Nasty Weather Shows Up For Kentucky Derby Week

Good Monday, folks. Our day is starting with a line of strong thunderstorms racing across the state. These storms will put down heavy rains and pack some decent winds ahead of a cold front swinging in. This air will grow downright cold later in the week as another big rain maker targets our region.

There’s the chance for a few of the storms to be severe early on today, but skies will clean up from west to east this afternoon…

Current Watches
Current Watches

Tuesday’s weather looks pretty good with upper 60s to low 70s with a mix of sun and clouds. Things begin to change on Wednesday as a shower or two develops in the west ahead of a big storm system. This storm is nothing like the one we had this weekend, as our rains are not dependent on where lines of storms set up.

Instead, widespread rain will work across the state with this slow-moving system.  Those rains may make for a rather ugly Kentucky Oaks Day, with the potential for improving conditions for Derby Day…

That’s a setup that can bring a renewed high water threat into parts of Kentucky. Gusty winds and cold temps will also rule the pattern, with a day or two possibly staying in the 40s for highs. If you look closely, you can see some snows showing up in the Appalachian Mountains. Some of the models even show a little in the highest mountains of southeastern Kentucky…

Wait… What? That would be absurd to see actually happen, but pretty cool from a weather geek perspective!

As skies clear behind that departing system, can we get a touch of frost? I think that’s certainly a possibility…

In looking at the overall pattern, this has a chance to be one of the ugliest months of May we have seen in a long, long time.

Have a great Monday and take care.

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13 Responses to Nasty Weather Shows Up For Kentucky Derby Week

  1. Mason says:

    Thanks Chris. By ugly do you mean more of a cool pattern, or more of a severe weather pattern? Or possibly both?

  2. Jeff Hamlin says:

    “Blackberry winter” haha. 😉

  3. Virgil says:

    “Global Warming”

    • LD says:

      I’m envious, in a way, as not everyone has the opportunity to go blackout drunk and avoid remembering the weather for months or seasons at a time. Here’s to you finding your car keys somewhere in the yard and getting over what must have been one hell of a hangover during April and pretty the much the winter as whole. Enjoy your sobriety in the lovely month of May!

      • Virgil says:

        Im envious that you have the opportunity to feel both insignificant to nature and powerful enough to believe that tax money and regulations along with the acts of man will some how affect the climate of an entire planet. But hey we all have our religion and its your right to worship as you please!

        • rightasrain says:

          Science is not religion. One is fact based.

          • Virgil says:

            Unfortunately the 80s version of Global Cooling, the 90s version of Global Warming and the 2000’s version of Climate Change all revolve around pseudo science and fudged numbers. This is nothing new. Globalists have long used fear, lies, and government to usurp wealth and power from the private citizen and businesses to fund and push their agendas. I won’t subscribe and I will fight.

          • Virgil says:

            I wont take climate fear mongering from those who travel around in Yachts and Private Jets while telling me I need to turn off my AC and quit burning wood and coal. Individual religions remain relatively consistent while the “science” behind the claims of Climate Change continues to change radically based on what will bring them attention and money, not what is really being tabulated by real climate data.

            • Troy says:

              You know what…religion has absolutely NOTHING to do with climate change (or even the lack thereof if you are so blind to believe) so lets not try to bring the two together in this scenario…. Thanks.

              • Virgil says:

                On its face, no! But the manner in which fanatics go about defending their position is dead similar. Can’t back up the claim with facts so they got to try to make the other person seem not credible by ad hominim attacks. At least physically heads aren’t rolling to enforce the pseudoscience just yet.

  4. Ray R says:

    Snow in May??? I’ve heard of it in other places… But around here???

    • Virgil says:

      I lived in S.E. Arizona for 4 years back in the 80s and it snowed for a brief period of time in June or July one.. So there’s that!

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