Our Fall Front Arrives Tonight

Good Wednesday, folks. While things are toasty again today, we have a gorgeous fall cold front arriving on the scene tonight. This front will usher in an awesome brand of air for Thursday, with another front arriving later on Friday.

Temps ahead of today’s front are deep into the 80s as winds gust up. By evening, watch for a broken band of showers and storms to work in from the northwest…

Here’s regional radar to track the action…

Cooler winds will be blowing when you wake up on Thursday. Temps by Thursday afternoon will be glorious with 70-75 in the west and upper 60s to near 70 for the rest of the area. The NAM high temp forecast…

Friday will see most areas in the 70-75 degree range with winds gusting up. This is ahead of our next system diving in from the northwest by Friday night. Most of the shower action stays north of us, but I can’t rule out a stray shower around Kentucky…

Temps this weekend generally range from the upper 60s to low 70s for highs with lows deep into the 40s. Some of the valleys may sneak into the upper 30s by Sunday morning.

Highs early next week are generally in the 70s as a cold front makes a run at us from the northwest. The models have this front getting close, but washing out as it reaches the state…

Temps will likely make a run toward 80 again next week, but much of what happens will depend on how the tropics behave. We will need to watch the Caribbean and eastern Gulf for development over the next few weeks.

There’s a lot of up and down to this pattern as we head into October. I’m wondering what that means for our second severe weather season? Hmmm

Have a good one and take care.

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30 Responses to Our Fall Front Arrives Tonight

  1. LD says:

    Wait, I miss one day and suddenly both FALLMEGEDDON is a bust and you all ran off our resident troll. Geez, things are looking bleaker than an Andy Dalton motivational speech around here.

    Though, after catching up with yesterdays posts, it seems like Schroeder should start posting as Schrödinger (both posting and not posting).

    Hamlin, check out this guy’s IG. He turned an ambulance into an RV and hit the road. Weather would always seem much sweeter in that sort of set-up, eh?


  2. Bernard P. Fife says:

    Thelma Lou says the 2nd severe weather season will be about as eventful as our first this year…1 or 2 events. Just a hunch but expect an above normal October-November & December, with just a few “chilly” days in the mix.

    • Schroeder says:

      I, agree with your forecast. Take Bailey’s forecast with a grain of salt.

      • winter lover says:

        Schroder, I think you went too far posted about Bailey’s forecast he’s the best at was he does. There’s no can match his work what he does.

        • Schroeder says:

          If you were bullied every time you made a post about the weather on this forum you would be anger too. Chris Bailey, does nothing to moderate his forum.

          • Prelude says:

            Schroeder your missing the point it wasn’t necessarily about your post it was about your approach. You would at times come across with a know it all attitude. There have been times you would completely contradict what CB would post. Other times you would just say some completely dumb things like today and yesterday and over the weekend.

            • Schroeder says:

              I’am sick and tired of you trying to tell me what to say in my post. It’s true, I don’t agree with Chris bailey’s forecast some of the time. So back off and go pound sand!

              • Prelude says:

                And I’m sick and tired of you saying your going to leave the blog and not come back and yet you still troll around. Im pretty sick of you saying to take Bailey’s forecast with a grain of salt. Im sick of you talking ill will towards school teachers wanting paid snow days. Your best bet it to do something constructive like quit typing kyweathercenter into your URL and leave and mean it quit being a troll and go kick rocks.

      • Jeff Hamlin says:

        I trust Bailey over someone like Schroeder any day. Your attitude is arrogant and entirely unacceptable.

  3. C in BG says:

    Thanks Chris! Hopefully it will completely cool down to Fall soon. I`m tired of the tropics driving the pattern. I Just pray there is no more damage done then there already has been.

  4. P_P says:

    What did Schroeder do? I haven’t been looking in the comments as of late.

  5. Troy says:

    Oh good God! This forum has turned out to be worse than some stupid Facebook political post! Can we please put this bickering to rest and get back to something that is even remotely weather related. Is that even possible here?

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