Steam and Storms Start Early

Good Monday, everyone. We have much better weather across the region today. Sunshine and warm temperatures are making for a great way to start the final week of May. This nice weather is about to give way to some steam and storms later in the week. This same setup should carry us through Memorial Day Weekend.

Highs today range from the mid and upper 70s east, to the low 80s in the west. Skies stay mostly sunny.

Tuesday looks even warmer with highs from 80-85 degrees.

Humidity levels increase with the threat for some showers and storms on Wednesday…


A few of those could be strong or severe… Especially in the west.

The forecast from this point is pretty straightforward with toasty temps, high humidity levels, and the threat for some showers and storms. Any one day over the holiday weekend can have temps flirt with 90 degrees…

GFS Temps

A few weeks ago, I made the declaration that I thought the pattern could give us a 90 in the days leading up to Memorial Day. That was a pretty bold call given how cool and wet things were. But, when did I ever shy away from being bold? Weather forecasting isn’t for wimps! 🙂

The one thing that can keep us from flirting with 90… Thunderstorms. It does look like a daily threat for some thunderstorms will be with us…


With such incredible humidity levels for the month of May, any storm could be severe and put down flash flooding rains.

Steamy and stormy… Keep saying that for the next few weeks, and likely the summer. 😉

Have a great Monday and take care.

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2 Responses to Steam and Storms Start Early

  1. Dottie Watkins says:

    Weren’t we thinking a couple of months ago that La Nina might bring a hot & dry summer? I certainly don’t want a drought, but I wouldn’t mind a week without rain now.

    • Prelude says:

      That is still very much a possibility as the summer wears on. You might be screaming for rain come late June,July and August, don’t be surprised.

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