Wednesday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, everyone. We have a warm front lifting back to the north across the region and it’s bringing heavy rain and a clap or two of thunder. Much milder air then surges in here, but a wilder change of air masses is on the way in the coming days.

First and foremost, let’s track today’s rain…

Temps head toward 60 behind this front and may stay there all night long. Wow.

The arctic front then moves in Thursday night, erasing the mild from northwest to southeast. Temps by Friday morning drop into the low and middle 30s and this could touch off some freezing rain in the north and west. The WPC outlook for freezing rain from Friday morning through Saturday morning…


That follows along with our thinking that northern Kentucky has the greatest risk for some freezing rain. The new Canadian Model has a rather ugly look in the north and far west…


That map goes through Sunday.

The GFS continues to be slightly warmer with less ice across the board, but still hits the far north…


The NAM only goes through Saturday, but is farther south than the GFS…


I suspect it may not be until Thursday before the models fully get a handle on how far south the 32 degree line actually gets. The models do not do well with such shallow, low-level cold air.

I will update things later today and on WKYT-TV starting at 4pm.

Have a great day and take care.

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9 Responses to Wednesday Afternoon Update

  1. Mike S says:

    Everyone’s latest temperature readings were solidly in the 50’s last hour including north of my house in Valley Station. At just past noon, I was still stuck in the 46-47 degree range. But as I’m typing this, my thermometer has risen 3 degrees in the past 5 minutes.

  2. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. As much as I want snow I do NOT want ice. Don’t wish it on anyone. We will just have to watch it I guess! Have a safe afternoon and try to stay dry everyone!

  3. Lucy says:

    Thanks. Warm air and rain is for spring, but at least we are not having ice–yet. Eight straight days of rain and moderate temperatures in January. Wow! I am going to drink hot chocolate anyway.

  4. Mike S says:

    Here’s a couple of controversial statements I know will get everybody fired up.
    If it’s below freezing, say 30 degrees, it’s raining, it was in the 50’s all night long, and it’s the daylight hours between 10am and 4pm, would there be any widespread issues with icing? I think not.
    If we were to get heavy rain with temperatures at 30 degrees, we have 0.60″ rain in fact, it’s between 10am and 4pm, would there be any issues with significant icing and power outages. I think not.
    The reason why I pose this scenario is that some models are saying temps may hit the freezing mark during the daylight hours with rain still falling.

    • Terry says:

      I agree with your post as far as major concerns, but it could be just enough to pose real hazardous driving/out door working threat, we’ll at least up in northern KY. For now, Harlan looks to stay subtropical with the temp briefly dropping to upper 40s Friday then back to 60 late weekend–0% threat unless the cold shifts over 150 miles south:)

  5. Prelude says:

    Ok temperatures along the river have gone nuts today 20 minutes ago it was 58 degrees now temperature is 48 degrees. This has had twice today where temperatures have risen 10 degrees and then fallen 10 degrees.

  6. Prelude says:

    Just left downtown Louisville literally drove 2 miles south at most when I left downtown temp was 48 degrees. Two miles later temperature is 61 degrees. I know where the front is lol

  7. fbm tim says:

    well something most of changed the percip for me here over the weekend dropped . athens ohio

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