An Ugly Last Call For Snowfall

Good Sunday everyone. A winter storm will deliver a glancing blow to the bluegrass state today into tonight. This system has shown a marked southward trend over the last 24 hours and that doesn’t spell good news for snow lovers. Thunderstorms across the south have also been taking a toll on the northward extent of the moisture supply.

This doesn’t mean the state is going to get shut out of snow, it just means the highest totals are now targeted for east Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina. Yep… last winter the big storms missed us to the north. Our one shot this winter and the storm decides to go south.

Those lines may lines may go a little farther south or north based on how the low plays out today into this evening. But, that’s the last call you guys get from me. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have been a regular reader of this site, you know the operation of things. I put out a Winter Storm Threat days in advance of the possibility of a storm and then upgrade to an Alert if it looks like a for sure deal. I did not upgrade this storm and I’m not saying that’s the right or wrong call because I’m writing this before the first flakes even fly. I do expect this to meet winter storm criteria across parts of southeastern Kentucky, but I was never comfortable enough to put out a full-fledged Alert. That’s saying something coming from this gunslinger of a forecaster. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, watch this be the one storm I don’t go into alert mode on and it ends up smacking us around.

Don’t forget about the tracking tools at the top of the page. You have radars, current conditions and live cams to help you track this storm. You guys will also become a valuable tracking tool by giving us updates from where you live.

I will drop by with updates through the day. Have a great Sunday and take care.

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287 Responses to An Ugly Last Call For Snowfall

  1. Cam the Man says:

    Those amounts are too generous. Divide everything by 1/2. No snow for northern middle TN.

  2. Char says:

    Thank you Chris. I’m ready for Spring now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. lisa says:

    I KNEW IT!!!!!
    Guess my daffodils were telling me there would be no more snow this year, but I kept secretly hoping. Oh well… thing to get ready for is spring and MARCH MADNESS! GO BIG BLUE!

  4. John says:

    wonder if LMK will downgrade wsw to wwa

  5. Every Model Does Not Tell a Story says:

    I still think we have a chance to steal a storm before this spring is up. But time is not on our side. Great job Chris it is just not our year.

  6. vanessa short says:

    is knott 3-6

  7. c-BIV says:

    even if it doesn’t snow, the Louisville area has NO rain in the viewing area forecast & if you look at that radar, cold rain is knocking on the door! The moisture is further north than anticipated by models.

    • SCKWeatherGuy says:

      But I don’t think a lot of that is reaching the ground at this time. In fact, looking at the current observations for W KY/SE Missouri/Western TN, only Memphis is reporting precip. at the moment.

    • RS says:

      still looks like it is pushing northeast……. I like it!!

  8. Every Model Does Not Tell a Story says:

    Looking at the radar the moisture is going to have hard time even reaching Lex. The leading edge to the north is not filling out behind it.

  9. Allen on Whitehall says:

    Old Chris still hanging in there. Now, I can surely not speak for Chris, and he has forgot more about weather than I ever knew; however, I think old Chris is getting ready to get a few hours of sleep and he is still the only met throwing the numbers he has posted out there and if he was up front, I think he is looking at the most recent data and there is a gleam in his eye. I am completely a novice; but you can see the snow start to show up on the NW edge of the shield of moisture and that secondary low to the West is only now getting ready to wind up. This system has not even got warmed up. If it jogs North, and it looks like to me it will, then someone better wake Rolo up. You still there Rolo? I know you have the coffey on.

  10. Bryan says:

    Well Im still keeping my fingers crossed for a BIG one here in Pikeville. I would like to at least see a foot. But hoping for

  11. Tyler says:

    Goodnight everyone, Hope southeast kentucky enjoys their significant snowfall.

  12. Jordan says:

    Wow haha. I give up on forecasting snow for this state. This is the only state that can go from showing a statewide 6-15inch snow smackdown to a few counties being lucky to pickup a couple of inches in 1-2 days.

  13. U of L fan says:

    i wish i was a weather junkie…lol… because what i see is snow 30 miles north of louisville (in indiana) with louisville in the 2-4 range.. guess that is why i dont get paid the big bucks

  14. Neil says:

    Anybody still need proof that it can and will snow big ANYWHERE but here? I think this winter’s in the books, and so is any snow bigger than 2-4″ for the LEX area in all but the absolutely flukiest of circumstances. Old school snow and cold are a thing of he past for this isolated part if the world…a true snow lovers no-man’s land…

    • BubbaG says:

      I noticed this trend about eight years ago and was flamed by folks as being negative through the years, but less in the past few. Truth hurts I guess.

