the forecast at NWS?

  45. Debbie says:

    My Mama always said, ‘The less you say, the better off you are”….
    She was right. Try telling my mouth that.It hasn’t stopped since I started talking @ 8 mo’s, I don’t expect it to slam shut anytime soon…lol!;)
    I have been yappin’ it up here for a couple years now, Thomas, and I really like the ppl and all the feedback…not everyone agrees w/ the other about not only the Wx, sports, etc , but that’s what makes it FUN!:) Everyone is entitled to their opionions on a variety of subjects here….it gets ‘hairy’ sometimes, but in the end, we all forget about it!:) Looking forward to your observations as the storm moves in!

  46. Debbie says:

    I was in, of all places, a liquor store today (I drink wine…health, seriously…really…lol!)and a lady checking out heard me tell the owner that the predictions were for 2-4″ or so, but I thought more along the lines of 6″+….she called her hubby & told him she was headed to the grocery store because “this lady in here said we’s havin’ a BLIZZARD!!!-I’ll be home in about a half-hour, Hon!?”

  47. vinny says:

    Last night I said 4″ statewide…

    I see nothing to change my view at this time:

    4″ statewide…. Could be some moderate snow bands set up Louisville-Dayton-Cincy-Covington..

  48. Chastity says:

    Vinny, how much do you think Laurel Co is going to see???

  49. feederband says:

    Hang in there. I am a supposedly highly educated, well experienced attorney, and I am barely keeping the wolves at bay.

    Seriously, We’ve lost our western flank. Report.

  50. Chastity says:

    Around here, all you have to do is mention the possibility of a “dusting” and the panic begins. 😉

  51. Michael S says:

    How much will I see in my back yard in Pulaski Co.? I live at 234 Never Snows Drive Pulaski Co. …How much snow for my back yard?????

  52. Coffeelady says:

    Andy, I think Tim has gone into mourning, since we are the only part of the state NOT in a WSW. Hopefully, Chris will shed some light on this with an update before too long. Even a tidbit would be welcome….

    Of course we know you are busy, Chris, doing your REAL job, and trying to let your audience know what to expect. But, when you can,(or as the commercial for that beer says…”when you get a minute…” 😉

  53. BubbaG says:

    No middle of the road on this one. We either get 2″ or we get 6″ when all is said and done Saturday morning. Of course, with dry snow, hard to tell what you really have.

  54. Coffeelady says:

    Thomas, we always enjoy getting new people to join us here. You are most welcome. but I gotta warn you…..this place is habit forming! Welcome to the club!

  55. Chastity says:

    Tim’s not in mourning. He’s gone crazy since school was called off in Knox Co YET again. 😉

  56. Chastity says:

    You’ll probably see about as much as I do. NONE!

  57. Thomas says:

    Yeah, would be honored to be the western spotter for you guys, back to one of my online games, but will check in over next couple of days to report as storm moves in and try and make a snowboard for 3 hour reports.

  58. Faye says:

    I just got back last night from my extended Christmas vacation in Paducah. We’ll see if I should have stayed there to see the most snow or maybe if the snow dome will finally crack here in Jessamine County. Oh yes, Thomas, I have a lot of family in Calloway County so I spent a fair amount of time there too. Keep us updated on what’s happening in the western end of the state.

  59. Michael S says:

    LOL your probably right

  60. impatient says:

    When will the snow start near Lexington? Early Thursday morning? Getting ready!

  61. BubbaG says:

    Wow. In the olden days (heck, even this past December), there would we be a hundreds of posts already. Shows how jaded everyone has become after getting missed, rained or vergatized (my word) so many times.

    When I asked people to come to the dark side, I did not mean for almost everyone 😉

  62. MarkLex says:

    It’s supposed to warm up by the middle of next week. I wonder if it will be a brief warm up or extended………..:-

  63. Hannah says:

    I love the snow, but I’m not sure my bones are ready for the wind chill! I think my dog is loving the cold—she gets to stay in the house and is getting spoiled worse than she already was.

  64. John-Austin says:

    LOL…thats hilarious!!! Yeah…there were a lot of those convos going on today in my store. The funny thing about it was the rush that came right about 5:30 and 6:00…just enough time for people to go home and hear the 5:00 news/weather!!! I have no doubt thats exaclt what a lot of people did…heard the 5:00 weather and panicked!

