Warmer Pattern Starts To Show Up

Good Wednesday, everyone. We have a potent boundary across the Ohio Valley, separating summer temps from downright cool readings. This boundary has set up just a bit farther north than advertised, leading to some warmer air. This will also touch off scattered showers and storms in the coming days.

Highs today should hit 80-85 in many areas, but the north and far east will be quite a bit cooler. The spread won’t be line the 30 degree difference we had yesterday, but it will see be noticeable. BTW, those same areas picked up on more than 1″ of rain yesterday, so we will need to watch these areas closely as additional storms fire up the next few days.

Some scattered stuff is out there today, with a strong storm a possibility…

Thursday’s weather looks similar with a little better chance for showers and storms to increase.

Rainy weather kicks in for Friday as low pressure works across the region. Winds will be rather gusty as cooler air moves in. These numbers are below normal for this time of year…

Mother’s Day looks good with a mix of sun and clouds and temps fighting back into the 70s. Enjoy!

Warmer temps then surge back in next week, with some models showing numbers deep into the 80s…

The Ensembles indicate this recent wet and stormy setup continues from the plains into the Ohio Valley. Here’s the 2 week rain forecast…

Have a great Wednesday and take care.

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  1. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris, Looks like maybe the high pressure ridge is pushing east towards the Ohio valley. This ridge seems to appear every year about this time, bringing summer. I’am concerned about the extreme drought that is now just to our south. Have a great day.

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