  15. Russ says:

    I used to laugh at the whole global warming and Al Gore’s constant ranting. Well, I still laugh at Gore. That said, it’s time that the Met community acknowledge there are bigger things at work here. I’ve heard everything from AO, to NAO, to sunspot cycles, to LaNina. What hasn’t changed has been the absence of a severe winter or major winter storm to affect the Commonwealth since the 1990’s. Sure, there’s been a few heavy snowfalls that have affected certain areas at any given time, but nothing state wide. And temperatures? Let’s not get started on that one. This is not Winter, this has been an extended wet fall, or early spring if you like.

    • Beth says:

      if u wanna laugh …. laugh at Bush jr. and Rick S, New G and Mittens Romey…thosr are some haters.

      • SnowGhost says:

        I’d laugh at the Marxist in the White House if what he and his cronies are doing to the country wasn’t so terrible.
        Man-caused “global warming” is a lie.

        • Beth says:

          not my fault the GOP are sending wannabees….Obama wIns!!!!! yes

        • Snowlover says:

          Seriously? I’m not going to get in a climate change debate on this blog, but I couldn’t let this completely go. Have you looked at the graphs of greenhouse gas concentrations and human population growth over the past 2000 years? They’re virtually identical. That data does not lie. Claiming humans have no impact on global climate change is the lie. ๐Ÿ™

          • SteveF123 says:

            One thing I have learned is that it does NO good to argue with the likes of Obama / Al Gore / Tree huggin’ supporters. They refuse to see the truth if it walked up and smacked them around. Being oblivious to the truth is what they do best and for some reason like to remain ignorant on so many issues. Save your text and blood pressure my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

            • Snowlover says:

              Steve, I’m not sure who you were responding to but I think those who remain ignorant are those who refuse to look at the facts and data (embraced by scientists around the globe) and accept the simple fact that humans DO play a critical role in climate change. To deny this is absurd.

    • BubbaG says:

      The problem is it that besides this winter, which we get one of these every few decades, the snow falls everywhere BUT central KY.

      In the past 14 years, all areas of KY but central KY have gotten hammered. Same for the rest of the US. Even places that normally do not get much snow have gotten more.

      It is a very specific area of one region. Not the earth.

  16. SnowGhost says:

    Here in Somerset we always divide any forecasted amount of snow for us by 2 and surprisingly that is really close to what we wind up receiving. I predict 4″ of the white stuff for Somerset with maybe 5″ in the eastern parts of Pulaski County.
    Would love to be wrong though!

  17. Joe T says:

    Watch the politics folks…..Chris will lay the smack down on ya. I do agree 100% with one of you tho ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Chad says:

    Is it just me or is this system showing to be further north than anticiapated already? the radar is showing snowin Evansville and across to Franfort already!

  19. Billy Howard says:

    In the end it’s all left up to God!

  20. Todd says:

    Radar trends tell a more northern track, Chris & NWS may have trended to far south with this one. Ncentral KY can only hope this continues??

  21. Anthony says:

    Nothing happening in Lex as of 5:45. The radar is telling a different story. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Joshwilliams says:

      Confirm but temp down to 34, dew point 26.. Heavier bands coming through. It should start any time. Hopefully this thing goes n

  22. snowwhere? says:

    No snow or even rain? Big swing and a miss on this one. Even NOAA missed on this one. Wow!

  23. snowwhere? says:

    must be verga rain…hehe

  24. c-BIV says:

    looking at the radar, the northern precip band is just north of Ohio River, which it wasn’t supposed to go this far. It is showing snow falling right over Louisville. Obviously, the dewpoints are too low for it to reach the ground.
    My question is, where in ANYBODY’S discussion in forecasting this storm did they say dewpoints would be an issue?? Regardless, this did get further north than expected. It just seems the dewpoints are helping offset the incorrect movement of low pressure.

  25. matihari38 says:

    Chris, I DO hope you are so wrong with this one, lol. I doubt that you are, just hoping……sighhhhhh…….I want BIG snow!

  26. snowwhere? says:

    I see rain all over us in EKY, but the groud it wet plus it is too warm for it to snow here…by the time it changes over if it does it will be very little accumluation. What do you think?

  27. Todd says:

    Us folks in north Central Ky forgot 1 big thing, precip is moving a little further north than forecast but the 4 letter word might be flexing again DOME! It’s 14 year run is still intact?

  28. jonb says:

    Call me crazy, but the precip is moving NE

  29. Todd says:

    Dry air is killing any chance at snow in Ncentral KY, It is always something that stops the snow in this area? Good luck south & east, hope the snow gods are friendlier down that way?

  30. bjenks says:

    Next??? Thur/Fri of up coming week.

    But, I hope our friends in the far SE portion of the state gets there 3-6 inches of snow today. CB never went into threat mode so much of the state will see little to no snow. Not a bust here in the Lou. areas as we were never in on anything over an inch of snow for the past three days. So be it.

