Record Cold Temps

Good Sunday everyone. There is nothing left to say about the cold temps we are seeing out there except for WOW! Records are being smashed left and right in what is turning out to be an amazingly cold July around here and for much of the eastern half of the country.

Let’s review the history making cold from Saturday…

Lexington recorded a high temp of 69 degrees breaking the old record of 75 from the same day in 1924. The 69 degree high is tied for the 3rd coldest high on record for the month of July. Saturday marked only the 11th July day on record in which the thermometer failed to hit 70 degrees. Records for Lexington date back to the late 1800’s! WOW!

Through July 18th… this is the 2nd coldest July on record for the city of Lexington.

Jackson set both a record low and record low high temp for Saturday. The low dipped to 55 degrees while the afternoon high hit 69.

Louisville struggled to a 70 degree high breaking the old record low high of 75 from 1918. This marked the 4th coldest July high temp on record for the city.

Bowling Green hit 71 for a new record low high temp for the day. This broke the old record of 76 from 1918. This tied for the 4th coolest July high temp on record for Bowling Green.

Paducah tied a record low temp of 58 degrees for the date. 2009 goes into the books along side of 1967. The afternoon high of 75 broke the old record of 77 degrees.

Covington tied a record low of 54 from 1924. The 70 degree high also shattered the lowest high for the date of 75 degrees.

Ashland hit 71 degrees breaking the old low high temp record of 75. This marks the cities 7th coolest July high temp on record. July is on pace to become the coldest July on record for the city of Ashland.

Today should be yet another history making day as many areas will likely threaten or break record low temps. Most areas should see temps in the upper 40s to lower 50s across the area. If the major reporting stations like Lexington hit the upper 40s… this is something that has only happened 5 times in July since records first started being kept in the late 1800’s. Rural areas will have the best shot at some upper 40s this morning. Follow the record low temp watch here…

Today’s Lows

Current Temps

Many thanks to the fine folks at Kentucky Mesonet for the wonderful work they do!

How about highs today? We will likely see more in the way of clouds develop as the afternoon wears on. These clouds should be able to produce a scattered shower as well. Highs will continue to run well below normal with low to mid 70s. Some more record low high temps may be set out there yet again!

Let the headlines break the rest of it down for you…

1. Enough moisture will filter into the region for Monday and Tuesday to keep the chance for a few showers or isolated thundershowers around… especially in the east. Highs both days will be all about any clouds that form. While I will say we can make a run at 80 Monday and the low 80s Tuesday.. I would not be surprised to see the actual highs hang in the upper 70s.

2. Middle of the week will feature a return to the low and maybe mid 80s. Humidity will really increase during this time as we head into a rather unsettled period.

3. The threat for showers and storms will be on the increase during the end of the week into next weekend as another dip in the jet stream moves close to us.

4. How would u like to have a dollar for each day some other weather sources have forecast a 90 degree day? I could sure use the extra dough, I can tell you that! Look… it just ain’t the summer to be forecasting hot weather. The main reason for a lot of these 90 forecasts come from the reliance on the GFS and nothing else. Even the raw numbers from the GFS have been beyond awful this summer as they are busting by more than 20 degrees from less than a week away. The model was routinely forecasting temps for this past week to soar into the mid and upper 90s on several days. How did that work out?

5. I still can’t see anything that looks like real summer over the next few weeks. Our pattern should turn pretty wet for the rest of this month.

Help out the blog by posting your lows this morning and how your temps are looking through the day. You are appreciated my friends!!

Have a great Sunday and take care.

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7 Responses to Record Cold Temps

  1. Wrigley says:

    50 degrees in Morgan co at 7:00 AM, and it was on it’s way up! Heat it kicking on, this is crazy! Global warming I guess…..

  2. Andy Rose says:

    no 40s here was 58 this morning at my house

  3. Renee says:

    61 in Lexington at 8:49.

  4. tommy says:

    crisp 67 here, i really love this weather its like summer in idaho springs colorado

  5. Catfan says:

    No 40’s here either. 55 @ 7:00 this morning.

    Where’s the heat?

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  7. Debbie says:

    Not really sure what our Low temp in Bardstown this a.m. was- I was up around 6am and pretty daggone CHILLY when I walked to the paper box!:) My hubby has a nasty iliostomal hernia that flared up again, so we were in L-Ville for most of the PM, but it was nice and cool (warmer than the hospital!) whenever I went outside to make calls and/or smoke. (OK…no badgering me about THAT, friends, but compared to this one dude in the E/R having an out-right hissy about only getting “Motrin” for his “pain”..I’d say smoking is the least of the worst of MY ‘bad habits”?!-Geez…he was ‘slappable”…lol!) Anyways, I’d just walked outside, cool, crisp, cloudy…no sign of rain, and once inside the door, I heard someone say something about ‘OMG!-Look @ it RAIN!!!”-It was a really fast ‘gully-washer’ for sure! But I got to see a pretty rainbow the next time I walked out, so it wasn’t TOO BAD!!:) Being an “Autumn/WINTER” preference here, I’d say that today ranked right up therein one of my FAVE days, all in all, weather-wise!

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