  65. Chastity says:

    I’ve been to the dark side….they did NOT have cookies. 😀

    Seriously though, where is everyone tonight??

  66. Hannah says:

    How warm?

  67. Joe T says:

    MODERATION is where I have been I gave up!!!

  68. Jamie says:

    hunkering down…

  69. John-Austin says:

    This weekend sounds like it is gonna be downright BRUTAL…snow blowing and drifting around with windchills possibly below zero. OUCH!!!

  70. Jared from Letcher County says:

    Still snowing around here, picked up another inch this evening, drifts up to 6 inches in some spots. Jackson says 1-4 inches overnight..I’ll try to get some pictures in the morning.

  71. Those of you in the Danville area will know what I am talking about here…went to Eddie Montgomery Steakhouse tonight. Well worth the money. Food excellent. Entertainment excellent and the ambiance outstanding.

  72. John-Austin says:

    I live in Lawrenceburg and my girlfriend lives in Mercer County and we both have talked about going to try it out. I have heard great things about it. So its really worth it?!

  73. RhondaB says:

    I’m here, just don’t post much anymore.

    Trying to stay away from BubbaG’s dark side.

  74. I think it has a shot at becoming the best dinner and entertainment spot for all of central Kentucky. Here is their website

  75. Chris G in Clay County says:

    does anyone think i will have any trouble thurs coming to london ky from atlanta GA? will be traveling greyhound. i should arrive in london around 9pm or so thurs night, weather permitting.

  76. Agree says:

    My husband and I drove from Somerset the week before Christmas and it was well worth it. We are planning on going back again around Valentines Day. It was an expensive meal but, worth it and our kids are even asking to go back.

  77. mitch says:

    my forecast

    2- somerset
    3- pikeville, bowling green
    4- lexington, louisvile, ashland
    5- covington

    another an inch or two late Thursday night into Saturday from upslope snows up to 5 far se ky.

  78. vanessa says:

    Jim C said 3-5 for most of kentucky.
    5-10 for a fews co in SE KY.

  79. Tim says:

    COFFEELADY,CHAS…HELLO, I’m BACK!!!!!…lol….did you guys miss me..:)…lol…decided to take the kids to the movies tonight..went to see the new CHipmunks loved it.

    SIGH…I see nothing has changed in the forecast dept….still no WSW…maybe by morning…

    and it has decided to come another BURST of snow!!! giving another coating in the past hr. or so…

  80. Char says:

    Well if we get a few more inches on top of what we are already getting in S.E. Kentucky, we’ll have a big snow.

  81. Char says:

    Saw the advertisement. I think my little grand daughter will love it too.

  82. Crystal says:

    Welcome Thomas!!!!! We want snow lovers from the whole state,really so welcome.

  83. marsha says:

    I know this blog is slow tonight.

  84. Joseph says:

    Somerset is the HEART of the snowdome. Disappointing to me if Mitch’s forecast plays out, no offense Mitch, lol. We have little more than a dusting here right now.

  85. Char says:

    Hang in there, Jeseph. You’ll probably get more than you want on Thursday and Friday.

  86. Michael S says:

    How much snow in my back yard Mitch? I live at 234 No snow drive Somerset, KY….LOL…if anyone is sick of snow then move to south central KY…it place is a for sure no snow place…this is nuts

  87. Crystal says:

    Which counties?

  88. Crystal says:

    We missed ya.Tim you know you loved the movie too lol!!!!!!!!!

  89. tommy says:

    what games do you play online?

  90. tommy says:

    i think i speak for everyone in this when i say its nice not having a rain snow line.

  91. RhondaB says:

    I’ll second that one, Tommy!

  92. Crystal says:

    I will third it LOL!!!!!!!!!

  93. disappointed says:


  94. Char says:

    I’ll fourth it, lol.

  95. RhondaB says:

    A new update is up!

  96. Jim says:

    I just checked the NWS forcast for my town and it says we will get 1-2 inches from this system in Carter County. Foiled again I guess.

  97. Bunice says:

    I live in Murray Kentucky, a confusing person about all this. Are we getting snow. I mean they say our temperature will be close to 50. Confused.

  98. Do you mind if I refered your weblog post on my myspace account?

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