    Bring on Summer!!!

  31. Phoenix says:

    Once again, the snow birds have let us down. Sure don’t get winters like we used to around these parts and personally, I miss the good old cold, wintery seasons of years past.

  32. Andy Rose says:

    Yawn OK I’m awake now whats happening

  33. blizzardtim says:

    ok…time to forget this HUGE DISSAPPOINTMENT !!! and go to lowes, home depot, sears …and buy a good lawn mower, garden tiller, plants, and shrubs..!!! and THINK SPRING!!

    • blizzardtim says:

      I’ve harped about a big snowstorm for day…so all im gonna hear today from everyone around here is…I TOLD YOU IT WASNT GONNA HAPPEN…or WHERES THAT BIG SNOWSTORM AT???…or WHENS THE SNOW GONNA START…..I think Im gonna pull a Groundhog and go back to bed and HIDE!!!… ๐Ÿ™

  34. Todd says:

    Most snow lovers would agree to this, I will take 55 & rain vs missing a snow storm by 50 miles, It’s like holding a piece of candy over a child & never letting it have it??

  35. William says:

    well, this was a perfect set-up, the end of next looks to be very interesting, the nam and gfs have not had identical runs but this is one to keep a close watch. Moving forward, as we get closer to the end of the week, I will keep all posted and up to date.
    Time to cry wolf………………..

  36. Renee says:

    I expected to wake up to nothing but white in Lexington instead I woke up to nothing. How can we punch a hole in that dome around us?

  37. MarkLex says:

    That is one ****SAD*** looking radar!

    I never got my hopes up really since Lexington is always on the fringe of any storm from any direction with 1 to 3 usual inches unless it’s a *freak* rare storm. Good example: Superstorm ’93. Lexington got 6 inches. Eastern KY got 30! Oh well, I think the thing that’s keeping me from going really crazy is that it’s not just US this winter, but the entire eastern part of the country has had a horrible winter for snow lovers. Who ever does get snow out of this, it isn’t going to last long. The warm air continues.

  38. Snowman says:

    Once again Lucy pulled the ball away from CB…..sorry CB, as boring as Ackerman can be about weather, he unenthusiasticly wins this round. Please don’t begin talking about next weekend yet. A lot of us are still in mourning.

    • james says:

      I’d like to see CB sneak up on Lucy when she’s not looking and kick the heck out of that ball. Like the dusting.

    • BubbaG says:

      No worries, since the runway is about ran out for “wintry” events. Well, the ARE out for here, unless snow coatings are peoples thing.

  39. Todd says:

    This proves to me that computer models are CRAP! I am sure another hyped up fizzle or 2 is on the way before this crappy winter is over. Major BUST! Not a good day to be a MET!

  40. Lincoln says:

    I owe someone $100. Lol

  41. BubbaG says:

    Perhaps unfairly, I think I lot of mets will lose cred after this one. We have had the Dusting of 98, the Ice Storm of 03 and 09 and now the Bust of 2012.

    Simply put, southern fed systems fail miserably when KY has anything to due with the path. Sometimes the eastern and northern areas get some results from these type systems, but clippers appear to be the only systems that stand a chance- especially central KY.

    Folks will not have to worry about reading “14 years, blah blah”, since will be 15 years after this winter.

  42. David in Gtown says:

    What do this snowstorm (and every other miss in many years for Central KY) and Dolly Parton have in common?


    At least Chris wasn’t ever really on the accumulation bandwagon much with this one-at least for Scott County.

  43. Wills says:

    I am almost as far east in KY as one can get, and I can hear the trains from WV across the mouintain where I live, but there isn’t a hint of anything falling! The radars are definitely “virgafied” this morning. The radar shows snow over me, but it just isn’t happening!

    • Andy Rose says:

      thats a good thing means the moisture is cooling the atmosphere above you which is how this was suppose to work anyway

  44. 3789N8436W says:

    Filled the bird feeders yesterday and this morning there are birds going crazy in a feeding frenzy…do they know something about what is supposed to be coming at us!?

  45. rolo says:

    when the heavy prcip rotates in to s/se ky in bit it WILL change to snow quickly, we will least see some serious snow falling from sky later folks.

    • Todd says:

      Good luck with that??

    • Pat Myers says:

      I agree with Rolo! If you watched a weather report last night and noticed the time lapsed map it didn’t start snowing until the middle of the morning. So I have not given up hope yet. We will still see snow, I am just not sure how much.

  46. Char says:

    When I stepped out onto my porch a little bit ago, it was sleeting lightly.
    (Just north of Hazard).

  47. Char says:

    Is S.E. KY still under a winter storm warning?

