Tracking A Snow Swipe And Bitter Cold

Good Saturday, everyone. It’s the frozen tundra of the bluegrass state taking center stage in the weather world this weekend. Bitterly cold temps have settled in, but a snow swipe is trying to steal the early day show in the far southeast.

This is a shutdown snowstorm for areas just to our south and east. it is bringing accumulating snows to the counties that border Virginia. This is such a fine line we are walking in terms of the accumulations. I could see these counties getting anywhere from a coating to six inches.

Track away…

Letcher County Cams…

The rest of the day will feature a mix of sun and clouds with the potential for some arctic flurries flying around. Temps remain in the teens for highs, but it will feel a lot colder than that. Wind chills out there this evening into Sunday morning can drop well below zero again…


Actual lows can drop below zero for areas that completely clear the skies. Single digits are a given for most of the region.

Clouds increase later Sunday into Monday as some milder temps push in, and I’ve seen this produce some light snow and flurries before. We will keep a close eye on that.

A storm then develops to our west with showers moving in here on Tuesday. Some of that could start out as some frozen stuff early in the day…


From there, temps spike on Tuesday as rain moves in. The temps then drop on Wednesday, but spike again by Thursday. This volatile setup will then feature one heck of a temperature battle setting up right on top of us by the end of the week. This may include overrunning precipitation with arctic air to the north. Watch this temperature tend in less than 24 hours on the European…


I will update things later today. Have a great Saturday and take care.

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27 Responses to Tracking A Snow Swipe And Bitter Cold

  1. Richmond Teacher says:

    Is it going to be 60 degrees two days next week?

  2. Jared from Letcher County says:

    Several inches of snow on the ground here now. In addition to what fell yesterday and on Thursday. 6+ inches is definitely not out of the question.

    • Mike S says:

      Haven’t read of any recent reports coming from Letcher county lately, except Whitesburg and Skyline, but that was from the other day. Get out there and measure if it’s safe to do so and report your location in Letcher county.

  3. MarkLex says:

    I just read the NWS forecast discussion for AVL,GSP, CLT. From what I understood from reading, the snow didn’t happen along and south of I-85 thanks to sleet or cold rain – but snow lovers are hoping for a deformation zone to develop before it exits later this morning.
    UGH – imagine expecting up to 7 inches of snow and waking up with nothing but sleet.

    Oh, and lets hope for zero ice storms for us – or, if we must have an ice storm – don’t let it be a major one. I never want to go through 7 days without power EVVVVVEEERRR again.

    • Dottie W. says:

      Mark, I was about the last house in Lexington to get power back on due to broken mast head and other issues. I was out for just a couple of days shy of a month. Believe me, I have panic attacks whenever I hear ice storm.

      • MarkLex says:

        OH!! Seriously? almost an entire month? At that time, I was living at Chinoe Creek Apts – we could see lights on in close neighborhoods . It was so frustrating – seeing some people with power, others, like us, nothing. I felt like we were the last ones in the city to get it back….but a month?? Ugh….horrible. I’m in a more reliable area of Lexington now where power is concerned. If I’m not mistaken, the area I live in now (across from masterson station) none of those people lost power during the storm…….It seems like the power was always going off the two years I lived at Chinoe Creek apts though….

    • BubbaG says:

      Well, at least CB is not banging the ice drum loudly yet. That’s a positive.

  4. Bradc says:

    No snow in my kneck of the woods of knott co

  5. B H says:

    I forecast nothing but mud for the end next week.

  6. Andy Rose says:

    Clouds kept the temps up i guess. We only got down to 13 and we have been that low before

  7. Troy says:

    About .5″ of additional snow overnight in Middlesboro and COLD!

  8. bgbecky says:

    Looks like lots of rain and 50’s in forseeable future…especially here in BG. I am a warm weather gal mostly, so the 50’s is cool..not the rain though uuuuuug!

  9. EF5snowfall says:

    Looks like 70’s and rain for next two weeks

  10. Rodger in Dodger says:

    Latest freezing rain map on GFS for next Sunday 1/16:
    Rodger in Dodger

  11. Mike S says:

    Thanks to the camera shots coming out of Letcher county, confirms at least a couple of reports coming out of Whitesburg and Skyline of up to 5″ has accumulated over last couple of days. Inez in Martin county came in with 5.2″ just yesterday alone.

    • Terry says:

      I received 2.5 last night with approx 3.5 on the ground…depends on location at the house 3 miles east of Harlan

  12. karen harshaw says:

    December above avg temps.
    After this run – way above avg. temps.
    Looks like normal to warmer than normal winter.
    Nothing special one way or the other – which is guess what – normal!

    Someone should predict normal once in awhile.

  13. Magic says:

    Bring on Spring…..I think winter is done. 🙂

  14. Let mother nature take it’s course and see what happens. Second guessing is out of hands when it comes to saying what our weather gonna be down the road

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