Updated Snow Thoughts

Good evening, folks. It’s a busy one as we track the first widespread snowfall of the season across the bluegrass state over the next few days. A Winter Weather Advisory is out for most of the region through Friday morning.

We are within range for the super short range models to see the event. The HRRR is showing the snow moving into the region a little faster than some of the other models we look at. Here’s where it shows snow accumulations by 8am…


It currently only goes through the Noon Hour and has a nice streak of snow already showing up…


That already shows a 1″-2″ snowfall into areas along and just south of Interstate 64.

This seems to support the late afternoon runs from the NAM family. Here’s the Hi-Res based on a 10-1 ratio…


The NAM also has some spots of greater than 3″ through early Friday…


Most of the modelling is highlighting the Interstate 64 corridor for some of the better totals, with lighter amounts in the far south and southwest.

My New Call For Snowfall agrees…


The Final Call For Snowfall will come out tonight on WKYT-TV at 11 and here on the blog later tonight.

Lows this weekend can still drop into the single digits in many areas, capping off this harsh little winter weather pattern.

Until then, take our exclusive interactive radar for a road trip to the west to track the snow…

Enjoy the evening and take care.

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53 Responses to Updated Snow Thoughts

  1. kywildcat says:

    I’m ride or die on the Rgem

  2. SHAAK says:

    No mention of the weekend storm? πŸ™

    • Michael Ricketts says:

      No weekend storm unless you want to drive South. Don’t go too far, though, you might end up on a beach. Perhaps that would be a good thing?

    • Rachelle says:

      Michael there is a weekend storm coming in, they were talking about it earlier on live stream.

  3. Bjenks says:

    By now casting looks the movement of the snow is more due
    East than SouthEast. Looks like heavier totals my be to the North of 64.

    Weekend storm never was a big hit for us. So no big
    Loss there.

  4. Summer says:

    I have to work regardless so I’m hoping for no snow. Sure I’m not alone. Hope all the other people that have to be on the roads are safe.

  5. Elk says:

    Slap me if I’m wrong, but this thing looks like it is going to go north of us. I don’t see it having much of an impact on anyone south of Florence.

    • Oh Hail No! says:

      Did you even look at a weather map or forecast model other than the current radar before you came up with this? Go ahead and give me your home address and I will come slap you once the roads are clear. So many people on this blog disagreeing with CB with little evidence to back their ridiculous claims.

      • Rachelle says:

        Lol I’m not sure what map you looked at but their calling for 2-4 inches in Lexington, that’s way further south than Florence.

  6. Troy says:

    All I can add to this is I for one am very thankful that after this weekend, the trend will be going warmer the rest of the month.

  7. LD says:

    Love that cutoff line in Madison County, it ALWAYS seems to bisect the county east-west right in the middle. Obviously, some sort of sneaky Darth Bubba trick!

    Berea is bordering 1 to 3 and 1 to 2, so basically an inch over 48 hours which is is pretty close to nothing and a complete Grandpa Moses snow rate. This combined with the totally disappeared weekend storm puts us in a place of wondering why so much attention for such little actual impact.

    If January ends up just like the “buckle up for some wild and wintry” December, no one should act surprised.

  8. John-Austin says:

    A lot of interesting times for school districts tomorrow AM. What will each superintendent decide? Guess we’ll find out!
    Looks like a rough commute home for the schools that districts that do decide to go tomorrow.

    • Melva says:

      Yeah, will be a tough call to cancel or dismiss..if they cancel and it doesn’t snow it’ll be a wasted day. But if they go and get caught in the storm it’ll make it tough to get home for sure.

  9. EF5snowfall says:

    The 00 run of the N A M has almost all the accumulating snow completely shifted north into all of ohio.cb is going to have to redo the maps.Would not be surprised if N w s cancel the winter weather advisory for all kentucky.

  10. Cold Rain says:

    Still believe parts of SE ky will get a few more inches Saturday..Last run of the GFS had a pretty big shift NW..Tonight’s run and morning’s could be telling..

  11. GW says:

    -Cold Rain
    -Old School Thumping

    Just thought I would go ahead and get these in here first concerning this latest system…lol. Seems to be a pattern on these snow posts…

  12. EF5snowfall says:

    Ok ill be back tommorrow and we will see what happens.I hope your right.I just refuse to get my hopes up then e disappointed as usal.

    • Oh Hail No! says:

      Learn to type, how to spell, or quit getting on here when you’re drunk…good Lord!

    • Clapp Landscaping says:

      Thanks for the warning

    • Prelude says:

      What the??? This clown just stated that the NAM model was showing the snow going into Ohio and Kentucky barely getting anything, which wasn’t remotely true. Then he says I’ll be back tomorrow and he doesn’t want to get his hopes up?? So he basically blatantly and knowingly lied about what the NAM was really saying.

  13. EF5snowfall says:

    Jeez I see a different view point than the forecasted narrative is not accepted here.

    • Oh Hail No! says:

      Outright lies are not a “different view point”. We can all see what the NAM actually says, dude. Disagreeing with what it shows would be very different from what you are doing. This is what a “0” looks like. Here is an example of a “2”. Have I lost you yet? If you live in far southern KY or the SW corner, yeah, you probably won’t get much. However, most of KY should see accumulating snow. All the data shows that. Since you said Ohio was NW, I am guessing you are somewhere quite far east in KY. We have lots of posts on here of you being an obvious troll at this point. You aren’t very good at it. Give it up.

    • Prelude says:

      Not yours your opinion is deliberately defiant

  14. Melva says:

    Why are people fighting over snow?…….it’s snow………

    • Endleswavz says:

      Pretty certain this exchange is less about snow and more about principal. My KYWXCenter regulars…, respond with silence, and antagonists will fade away. CB will most certainly deal with this individual.

      Let us celebrate snow and a return to what we all look forward to each Winter!


  15. Truman says:

    From here on out, let’s attempt to just ignore everything EF5 says. He’s getting the attention he craves. Coming to a weather blog for attention speaks volumes.

  16. Michael Carson says:

    00Z GFS cripples northern GA.

  17. Prelude says:

    This jet streak snow is absolutely hauling

  18. c-BIV says:

    hello weather lovers.
    Time for another snow tracking adventure on KYweather!

    Just finished watching WLKY, WHAS, and WAVE.
    Same ole same ole…WLKY and WHAS with a broad 1-3″ map painted across the area, saying 1 to possibly 2 inches in Louisville Metro. Also, Cardosi pointing out that this will be a very light snow and any 3″ totals will be north of the Ohio river. Not a single mention of 4″ pockets. They both were against the 3″ amounts, leaning towards the lower total.

    WAVE has the 1-3″ map across much of Kentucky, with a good 2-4″ stripe basically from just south of I-64 up through Northern Kentucky.

    Seems once again we have the 50/50 split with WAVE and CB on one side, and WLKY/WHAS on the other side.

    Maybe Fox41 (MW) can be the tiebreaker. πŸ˜›

  19. CoalminerD says:

    Can someone post links to the 00z GEM and Euro when they come out tonight. Can’t help but believe the weekend storm is gonna do some major shifting in the next 24-48 hours. Thanks in advance.

  20. Bjenks says:

    Wow…just back in from throwing salt. Looks like I missed some good conversation a couple hours ago. Hope that twister dude is not right. LMAO.

    What’s up C-Biv…

  21. Winter Warlock says:

    Ya when one just looks at the radar it appears there is a snow shield heading right at KY that goes across the plains all the way back to CO. Could see a couple inches from this or dare I say more? Ahhh….what do I know? Sort of like wondering if its gonna snow and then looking out the window and it is snowing already.

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