  48. ekyweather says:

    The way this winter has been just see snow in eky will be good. Thanks Rolo

  49. KeavyMan says:

    LOL @ Lincoln. Anyways now, back to the snow everyone THOUGHT would be on the ground when they woke up. Personally, I never heard 1 weather man say anything about snow accumulations by the time we wake up. I have heard the snow or rain, depending on where you are, will start up around 8 or so. It is 8:16 and radar is full of virga right now. Not saying we are going to get the nice storm they were thinking a couple days ago, but it is still coming. The forecast has said here in Corbin area that the snow would be come heavy during the day. So why grumble about there being no snow when you woke up? It wasn’t suppose to snow overnight! Just my thought. Carry on peeps and I will sit back and wait to enjoy the first signs of snow by 10, here in Corbin. If we get 2″, oh well, it well still be nice to see!

  50. Sandman says:

    Some winter storm? WOW

  51. Misty Patterson says:

    Oh really??? lol Through 2pm: Steady snow developing around 9am. The snow should begin to accumulate rapidly by noon. Cloudy with temperatures slowly falling to near 35F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph. Snowfall of 2 to 3 inches through 2:00pm.

  52. Lisa in Millville says:

    No snow and only 52% humidity, according to the official Donkey Holler weather station (on my front porch). I can see sunshine peaking out of the clouds to the east …

  53. KeavyMan says:

    RealFeelยฎ 30ยฐ
    Humidity: 72%
    Pressure: 29.91 in
    Cloud Cover: 100 %
    UV Index: 0
    Dew Point: 29 ยฐF
    Amount of Precipitation(1 Hr): 0.01 in
    Visibility: 10 Miles

    There is actually sprinkles starting to fall here in Keavy! hmmmmm Moisture is starting to FILL IN!

  54. Snowlovingteacher says:

    Eagerly awaiting some snow in London!!! I am really hoping for a snow day tomorrow. *Let It Snow*!

  55. ekyweather says:

    a Few Snow or sleet pellets in lee co. ky for few minutes

  56. Wills says:

    OMG! It’s starting to snow!

  57. ekyweather says:

    Wills what is your location

  58. Keith says:

    Its beginning to snow lightly here in central Floyd co. The temp is 39.

  59. Todd says:

    Sunshine in Frankfort. The who said there would be sun today????

  60. rolo says:

    folks in far s and SE KY better get your popcorn ready folks!! cause the moisdture getting heavier west as u loop ur radar u see it BUILDING, now if storm dont jst take off move faster, WE ARE GOING get HEAVY SNOW, it 36 at my houser in gunchester, once once the derper moisture take over the temps will fall quick several degrees as it reaches ground.

  61. KeavyMan says:

    They are in London heading to Corbin right now. Raining in London because they are using the wipers LOL These people are stormchasers

  62. rolo says:

    BLIZZARD TIM need link to chatroom i lost address brother,

    • blizzardtim says:

      on the road rolo..sorry man i dont have the link on my iphone…try going back to last nights post, and find the link…

  63. Jared says:

    Had about a minute of rain and now a mixture of rain/sleet/snow coming down.
    35 degrees in Letcher County at the moment.

  64. blizzardtim says:

    very windy here in knox co…and 38 here at my house no precip. just yet ..but a huge SLUG moving northeast out of central Tn…let’s see what happens when it gets here…

  65. Tee says:

    Heavy snow falling in Lexington!

  66. KeavyMan says:

    Rain & sleet now falling in Keavy area. Temps getting colder we are now at 35

  67. rolo says:

    link to chat TIMMY.

    hey KEAVY how u watch i dont get nothing but pics.

  68. Lincoln says:

    It’s a beautiful sunny, spring day here in Lexington!!!!!!! Lol

  69. KeavyMan says:

    Link to my room No radar but we can chat snow or whatever

  70. Dara says:

    I feel like Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber… you’re saying there’s a chance(for snow accumulation of course)! Does anyone still hold out hope for even the slightest accumulation because this is just really unbelievable to say the least…..bring on spring :/

  71. Andy Rose says:

    precip hitting the ground in Barbourville

  72. sue Flatwoods KY says:

    32 deg at my house and the radar shows blue over me but nothing falling. hopefully that will change!!!!!!!

  73. Char says:

    Rolo, scroll back up. Tim replied to your post.

  74. Bobt says:

    If this thing doesn’t break up, some areas are going to see a pretty decent snow. That’s a pretty big chunk of moisture heading toward Kentucky.

  75. rolo says:

    tx XCHAR, that cool TIMMY.

    were in KEAVYMAN chat room join us he poted link above.

    light very light snow in GUNCHESTER 35 degrees,

    very interested what going on righ t now,

    got go to store.

  76. Dara says:

    Anyone see this moisture making it more north in the coming hours?

