Tracking Another Fall Cold Front

Good Monday, everyone. July is wrapping up on a cooler than normal note across the region, and it appears August is going to bring more of the same. Another potent fall cold front is set to move in here later this week, with a big blast of cool air coming in behind it.

Temps today are general 80-85 for many areas, but that’s cooler than we should be. Low and middle 80s will be with us on Tuesday and I can’t rule out some scattered showers and storms. That action may increase a bit as we head into Wednesday…

That action then increases into Thursday as our front nears from the northwest…

The front slams in here Friday into Friday night with gusty winds, and showers and storms…

Several areas may pick up 1″+ rains through early Saturday. That’s when the early October air settles into our region. Highs this weekend are generally in the 70s, though any lingering clouds and showers could keep the numbers a bit lower. Lows will be in the 50s, with some upper 40s possible by Sunday morning.

The below normal numbers will last into early next week, but will begin to moderate some. As this happens, we will need to watch for a wet period trying to develop. That’s typical of departing deep troughs.

Speaking of wet patterns, the long range European Ensembles through September 11 show above normal precipitation for a lot of the country…

Temps during this same time are forecast to average below normal…

The CFS model during the same time is basically identical…

Summer is so overrated. 🙂

Make it a great day and take care.

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7 Responses to Tracking Another Fall Cold Front

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    As long as winter is cold enough to freeze out the bugs, I am good with anything else.

  2. Schroeder., says:

    Thanks Chris, July, wasn’t that bad as far as our summers go. I believe our highest temperature was 94 degrees here in the hills of central Kentucky, and the rainfall was adequate. Could have been a lot worse. This past weekend was great and it looks to hang on through the next several days, with the exception at mid week, with a return to our normal temperatures. This coming weekend is going to be interesting to see how far south that trough goes. Have a great day everyone.

  3. Schroeder., says:

    The only pest that I have is the Asian Lady Beetle. This pest makes it’s way into our cabin every October after the first freeze, which is around the 25th of October. After, the freeze this pest swarms and covers the southeast gable side of our cabin. This pest makes way inside to hibernate. I’am not just talking about a few bugs, I’am talking millions if not more. One serious problem I have with this pest is that I’am allergic to them and have develop asthma. I cannot find any control, there’s just to many bugs at one time. A couple of years ago I had to go to the emergency room for the asthma.

  4. Mike S says:

    Well, hello Emily, where did you come from?

  5. Schroeder., says:

    Just checked the tropics. Tropical storm Emily has formed just west of Tampa, Florida, and is moving east- northeast across the state and will likely go up the east coast, maybe as a Nor’easter. We will see. This system, if develops further could keep our nice weather in place for a few extra days.

  6. Mike S says:

    Euro continues to back away from its previous runs for the upcoming weekend’s temperatures. Still, it looks to be very similar to this past weekend, below normal temperatures for August, I’ll take it. CPC says to expect below normal temps through the 2nd week of August.

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