Scattered Storms On The Increase

Good Tuesday to one and all. We have scattered showers and storms increasing across the region today, as our warmer than normal pattern rolls on. This same setup is likely to carry us through the upcoming weekend, before cooler changes sweep back into town next week.

Today’s stormy action will be more widespread than what we had on Monday, and some locally heavy downpours are a good bet…

I have no changes to my overall through process through the upcoming weekend. Each day can feature scattered showers and storms with highs running in the 80-85 degree range for many. Humidity levels will be up, giving us a semi-muggy feel here in the second half of September.

The tropics continue to feature Jose and Maria. Jose is moving into cooler waters off the northeast, weakening this system. Maria is a powerful hurricane moving across the Caribbean…

Hurricane Infrared GOES East

Jose will likely bring tropical storm force conditions to areas of the northeast over the next few days. This storm should slow down and do a little loop…

cone graphic

That loop is likely to play a big role in where Maria goes. From a meteorological perspective, it’s going to be fascinating to watch these two systems interact with one another.

Here’s the latest National Hurricane Center track for Maria…

cone graphic

The latest model runs are keeping Maria just off the east coast. The GFS has a deepening trough developing, helping to push this system to the east. Here’s the extended GFS run through the first few days of October…

That’s a much cooler pattern settling in…

The GFS Ensembles show this chilly shot as we end the month…

More winter talk later this week. Make it a great day and take care.

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10 Responses to Scattered Storms On The Increase

  1. Schroeder., says:

    Thanks Chris, look forward to winter talk.

  2. LD says:

    It’s so surreal seeing people in Seattle dealing with temps so out of the normal range (high) and celebrating it RAINING yesterday because they had been in a DROUGHT for so long. That would have definitely been on my list of things I never thought I’d see in my lifetime, much like it being triple digits in SAN FRANCISCO.

    Ventusky is nice (which is why I posted links to it in the past), but I really like,19.57,922/loc=-29.109,36.875

    Look at the settings in that baby, you can even see atmospheric pollution if you want. “Windy” is also interesting but not nearly as full featured. No idea how it would look on mobile, so you do you on that front.

  3. Virgil says:

    Having empathy for those affected by natural disasters and acknowledging the reality of life and not giving into climate change hype pseudo science are not mutually exclusive. I will continue to push this message as we need to be mindful that man is not more powerful than mother nature.

    • BubbaG says:

      ManBearPig would not approve! 😉

    • Right as Rain says:

      Pesky science. Everyone knows the sun revolves around the earth, the earth is flat, and humans don’t contribute to greenhouse gases.

      • Virgil says:

        If we didn’t destroy the climate with all the Nuclear bombs we as humans set off over the last 70 years, then sorry I can’t buy that driving SUVs and Big Trucks burning through natural fossil fuels is killing us. Plants love CO2.

  4. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Please tell Mother Nature to keep
    The cold out of Florida (along with the hurricanes) until at least. Mid October. Hurricanes can all stay out to sea forever! Also please tell today’s rain to hold off til we get the lawn mowed! It will not take long when we get home from work, I promise. Have s gym rest rest of your day everyone.

  5. Chris Mercer says:

    As warm as it is right now, September will finish below normal. This will make two straight months of below normal temperatures in Central Kentucky. That hasn’t happened since July and August of 2015. Maybe the overall pattern, which has been skewed way warmer than normal since the Fall of 2015, is finally shifting.

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