    • bjenks says:

      Not past Lexington. Everything is moving pretty much due east. KY/TN Border will be a set up for a couple inches once it changes from rain to snow. KY/WVA boarder EKY Mountains will get few inches when all said in done.
      Looks like mostly rain for anyone west of 65.

      Thanks CB for all you do. This winter has not been friendly to any Met. in our area. First year in a long time that most all of the Mets. in the Louisville area were predicting above average snowfall. Not one of them got it correct. Least amout of snow here sice 88/89, I believe. Oh Well! At least it wasn’t freezing cold all season.

      Have a great day everyone. Will check back this afternoon to seen some of your comments on the snow.

  77. Kyle says:

    Well, this suck. I woke up, expecting to see snow but nope. Guess I’m not going to see any freaking snow then.

    • toney says:

      never was snow supposed to be on the ground by the time we woke up today unless u sleep until way afternoon. lol this was supposed to be an afternoon and evening event, no more than 12 hours at any one location.

  78. TomNLincoln says:

    It just started sleeting here in Lincoln county.

  79. Wills says:

    Snowing steadily at the moment…light to moderate

  80. KeavyMan says:

    come chat about where you are and what it is doing.. Light snow now in Keavy

  81. Beth says:

    I think the the grocery stores pay the Mets to hype it up for a percentage of the profit…haha

  82. Snowman says:

    Noticed 18 has rolled back 1-4″ for my area to Trace-2″……LUCY, you got ‘splaining to do….again.
    Nothing but clouds in southwestern Morgan Co.

  83. Neil says:

    I fully expect the wwa on the western and northern edge of this thing to be dropped with the next update from the NWS. If the LEX area gets a few flurries, we can count ourselves lucky…

  84. Snowmama says:

    Spring break in Alaska, anyone?

  85. Missy says:

    Don’t post much…but we have sleet in southern Clay Co. Now that’s some LIVE ACTION…LOL!!!

  86. miss kate says:

    OMG you guy have got to go read The Voice Of Reason’s blog post. FRICKIN’ HILARIOUS!!! it is on FB. i do detect a weeee bit of snark.

    • Jeanette says:

      Who is the voice of reason?

    • Dampy says:

      Wow! Dude wrote a novel just to basically talk away that he missed the call. Sounds like he’s getting lit up on Facebook, as he keeps referencing that. He has pretty thin skin it seems. No shame in missing this one since every met had this one wrong, as did most computer models.

  87. rolo says:

    folks S SEKY going get FUNKY LIKE a monkey, i mean it snowing already so mix lightly, heavy ptrcip on way should be HEAVY SNOW for several hours in S SE KY.

    can u say plesantly suprised, lets hope.

  88. MikeM says:

    So finally decide to look out the window and see he sun( Woodfordford County) 10 minutes later cloudy. Check the radar and now it looks likes we will have the moisture, only its going to be all rain. Absolutley unbelievable.

    • pattyVersailles says:

      I’m wallowing in all this snow MikeM!! Can’t get my car out of the driveway!! Snowman’s made and now working on snow cream!!! I’m having a heck of a time with our big snow!!! Of course it’s all in my mind, but I just blame it on senility!

  89. Dale says:

    Temperature has actually risen to 41 in southern Pike county.

  90. rolo says:

    in gunchester aka CLAY CO!!! on east 80 west 80 bout 3 miles from own

  91. Tom says:

    Snowing heavy in Rockcastle for the last ten min. But the ground is refusing to hold snow, oh well, at least it is pouring the snow now.

  92. Wills says:

    Temp at 40 at my house from 36. .

  93. Beth says:

    professional Mets should only be paid on accuracy , bet if they were, be a lot less hype …lol

    • Wills says:

      I see your point, but I think many of them said their was that POTENTIAL, and with human instinct, especially for snow lovers, we took it as gospel. I am as disappointed as anyone, and if it were suggested we might see 1-2 inches as opposed to 6-12 and still get nothing, it would have been better to take in…

  94. BubbaG says:

    Looks like a lot of folks (mets in particular) took a BiG kickin’ swing at the football and are now staring at the gray sky with the wind knocked out of them. At least no snow is getting in their eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  95. Cole in McCreary says:

    We currently have heavy 1/2 rain 1/2 snow at the moment. yeah!

  96. Keith says:

    I sent the guy on stormchaser live to Blackmountain. Good or bad call.
    Pretty cool to watch though.

  97. Snowman says:

    Amen….I didn’t fight the mob for milk and bread on this one….ground to wet and warm….I hate it for CB, but Lucy wins again and is feeing up the ball for next weekend.

  98. Rachel says:

    This is the complete opposite of the ‘dusting’ of ’98. I mean come on… nothing? Not a single speck of snow?? Those storms down south didn’t rob us of some of our moisture…. clearly they sucked us dry.

