It’s A Fall Looking Pattern

Good Sunday to one and all. We’re putting the wraps of a flat out awesome weather weekend here in the bluegrass state. If this weekend is a taste of September, next weekend may look and feel more like October. This is one heck of a pattern taking shape and it is basically a fall setup.

July leaves us on Monday and it does so on a quiet and cooler than normal note. That slightly cooler than normal air is with us for day one of August on Tuesday, but the real deal cool is on the way by the end of the week into next weekend.

Before we get to the cool, a nice shot of rain looks likely, with the first rounds coming on Wednesday. That action then increase by Thursday…

That will help keep temps below normal, even ahead of the front diving in here on Friday. That will be accompanied by rounds of showers and some thunder. The European…

This is being pushed by one of the deepest looking troughs I can recall on a computer model for this time of year. Again, here’s the European…

The GFS is in 100% agreement. Here are the rains…

And the temps that go WAY, WAY below normal…

The Canadian isn’t going to be left out, since Canada will be supplying us with the cool air…

Folks.. Summer had better try go put up some kind of a fight, or fall will settle in early this year.

Have a great day and take care.

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6 Responses to It’s A Fall Looking Pattern

  1. Mike S says:

    Case in point…Lexington Mesonet at 61 @ 6:40a.m….surrounding areas all in 50’s. Clear days and clear nights, the temperature is always 2-3 degrees too warm at night and 2-3 degrees too cool during the day compared to surrounding sites. Does not make sense

  2. Schroeder., says:

    Thanks Chris, Right now, I have a temperature reading of 59 degrees. My sensor is located on a porch post. We are always cooler by about 2 or 3 degrees than Louisville. Can be explained, that we have an expansion of forest surrounding our cabin. The premature Autumn weather, the lack of tropical development in the Atlantic, winter like troughs pushing farther south than usual, is all adding up to maybe an Autumn and winter which we may never forget, we are due that for sure. Have a great Sunday everyone. Always friends here.

  3. which way is the wind blowing says:

    What a miraculous forecast!

  4. Mike S says:

    Kentucky Mesonet site near Maysville in Mason County now over 10″ for the month of July with over 8.5″ since July 21.

  5. Chris Mercer says:

    56 in Lexington this morning..the coolest temp of the month. Record low is 51 for July 30th. Looking at next weekend and early next week (when the even cooler shot is coming) these are the record lows:
    August 6: 51
    August 7: 50
    August 8: 49
    August 9: 51

  6. Rich says:

    Look forward to a snowy winter this
    year. Maybe we will receive some record snows!! Excited about the upcoming winter.

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