A Wetter and Cooler Pattern Ahead

Good Tuesday, everyone. The overall weather map continues to look like something out of early fall, with a tropical system in the southeast and a big surge of cool air diving in from the north. That surge of cool arrives in here by the weekend, with rounds of showers and storms ahead of it. That may touch off a wetter and cooler setup into the first part of August.

Highs for this first day of August will be middle 80s for many with the chance for a shower or storm going up…

That action will increase a bit on Wednesday with similar temps as we have today, but you will notice more of a muggy feel.

Showers and storms start to pick it up a little more by Thursday, with the main action arriving on Friday. That’s when this potent cold front drops in…

Temps on Friday will be way down in the low and middle 70s for many, with gusty winds blowing in much cooler air behind the front. Check out the forecast lows by Saturday morning…

I spy a 48 showing up on that forecast map from the GFS. Saturday looks windy and cool with middle 70s for most. Clouds will quickly increase on Sunday with the potential for showers and some storms returning. This looks to be the first of several systems working in on a northwesterly flow…

With the rounds of rain and reinforcing cold fronts, there is a definite below normal look to the temps into next week…

Take THAT, summer!!

Make it a great day and take care.

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19 Responses to A Wetter and Cooler Pattern Ahead

  1. Schroeder., says:

    Thanks Chris, I fully believe that this cold front that will arrive on Friday will be strong enough to start a major pattern change and usher in an early Autumn. We may see frost in late September. The fall foliage colors will be spectacular. Have a great day everyone.

    • LD says:

      Those are dangerous expectations to raise in this crowd here, so let’s just call it wishful thinking for now and everyone can walk away all friendly like.

  2. Chris Mercer says:

    Only three weeks until the eclipse! Here is a really cool link!


  3. Virgil says:

    There is definitely a climate shift taking place. But its not a warmer one.

    • LD says:

      You know, a lot of people complained about the introduction of Title IX in collegiate sports, but I don’t see any reason why someone shouldn’t be allowed a scholarship to toss softballs.

  4. winter lover says:

    I can remember back in the late 70’s we experience very cool temps like were getting this weekend at the same time frame in August that led to the harsh winters of the late 70’s. Will this cycle lead to those type of winter that we had back in the 76-77, 77-78,78-79 winters. We have never experience those type of winters since then. You can talk to the old folks and myself what I’m talking about.

  5. MarkLex says:

    I thought about this a few years ago when he had a really cool summer overall and cool temps in August – If I remember, one time this happened we did not have a harsh winter that followed the the other time we did…..I can’t remember what years though. Regardless of the cooler temps, my AC still runs because I must have 70 F in my house.
    I’m still bummed out about the lack of cool thunderstorms for my area in Lexington. I can remember so many years in the past we had such huge lightning/thunder. I remember driving down new circle road in the middle of one afternoon and it was black as night and crazy lightning everywhere.. But the last 2 years (at my place) have been relatively boring….

    • LD says:

      Yeah, humidity, noise, and smoke from who knows where tends to fill your house with the windows open. I miss having the windows open but I also like being able to breathe and sleep comfortably.

  6. Schroeder., says:

    The great blizzard of 1978, which occurred on January 25th, brought 28.4 inches of snow to Louisville, Ky. This is the most snow ever recorded in a single month for the city. I was living in southwest Indiana at that time where I had my business. That night was a nightmare, and I hope I never see anything like that ever again.

    • Prelude says:

      Schroeder it was two different systems that brought most of the 28.4 inches of snow to Louisville in 1978. First storm actually brought the most 15.7 inches of snow. A week later the second one was the blizzard of 78 most areas around Louisville only got 3-6 inches of snow from the blizzard. Louisville has never ever since records have been kept had 28.4 inches of snow at a single time.

    • Mike S says:

      Louisville did record 28.4 inches, but it was for the entire month of January, not a singular event. The highest snow depth for the month was 18″ around the 20th and 21st. I was just a kid at that time, and I recall after my dad shoveled the driveway, he picked me up and tossed me into the large snow mound. It was times like that I remember weather would wow me as a young person. Weather still wows me from time to time, getting all giddy and excited just like I did nearly 40 years ago.

  7. winter lover says:

    Sorry Guys not being picky but the actual date of the blizzard was Jan26th,1978. It still holds the record for it’s lowest pressure measurement. I was a teenager when it happen and it was brutal cold. Yes we had lot of snow for that month miss 30 days straight of school temps never got above freezing in the month of Janurary.

    • Mike S says:

      Not trying to be too picky here either, but 7 of the first 8 days of the month was above freezing. In fact it reached 60 degrees on the 7th. Even after midnight now on the 8th the high would be 56 but would fall all the way to 4 degrees by the morning of the 9th and never get above freezing for nearly two weeks after that. Then, there was a 3-day stretch from the 23rd through the 25th when high temperatures were in the mid 30’s to low 40’s, but there still was lots of snow on the ground, just before the Great Blizzard commenced, adding insult to injury for many who were tiring of snow on the ground (not me).

  8. Rich says:

    I hope this winter we have an abundance of snow. Last winter, we were forecast to have over 18″ of snow. At my house, I had less than 2 inches of snow all winter. What a bust.

  9. MarkLex says:

    OK, you could knock me over with a feather, because I wasn’t expecting a random pop up storm like that…All that extreme heat and humidity in the past weeks, no big storms…..and then we are coming off a really cool non humid pattern and suddenly, a random storm out of no where…for a moment, it felt like we were on the very edge of it and then it felt like it was right over us with wind, hail, lightning…at one point I almost thought it was going to be a microburst….didn’t last very long, but definitely best storm of the year so far.

  10. Schroeder., says:

    You were right, the blizzard of 1978 did occur on Wednesday January 26, 1978. I looked this up and it said it was on the 25th, not my mistake. I’am the oldest on this forum apparently, and I could give all of you a detailed mental picture of the night of the blizzard of 1978, but I choose not to on this forum.

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