    • BubbaG says:

      Refresher course of met excuse 101:

      When we miss REAL bad with snow maps:

      1. Blame it one verga
      2. Blame it on energy robbing southern storms

      The easier stuff (rain) is coming soon, so the light is at the end of the tunnel for them. The light definitely is not the glistening of snow ๐Ÿ˜‰

  99. Wayne County says:

    I know I never post on here, but I read it all the time. Just thought I’d let everyone know what is going on here in Wayne County. Like McCreary County we are now getting a rain/snow mix. If only it would change to all snow- because there are some BIG flakes falling!

  100. Dara says:

    We’ve had a heavy downpour of huge, fluffy flakes in Berea for the last several minutes. Just now beginning to stick. It’s a lovely sight, even if it isn’t going to be as much as we had hoped.

  101. bjenks says:

    Hey! While we are all on here, trying to figure out Mother Nature and her doings, let us start hyping the Thur/Fri. systems that are going to roll through here with POTENTIAL Winter weather. LOL Can’t help to take a glance in the future….

    • Chris Barber !! says:

      with nam and gfs coming to close to an agreement, we will need to gather more info. on this major strom later in the week, but for now easily 6-8 inches will fall by Sat. morning. A WSW will be posted by Wed evening.

    • Dara says:

      You cannot be serious lol……this system took way too much out of me to move on so quickly… what does it look like LOL?!?!

    • Every Model Does Not Tell a Story says:

      The Wait Until Next Week. I Love this seasons stroryline

  102. kygirl says:

    I heard the snow was coming through Lexington and Anthony Davis blocked it!!!

  103. Tom says:

    Finally starting ti accumulate here in Rockcastle, it snowed moderate to heavy for nearly an hour before it has started to stick, have a dusting at the moment. I will take a pic and link it

  104. waiting says:

    I live in eastern KY and have no snow!!!!
    Really disappointed! ๐Ÿ™

  105. bjenks says:

    The most current RUC is putting out .25-.50 QPF for SEKY. Could get a nice little snow later this afternoon. Temps need to come down quickly. Warm ground temps will also hurt total accumulations.

  106. Snowman says:

    Thought I was imagining it, but now snowing in southwestern Morgan County at the stunning rate of 20 flakes per minute (20 fpm)….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  107. Bobt says:

    Having a hard time transitioning from rain to snow here near the border.
    It has been raining here for over 1.5 hours. Quick transition?

  108. Allen says:

    Done. Let me know when severe weather season starts.

  109. Tom says:

    A few pics of the snow in Rockcastle, it has really started to stick the last 30 mins and things look promising for enough to build a snowman

  110. Char says:

    It’s sleeting pretty good now. (Just north of Hazard)

  111. Shanks Laurel County says:

    Wet snow falling here…

  112. BubbaG says:

    Even the great CB has proven a mere mortal this winter. I will not take another met or model seriously when it comes to snow forecasts.

  113. London2012 says:

    Snow has finally started transitiioning in Southern Laurel County

  114. Paul says:

    Big flakes in Hagerhill South of Paintsville 38 starting to stick

  115. marsha says:

    nothing from chris at all this morning this system must have took it toll on him chris you are still the best out there its just this weather is just crazy but i have to say i am like bubba not getting my hopes up again……

  116. Todd says:

    Looks like a narrow band from Corbin to Berea will get several inches of snow, the other 75% of the state are getting 0!

  117. Renee says:

    Snow flakes starting in Powell County

  118. Jeff says:

    Don’t believe I will ever listen to another weather forecast again ever!

  119. Finally! says:

    Finally pouring the snow in Clay, but I don’t see anything sticking. It’s just too warm!!!

  120. Chris Barber !! says:

    will we at least get rain her in Lexington, I put fertilizer on the yard yesterday, no kidding on this one

    news update……………………………………just in

    winter storm warning beginning Feb. 23 at 8:00 am, go get bread and milk now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Bobt says:

    Two hours of rain here in Barbourville.

  122. Richmond Girl says:

    Just started snowing in Richmond…..

  123. James says:

    Pouring snow in corbin, just started in the last five minutes.

  124. WendyT says:

    Nothing falling here in W. Mercer Co. Fine by me, I’m sick of the mud and so are the horses.

    Chris, thanks for all your hard work!

  125. Snowman says:

    Nothing in southwestern Morgan……just copied and pasted every comment I’ve made for each “storm” this winter. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  126. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Nothing in Pikeville where its suppose to snow the most,oh well.

