Watching The Weekend

Good Thursday, everyone. We have a VERY WARM weather day taking shape across the region, but everyone is focusing on the weekend and the potential for heavy rain. It’s a forecast that has some washout potential for many areas of the region.

Highs today range from 80-85 degrees and may flirt with some records. There is a chance for isolated showers and storms going up, with the best chance coming this evening into tonight. That’s when we get a cold front to move in with a broken line of strong storms.

Your tracking toys for the day…

That front puts the brakes on for Friday with showers and some thunder continuing across the southern half of the state. The northern half may dry things up a bit, but the next round of rain quickly increases from west to east during the evening.

This is ahead of a slow-moving system rolling across the state with very heavy rain into the weekend…

Many of the models continue to advertise a lot of rain…

That would be more than enough to cause some local high water issues. Temps will come way down during this time, but that cool will not last very long. As a matter of fact, temps next week may surge deep into the 80s…

That is a big time warm look for the middle and end of next week, and it may come with an increase in stormy weather.

Have a great day and take care.

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8 Responses to Watching The Weekend

  1. Virgil says:

    Well I’ll be spending my Saturday playing with my new Samsung Galaxy S8+, It’ll be a good indoor day anyway.. Bring on the storms and the warmth after that… Good times.

    • Terry says:

      If it goes deep in the 90s south and east of us as indicated above, it would definitely be record territory for possible monthly highs in some places!

      • Ralph says:

        If it stays to the North and West of us it would definitely not be record territory for possible monthly highs in some places. Especially Verda. And according to the model some places in the state will definitely be warmer than the cooler places.

        • Terry says:

          You have to view KY and surrounding topography for the App mountains very carefully though as temps show a lot lower than often due to elevation, like Harlan. The map above shows upper 70s but individualized forecasts already have Harlan in the mid to upper 80s next week.

          • Ralph says:

            Yes, after studying the different elevations for the App mountains very carefully I see that the as the mountains gain elevation some areas may be taller than others. Some forecasts are calling for rain in some states.

  2. LD says:

    I guess I’ll never see the winter outlook post mortem analysis post, so how about an E.T.A. on summer outlook post?

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