Sunday Afternoon Look Ahead

Good afternoon, everyone. A cold front is rolling across the bluegrass state and it’s ushering in much cooler air for the rest of the day. This front kicks off another wild temperature ride for the upcoming week. It’s a ride that will see us flirt with a snow system and flirt with record highs next weekend.

Let’s break it all down for ya..

Seasonally chilly temps settle in tonight and carry us into Monday with lows in the 20s and highs in the 40s.

Tuesday will find us watching two systems trying to hook up and become a big storm system. “Trying” being the key word in that sentence. Although much closer together on the models, they are still a miss just to our south and east. Here’s the GFS…


That’s a “close by no cigar” scenario that only produces some snow showers and flurries around here. The same can be said for the Canadian…


After a brief cold snap behind that system, temps will take off again by Friday and last through the upcoming weekend. This happens as a BIG ridge of high pressure develops across the eastern half of the country, as a deep trough develops in the west. Eventually, that trough rolls east and replaces the ridge…


Record high temps in the 70s are possible next weekend, if that plays out as forecast.

As the cold air comes back into play, it could spawn some big time storm systems. Those show up well and take on more of a winter look…


With such extreme setups come extreme events, and we will be mindful of that going forward.

Enjoy the day and take care.

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13 Responses to Sunday Afternoon Look Ahead

  1. Duane says:

    So, are we going to get any snow accumulation this winter?

  2. Bernard P. Fife says:

    Thelma Lou says it may be “extreme”ly disappointing for snow lovers. There could be a better chance for severe t’storms than measurable snow.

  3. Msd87 says:

    Sadly too many of these day ten storms have never panned out this winter. On the other hand the weather today is just amazing. What a day to spend in the park!

    • BubbaG says:

      None of them have and CB knows it, but just letting us know what they show. Seems less than 10% for an 1″ of snow and less than 1% for anything snowman worthy.

  4. Lucy says:

    Sounds like the big snowstorm is coming after NEXT weekend.

  5. LouSnolover says:

    Thanks for all you do CB! Mother Nature has lost her mind! LOL I have friends in Nebraska sharing pics sitting outside in short sleeves in the evening! That’s just crazy this time of year! Lived out there for a long time and never saw that kind of warmth this time of year!

  6. Jimbo says:

    This pathetic Winter season can’t end soon enough. Hopefully we can move on with a minimal amount of frost, since I don’t think snow is going to be an issue for us. Most disappointing Winter in my area since 2011/12, when we only received 2.1 inches of snow.

  7. Melva says:

    Winters over, folks. A potential storm is always a “a week away” then turns into nothing. Any mention of winter now seems like something to toss in a blog to get some hits on the blog.

  8. MarkLex says:

    I know a lot of blog readers are looking at these negative comments and rolling their eyes – but keep it mind it’s just the posters venting their frustrations with this horrible winter so far. It’s Feb 12th, so even though each day gets longer and average temps go up, something big could still happen before it’s over. I’ve seen it happen before with zero winter until as late as mid march (superstorm ’93) – not that that will happen this winter, but you just never know.

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