  127. Ready4Snow says:

    The rumor is Mr northern stream and Miss southern stream were suppose to meet up somewhere in alabama and head northeast to show Eastern ky a rockin good time..Apparently Mr northern stream was late so Miss southern stream(being a redhead)got mad an scooted off the to the flordia panhandle..Somehow Mr northern stream finally caught up with her somewhere in georgia..After all the kissing and apoligies they decided they didn’t like Ky anyways so decided to Rock carolina..To be continued..

  128. Char says:

    Sleet just turned to snow in Perry County. 15N just north of Hazard.

  129. Wills says:

    Starting to snow again. I just hope it stays around for a while this time. –Martin Co.

  130. snow princess says:

    Rain/Snow mix here in Gunchester (City Limits)!!!!!! We need about a 4* temp drop and we might have something special going! LOL!!! This event has totally fried my brain!!!!!!!! I am a snow lover, but even I have about decided to pull for flip flop weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. tornadolarkin says:

    Looking at SPC’s radar, looks like some that are getting snow may get rocked.

  132. Somerset Snow Bunny says:

    It’s coming down pretty heavy here in Somerset. Just really started about 20 minutes ago…..I would really love to see several inches, crossing my fingers ๐Ÿ™‚

  133. Joey Wilson says:

    Winter’s over. Congrats to those who are getting snow.

  134. Debbie Collett says:

    Snowing huge flakes in northern Bell Co. The radar still shows rain but it has switched over here!!!!

  135. Winter wonderland says:

    As far as I can see, the winter storm warning isn’t a “bust” at all. Here in Leslie county it has been pouring for only about 30 min. and already we have an inch on the ground. The flakes are absolutely huge! Very similar to the snow we got year before last that knocked the power out for days.

  136. Sandman says:

    Got all the stuff to make snow cream. Milk, sugar , and vanilla, I am still missing one Ingredient ? Can any of the meteorologists tell me what it is?

  137. Sadie (Williamsburg) says:

    Snowing big beautiful chunks of snow here in Williamsburg.

  138. SteveF123 says:

    Starting to see some very heavy wet flakes here in Middlesboro. The change-over just started. Temp is down to 37 so if it drops a couple more degrees I have a feeling we are going to get hammered by some very heavy, wet snow.

    Let it pour! As long as the power lines and trees stay intact, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

  139. Sue says:

    It’s 33 degrees here in Salyersville and it’s been snowing for about 30 minutes. Small flakes at first but getting bigger and heavier.

  140. Dale says:

    Temp has dropped to 36 and it is snowing silver dollar pancakes from the sky, beautiful!

  141. Jon says:

    Beautiful, heavy snow falling in London after a long sleet transition. Quick dusting in about 15 minutes and sticking nicely to everything except roads.

  142. SteveF123 says:

    Now it is absolutely pouring – HUGE, HEAVY WET FLAKES! Now if we can get a nice base on the ground, it may start piling up.

  143. Snowman says:

    35F and light snow in southwestern Morgan. I use the word south so it may psychologically keep me in the WSW. ๐Ÿ™‚

  144. London2012 says:

    Heavy snow in southern laurel county, temp. 33.1 and continuing to drop

  145. TeacherT says:

    Pouring snow in Irvine at 1:00, but not sticking. Just talked to daughter in Richmond and it’s not doing anything there.

  146. Chelle says:

    Complete BUST for Lexington area…….not even a chance of precip in the forcast now! ๐Ÿ™ Radar has us covered but nothing falling………

  147. rolo says:

    pleZZZZ ENJOY next 2-3 houres foljks this HEAVIEST SNOW ive seen in a decade or more. IT AWESOME no matter if it just my 2-4, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  148. Renee says:

    Snow now stopped in Powell County

  149. BubbaG says:

    Great, now the salt trucks are out in full force, so there will be more measurable salt on the ground than snow for at least Richmond on north.

  150. marsha says:

    nws dropping warning for morgan co saying less than a inch….

  151. London2012 says:

    Everything covered in Laurel Co., now continuing to come down heavy, temp still dropping 32.9.

  152. Alton Huff says:

    I’m suing for emotional distress. I was promised snow and lots of it and I got all excited. Now there’s no snow and I’m so depressed. I wanted 15 inches of the wet, heavy stuff, a state of emergency declaration due to fallen trees and power lines, and all that good stuff. What do I get?..nothing.

  153. Stacy in London says:

    Some accumulation in London. Big slushy mess on the roads. 33* with big flakes…

  154. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Snow just starting in Pikeville.

  155. upslope says:

    Heavy snow in Leslie County since noon, roads, trees, everything are covered in heavy, wet, snow! Valley’s approaching 2 inches, ridges in Hyden up to 4 inches now, and still coming down hard! Roads are treacherous, scrapers are having hard time keeping roads clear because of heavy snow rates.

  156. Char says:

    Everything is white and it’s still snowing hard! Just north of Hazard.

