Summer Temps Surge In

Good Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to all our moms out there. Your big day is looking very warm as we head into a pattern that will look and feel a lot like summer. Temps for the coming week will be more typical of late June than the middle of May. I will not be complaining! 🙂

Today’s weather looks good… But. What’s the ‘but’ mean? Very warm air is pushing in from the southwest and this can sometimes fire up isolated showers and storms. The chance is small, but it’s there across the eastern half of the state. Highs will generally be around 80.

Temps then take off for the week ahead with mid and upper 80s common…

A local 90 is possible, but we have a wet ground and VERY green and lush vegetation to take the edge off the numbers.

Scattered storms develop on Thursday and may carry us into next weekend. This action may ramp up a bit during this time, but the heaviest rains over the next week may be just west and north of us…

Once into early the following week, expect this pattern to go back to the progressive phase we’ve been seeing over the past several weeks. Watch this nice looking trough digging in here…

The theme of the late spring is for a progressive pattern with cool and warm shots balancing out the force. If this continues into summer, then no one pattern is going to lock in for the long haul. It would also mean frequent showers and storms, and that’s exactly what the CFS rainfall for the next 45 days is showing…

That’s a lot of water from the Mississippi Valley into the Ohio Valley, then all the eat to the east coast.

Have a great Mother’s Day and take care.

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4 Responses to Summer Temps Surge In

  1. BubbaG says:

    Props to all Moms 🙂

  2. Jeff Hamlin says:

    We certainly do not need that much rain nor a drought. Oh well.

  3. Ray R says:

    I honestly think we’ll have even more rain this summer than we’ve had this spring and into fall. You can just tell by the way the weather trend is leading. Have a great day everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all!!!

    • Ray R says:

      I think we’ll have more rain this summer and fall than we’ve had this spring is what I meant to say. My grammer gets twisted at times lol

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