Ugly March Pattern Rolls On

Good Monday, everyone. Our cold weather is about to turn absolutely frigid in the coming days as a major blast of winter engulfs the eastern half of the country. This will be complete with a historic east coast blizzard that largely bypasses the bluegrass state. Still, some snow showers and squalls develop tonight and Tuesday.

We have a system rolling across Kentucky today, bringing a mainly cold rain, but a mix of some rain and snow is possible at times…

The system moving across Kentucky will join forces with a monster of a storm off the east coast late tonight into Tuesday. Before that happens, let’s keep an eye on eastern Kentucky to see of some dynamic cooling can produce a band of wet snow this evening. Most of that will be in West Virginia, but it may be a pretty close call.

From there, the monster along the east coast turns into a blizzard, shutting down the mid-atlantic to New England. This is a travel nightmare with some areas picking up close to 2 feet of wind-whipped snow.

Northwesterly winds should produce some snow showers and squalls around here late tonight through Tuesday night..

It’s possible for that to put down some light accumulations and cause slick spots across the region. Winds will be gusty and it’s going to feel frigid because it will be frigid, and not just for us…

That’s one amazing look for the middle of March and will send below freezing temps all the way into Florida…

For us, near record lows are possible Wednesday into Thursday. The Canadian Model continues to be the coldest of the bunch…

Even if we add a few degrees to those numbers, that’s a big old case of OUCH! Our premature start to spring is going coming back to haunt us in a major, major way. This is some big time trouble for growers and green thumbs.

Looking down the road, another system dives in here this weekend and could bring another shot of ugly…

If we look long range, we still find the pattern skewed colder than normal over the next few weeks…

This is the pattern I saw coming back in January when I started talking about the potential for another backloaded winter. Well, the overall pattern recognition was correct, but the timing was way off on my part. We just had a decent snow system to our south a few days ago and now a monster blizzard is ready to shut down the big population areas of along the east coast. Seeing those close calls is frustrating from a seasonal forecasting standpoint, but what’s a friendly weatherdude to do? 🙂

I will throw you some updates later today. Make it a good one and take care.

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46 Responses to Ugly March Pattern Rolls On

  1. Marsha says:

    Chris don’t beat yourself up winters in ky are just not there no more I guess if we want a snow filled winter we just got to move north I still think you are the best weather guy out there it’s just not going to happen for us here in ky I guess we don’t have to worry about going south for the winters no more it’s so very depressing when you live winter weather and the seasons like I do I’m not a fan of spring and summer at all

  2. Jimbo says:

    The worst kind of cold, Dry Cold.

  3. Schroeder says:

    This could be a weather pattern we will have to put up with for sometime to come. When you have Nor’ Easters, that puts us in high pressure aloft, which means cold and dry and possibly a drought this spring and summer and beyond. Have a great day.

  4. endleswavz says:

    I rolled the dice and got really lucky… my family and I are sitting on top of Snowshoe Mountain until Wednesday! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!

    • Mike says:

      I went on a winter camping adventure not far from Snowshoe back in January – 40 degree rain…

    • UPSLOPE says:

      welcome to uplopeland ..enjoy the snow… we are well below our normal snowfall for the season ,like a lot of people….but some is better than none

    • Jimbo says:

      Congrat’s at least you are safely away from the Huntington/Charleston area and our dreaded backside flurries.

      • UPSLOPE says:

        I feel for ya jimbo …I know u would take what ive gotten this year…around 20″… but that’s like 30″ below normal here ….will put a dent in that the next couple days …but still

  5. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. With a forecast like this seems appropriate it would come on a Monday… Just hope it gets it all out if its system this month. I’d like to see April bring some showers and some flowers , not snow and cold! Have a great Monday everyone.

  6. BubbaG says:

    Still an all bark (cold) and no bite (snow) winter, in spite of the back-loading. Poor plants and critters thinking it was real deal spring.

  7. Snowteach says:

    Snow for WV?? Can one of you awesome Mets tell me if we are talking Huntington or more like Beckly? Thanks in advance!

  8. B H says:

    I’m glad the Northeast is getting it. It will be one sloppy mess when it melts. Great for car wash owners.

  9. B says:

    Golf ball size flakes in wky

  10. B H says:

    Ole by the way. I had a car wash once but the girl I had doing it said the bucket was to small. You just can’t please them.

  11. EH says:

    Preping for 6-10 inches in Morgantown, WV! This storm could go down to 3-6 or up to 8-12 for us!

  12. Praying Colonel says:

    Ohio Valley Winter 2017: You’ll Get Nothing And Like It

  13. jackson says:

    Thanks Chris for all you do for us weather junkies, you are the best in the business and i love the blog. I live in Belfry about 5 miles from the WV Stateline so maybe we can see a little action out here in far East Kentucky. All together this winter has been a complete bust for us snow lovers but anymore that’s really what I have learned to expect in this part of the country. I’m done with this “so called” winter, bring back the spring weather we had in February!! 🙂

  14. Tim in TN says:

    Hmmm… Let’s see, we are coming off of two record winters for snow storms (two HUGE ones that I never had that big in the 70s and 80s, or for that matter my whole life) and people complain that we don’t get winters “anymore.” Some people are very, very spoiled. Getting three big snowstorm winters in a row is just too much to ask for.

  15. jackson says:

    We had 1 big snowstorm 2 or 3 years ago on Presidents Day here in EKY and it was great and the first true big snowstorm my 8 and 10 year old kids have ever experienced ..the other two HUGE snowstorms you speak of did not hit EKY or at least not in my area.

    • Tim in TN says:

      Touche, however, that is all the more reason to keep our comments about our immediate local instead of generalized statements. I, of course, was speaking of the state line area near SoKY.

    • Mike S says:

      Don’t know what part of eastern KY you live in, but quite a few were buried under a foot of snow or more between January 21-23, 2016, as in last year. Then your Presidents’ Day of 2015, and ‘decent’ accumulations for some during parts of
      February/March of 2014

  16. B H says:

    If you want to talk about snow storms in our area go to this link and read this. I can say I lived through it because I was born in October of 1950. They said the snow in Southern Ohio was as high as the fence posts.

  17. Tom says:

    I wonder what the likelihood is that this storm does like the ’98 one did? I think its track was further south before it reached the coast, though.

  18. Winter Warlock says:

    2016-2017 the winter that never came!

  19. UPSLOPE says:

    I think today is the anniversary of the great storm of 93 …I was 14 , and remember it well ….30-40 inches of snow , maybe more in some places …that was a shut down storm

  20. Cameron Fry says:

    Got about 5″ IMBY down here in Tennessee so I can’t complain given how awful this winter has been. Usually KY fares much better than we do so you just gotta punt this winter and consider it an outlier. Personally, I’ve enjoyed not having to take three hour snowchases to find snow.

    • TennMark says:

      You being west of Nashville could be one or two hundred feet higher in elevation than I am. I saw a report out of Kingston Springs TN of about three inches Saturday morning and it still may had been snowing. Still, per your post yesterday I also don’t understand how BNA airport got only 0.6 inches snow, perhaps a bit of heat island effect there? But my wife and I are close to I-440 (we sure hear the constant traffic) about eight miles from BNA as the crow flies and we got about an inch and a half of wet snow Saturday morning.

  21. Bill in Louisville says:

    Cold disgusting rain…Winter’s painful insult…

  22. Bernie says:

    I’m glad its going to the northeast. Let’s get them 70s back in here!

  23. Melva says:

    Super sad that the Huntington Ashland areas will be missing out. Was watching a news channel for NY and loving their excitement of an approaching snowstorm.

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