  157. Every Model Does Not Tell a Story says:

    I do not want to snow on the peoples parade. I am glad folks are having an enjoyable snowfall down in the S.E. corner of the state.
    The main lesson I have learned from this experience is that until all 3 major models are in sync about a forecast take it with a grain of snow. I know it is hard to not get excited about snowfall totals that are above 6″. But remember it is only one models projection. Cannot wait for Chris late nite forecast projecting about the late week snowfall that the 12z gfs is projecting. Does not look like much but only time will tell.

  158. Dampy says:

    If you just look at the time elapse radar and it’s path, the models were actually correct. The problem, of course, is that nothing is hitting the ground for many people.

  159. SteveF123 says:

    1:45 in Middlesboro….Ground is white, sticking very well and while the flakes have scaled down a bit, it is still absolutely pouring. My guess would be it is snowing at a rate of an 1″ to an 1 1/2″ an hour. I hope it does this all day and into the night! :).

  160. Rickie says:

    Been snowing in Jenkins (letcher Co.) for about and hour every thing is covered and the roads are getting bad also. Temps are dropping, looking pretty just hopeing to keep electric…

  161. bjenks says:

    Hazard KY looks to have a serious sleet storm or very heavy snow going on. Looks like it will band through that area for a little bit. WunderMap shows a thundstorm going on in Combs, KY

    Hazard looks to be the winner of this one if it is indeed all snow.

  162. El Chupacabra says:

    Not a flake in Richmond.

  163. El Chupacabra says:

    Radar says it’s snowing, TWC says it’s snowing. Flurried about an hour ago and nothing since then. Ground is completely dry. Overcast, but no snow.

  164. jason says:

    snowing heavey in harlan for about 20 minutes now just now starting to stick but it looks like the moisture will only last a few more hours tops.

  165. Wills says:

    Finally! The snow flakes are getting more plump by the minute!

  166. rolo says:

    close 3 inches up my holler in clay co. HEAVY snow for bout 1.5 hours. look like 2-4 more could fall.

  167. jason says:

    I don’t think harlan will see more than 2″ tops except on the mountains they alreay have several inches.

  168. Andy Rose says:

    At my house about 45 min ago

  169. ColdInCorbin says:

    Thanks for the accurate forecast, CB! Already have 2″ down in Corbin and it looks like we’ll get two more before it tapers off in a few hours. 4″ is right in the middle of your estimate for our area. Keep up the good work.

  170. Char says:

    Just north of Hazard. I have at least 2 to 3 inches of snow on my deck and it’s still pouring. It’s a winter wonderland!

  171. Mark says:

    Looks like it will be little or the the big goose egg for snow in Nashville and Bowling Green.

    Meanwhile, on this date in 1884 was the so-called Enigma tornado outbreak. One of largest outbreaks on record. Mostly Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas, but Tennessee and Kentucky also suffered tornado fatalities.

    Anybody here on this board remember that day? ๐Ÿ™‚

    This, along with the January 1890 tornadoes in western KY (some F4 strength) hint that winter tornadoes are hardly a recent phenomena.

  172. Shanks Laurel County says:

    Wonder when CB will update?

  173. Matt says:

    I’m near Hazard, it’s been pouring snow for a while now, havent measured but i’d say 2-3 inches like Char said.. sticking to everything. Hope it lightens up soon so we can keep power.

  174. sue Flatwoods KY says:

    makes me sad to see all of these comments on the snow everyone is getting! Nothing at my house! : ( I wanted a good snow this time!!!!!!!!!! Glad some are getting the snow though!

  175. c-BIV says:

    I guess about 5% of the forecast was correct! Go SE KY, lol….
    too bad the other 95% are the majority. This is a bummer for most.

  176. Doug T62 says:

    Snowing wet and heavy but it’s not big flakes but fine and dense about 2 inches out East 80 in the Bush area

  177. skymom says:

    Snow day for Corbin schools tomorrow!

  178. MIke says:

    0 for 3 on comments making it through today…

  179. Swami In Corbin says:

    We got about 3 inches already in south Corbin….It is still pouring…..Just really small flakes……………..

  180. Ruth says:

    Nothing at all here. Just some clouds. The sun has been playing peek a bo today. We’ve seen glimpses of it.At first, 6 inches was forecasted. Then it was changed to 1-4 inches. Then, it was changed to zero. Based on that last call, Chris was right, lol. I am a little disappointed. It would have been nice to see a couple inches. However, given the type of snow, I was dreading to get much more then that. So, I’m disappointedly relieved. Or something like that.:)

  181. BlizardTim says:

    still snowing hard here close to 3 inches on my deck!

  182. kyteacher says:

    We have a couple of inches in Somerset and still coming down hard!!!! whoohooo

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