Harvey Blasts The Bluegrass State

Good Friday, everyone. Harvey is rolling across the bluegrass state, bringing the threat for flooding rains and a few severe storms. This slow-moving system will also provide us with some wild temperature swings and very gusty winds.

Here are a few thoughts on how things may play out…

  • The heaviest rains will target central and western Kentucky, with the Interstate 65 corridor being the prime areas for some 6″+ totals.
  • Many areas average 2″-5″ of rain through Saturday, with lighter amounts in the east and southeast. These areas may average 1″-3″
  • The flood threat is very high, with the potential for significant flooding for areas picking up 4″ or more of rain.
  • The threat for severe storms is there across the south and southeast. Isolated tornadoes can’t be ruled out. This will be especially true for areas getting in on periods of sunshine.
  • Winds will be very gusty and we will likely see a corridor of 40mph gusts showing up along and north of the center of circulation.
  • Leftover showers will be noted through Saturday with temps struggling to get to into the 60s across the eastern half of the state. Record cool high temps are possible.

Even with a cold and a shaky voice, I will be on WKYT-TV throughout the day. Here are your tracking tools…

Current Watches
Current Watches

Possible Watch Areas
Current MDs

Hamburg Area from WKYT Studio

I-75 @ Winchester Road
I-75 @ Winchester Road

US 60 @ US 127 Frankfort

US60 @ US127

US 60 @ US 460
US60 @ US460

Mountain Parkway near Slade

I-71/I-75 at I-275
Near Covington
I-71/I-75 @ I-275

I-275 approaching KY 20/Airport
Near Covington
I-275 East of KY 20/Airport Exit

I-65 MP 32

Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Broadway
Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Broadway

I-64 @ I-264
I-64 @ I-264

I-75 at MP 36
I-75 @ MP 36

I-65 @ 234
Near Bowling Green
I-65 @ 234

Natcher Parkway MP 5
Near Bowling Green
Natcher Parkway @ MP 5

US 41A Gate 5 Fort Campbell Entrance
Fort Campbell
US 41A @ Gate 5

I-24  MP 4 @ US 60
I-24 @ US 60 MP 4

Make it a great day and take care.

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15 Responses to Harvey Blasts The Bluegrass State

  1. Schroeder., says:

    Raining buckets at the present here in central Kentucky hills. I expect it will continue raining off and on through part of Saturday. Then, we will see what the rainfall totals are. Some severe weather reported yesterday in Alabama and Tennessee. September first,is the start of meteorological Autumn. Thanks Chris, and feel better. http://www.weatherstreet.com/states/kentucky-weather-forecast.htm

  2. Schroeder., says:

    Here’s the latest forecast and discussion on Hurricane Irma: http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/text/refresh/MIATCDAT1+shtml/310844.shtml

  3. Bernard P. Fife says:

    Thelma Lou is baking away today in the kitchen, so far around Monticello we’ve had a nice breeze & a few showers but overall I think the rains are underperforming in this area.

  4. Mike S says:

    Looks like Lexington is getting some dry time, or at least not as wet time.

  5. Faye says:

    In the winter months many of us would be crying, “Not fair!” as the bulk of the precipitation goes to the west and north of Lexington and we get in a drier area. But this time, with all this rain, I’m glad to see us getting less precipitation. I guess the rain will pick up again a little later.

  6. B H says:

    Time 1:07 Here in southern Ohio raining and very cool. 57 degrees and breezy.

  7. winter lover says:

    Finally got much needed rain here in far western,ky, but it took a once monster Harvey to get it.

  8. Mike S says:

    Tornado warning foe se Breathitt county

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