The Cold November Rain

Good Tuesday, folks. With all apologies to Guns N’ Roses, A cold November rain is falling on the bluegrass state today. That rain will slowly wind down this afternoon, as temps trend colder throughout the day. This keeps a seasonal brand of chill in place for the rest of the week.

Our day is starting with rounds of moderate to locally heavy rains pushing across the state. Some rumbles of thunder will be possible in the south. That’s also where the heaviest totals will likely fall, with some areas picking up a fresh inch or so of rain.

Temps this morning will range from the middle 40s north to middle 50s south. Those numbers will drop this afternoon, with most areas in the low and mid 40s.

Track away…

Leftover clouds will be around on Wednesday with the chance for a shower or two in the south and southeast. Temps will range from the mid 40s in the southeast to the low and mid 50s in the far west.

Winds increase on Thursday as another cold front moves in here from the north. This doesn’t have any moisture with it, but will pack quite the cold air punch. Lows by Friday morning are in the 20s with afternoon highs from 40-45 degrees. That will set the stage for a cold night at high school playoff games with some areas hitting freezing by 7pm…

Lows by Saturday morning may drop deep into the 20s across central and eastern Kentucky…

Saturday is a VERY windy day with clouds on the increase ahead of another cold front. Gusty showers then move in Saturday night into Sunday…

As we look toward the days leading up to Thanksgiving, we find a pattern trying to load up with cold shots from western Canada and Alaska.. This is where some REALLY cold air is currently building up and the GFS Ensembles want to drain some of that into the states…

Maybe a cold turkey this year? Hmmm.

I will have another update later today, so check back. Make it a good one and take care.

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28 Responses to The Cold November Rain

  1. Schroeder says:

    So far it looks like a repeat weather pattern of November 2016. Cold in Alaska and here too at the same time. Never seen a pattern like that before ? Maybe we are starting a new climate shift ?

  2. Matt says:

    Looks like that heavy band of rain set up much farther south than the models thought, its going through TN. We’ll be lucky to get 0.1 in south east KY.

  3. Schroeder says:

    We hardly got any measurable rain. The system split when it reached central Kentucky. What happened to all the waves of low pressure that was forecast to form along the stationary front to our south ? My guess is that this front is going to head back north as a warm front. That’s the way this pattern has been going since the beginning of the month.

  4. Schroeder says:

    This Gulf of Alaska low pressure system may send numerous storm systems into the Pacific north west over the next several weeks. Which would result in heavy winds, rains and very heavy mountain snows. With this area in a moderate drought, I am sure the residence will welcome the precipitation. This will likely change our forecast in the weeks to come. Mild and wet would be my bet.

  5. Cold Rain says:

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see flakes around turkey day..Hopefully what some of the long range modeling are showing hold’s true..Brrr for November standards..

  6. Jkl says:

    Yes cold air comes from the North including Alaska

  7. evodevo says:

    Don’t forget The King (Elvis) and cold kentucky rain lol

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