Louisville Tornado Confirmed

Good afternoon everyone. Severe thunderstorms pounded the bluegrass state today, leaving behind widespread wind damage across much of the region. The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado did touchdown in Louisville.

Here’s the information on the twister…

I suspect we will see a few more tornado confirmations as the NWS gets out and surveys the damage.

Where the heck was the Storm Prediction Center? They never issued a watch and this was a widespread severe weather event… IN JANUARY!! Way to keep the public informed and safe, guys. Honestly… this goes beyond dropping the ball.

Gusty winds will continue to be a big factor around here this evening as cold air rushes in. Winds will top 40mph at times and this may cause some more problems.

More updates as needed. Take care.

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28 Responses to Louisville Tornado Confirmed

  1. rolo says:


  2. Andy Rose says:

    Just some moderate rain and a little rain in Knox today

  3. blizzardTim says:

    dr. forbes just said over 90 reports of severe weather today !!! more than 9 times the amount for a January day!!! sounds widespread to me.. where is winter…oh wait its in seattle…lol

  4. Danny says:

    It’s quite sad NE Jefferson Co in Louisville got absolutely rocked parts of the Gene Snyder Highway still shutdown because of overturned semi’s. Numerous reports of store damages, tree damages, power lines down, power ourages. Lot’s of debris and damage in that part of the county.

  5. jonb says:

    Thursday system goes well north of ky. With 60s for next week wouldn’t be surprised to not see anymore january snow

  6. David in Gtown says:

    I would call roofs torn off in Georgetown, a building collapsed in Frankfort, heavy damage in NE Louisville, along with damage in the Bowling Green area widespread. Thanks for the heads up Chris.

  7. Dale says:

    I am not sure if anyone can trust the models that the NWS is using right now, they have been very inaccurate this entire winter, heck, even when they were predicting the type of winter we were going to have they were wrong.

  8. mmarie1976 says:

    Talking to folks in Glasgow had tornado clouds just up the road where they are. Scottsville, KY had lots of trees down, etc.

  9. Mike S says:

    Agreed CB about where was the SPC. Saving grace may have been in the warnings issued well in advance of the storms by the local NWS offices. Obviously, the storms were tracking pretty fast, but I still had time to organize things at the house before I left for my storm spotting location here in SW Jefferson county.

    Btw, no significant damage or very many power outages in the area that I cover. Winds did not reach severe limits. Ironically, there was a large limb from the fork of a tree lying across my street when I got back from my storm spotting duties. Should’ve just stayed home, I guess.

    Helped the neighbor remove the debris from blocking the road.

  10. feederband says:

    The SPC made a comment in the convective outlook about upgrading to a slight risk for the Ohio Valley last night for today. But………they didn’t. Wow. Who’s paying those people?

  11. disappointed says:

    Snow tonight or just flurries?

  12. Which Way Is the Wind Blowing says:

    Just watch an accuweather forecast on the local Louisville channel. No mention of moisture on Thursday or this weekend. Wave 3 likes the chances of snow on Thursday. What is Chris’s prediction for the rest of the week. I am in the dark.

  13. ClayCo. says:

    Does anyone think we will get any snow tonight in southeastern, Ky?

  14. jonb says:

    Honestly see no snow until at least feb.

  15. SarahH says:

    Does anyone else see that blue increasing on the radar as it gets closer to KY???

  16. Patricia says:

    No prior alerts from the SPC?! This is why I never check anywhere but here because I know that I can rely on Chris Bailey to keep me updated. Thanks for all you do Chris!!!!!!!! đŸ™‚

  17. Jeanette says:

    Soooo… what is the deal in 2 weeks? Anybody looking at that…or is it too far out to be concerned about?

  18. KG4KBU says:

    I am afraid if the models don’t change next week around the 24th we could have a even more intense severe weather threat. Know more once the time gets closer but something to watch. ESP. for the poor folks in the dixie alley area

    • Miranda Bailey says:

      Tell me the link so I can take a look at it. I hope there’s no severe weather, I need to get a weather radio soon if this kinda weather keeps happening. I want snow not tornadoes.

  19. Mark says:

    Looking at past recorded history, even F4s have hit Kentucky in January/February. The so-called Super Tuesday outbreak of Feb 2008 was Kentucky’s deadliest day of tornadoes since the infamous Super Outbreak of 1974.

    Might seem counter to logic, but KY has never had twisters stronger than F2/EF2 in July, August and Sept, at least in 100 plus years of records (no July deaths, only one or two fatal storms in both Aug and Sept). Seems among other factors, late summer cold fronts and jet stream patterns are weaker and often north of the Ohio River, resulting in less tornadic shear over KY. Thus, as infrequent as January tornadoes are in KY, one may need to be a bit more vigilant in winter than in late summer!

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