Changes Moving In

Good evening, gang. My time is short, but I always drop by to hook you up with an update. The update this evening is all about the big changes blowing into the region. This brings us into a winter pattern that locks in for the coming weeks.

Winds are going to be a big player tonight into Tuesday morning. Gusts of 40-45mph will be possible in many areas as showers and storms increase from west to east…

Temps drop like a rock behind the front from west to easy on Tuesday. There’s still a chance for a flake to fly tomorrow night, especially across the southeast.

Seasonal cold moves in for Wednesday with arctic shots coming this weekend and next week.

Some periods of flurries and light snow will be possible late Wednesday into Thursday. The main systems arrive over the weekend, with the models having the usual timing and intensity issues. That always seems to happen in the 3-5 day window from an event.

The European Model shows snows along the east coast from a couple of systems late week into the weekend. It has our clipper moving in Friday night and Saturday…

The model keeps trending a little stronger with it.

The European Model then brings another clipper in Sunday night and Monday…

With a much stronger system following that by Tuesday…

That’s being pushed by bitter cold air pressing into the eastern half of the country. Guess what’s behind that system? Another clipper…

Let’s check in to see what the GFS is showing for these same systems. The model is beginning to see the east coast snows, while trying to figure out the impact it has on our Thursday-Sunday pattern…

We won’t see the models fully understand this setup until we get to Wednesday or Thursday.

The individual members of the GFS Ensembles show the spread for the weekend snow potential…

Several runs are impressive with the snows, several others show some very light stuff. We shall see.

Here’s what I can say… This setup is likely to deliver our first light accumulating snow of the season at some point from Friday through early Sunday. Arctic cold winds blow behind that for Saturday and Sunday, with temps tanking.

The GFS also shows a small clipper by Sunday night, and goes toward the bigger system idea early next week…

Like the European, it’s showing bitterly cold air invading the east and has more action following that up later next week…

As I have been saying, we will have lots of snow chances between now and Christmas. I cannot tell you anything more beyond that, but the pattern has a lot of potential!

So much for a quick update… I just can’t help myself. 🙂

Enjoy your evening and take care.

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8 Responses to Changes Moving In

  1. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Bring it!

  2. Terry says:

    Let’s avoid e14 for sure. Hopefully the dry are will up the totals some, but dry snow also tends to melt much faster too:( We desperately need to wake up the southern jet, been pretty dead since October.

  3. Joey says:

    How come the weather channel shows nothing for this upcoming weekend for us? Makes me sad….love the blog though. I want snow. You make me hopeful…Weather channel not so much!

    • Michael says:

      The weather channel only looks at a few models. It’s also strictly a computer generated forecast, so it doesn’t have the human opinion that chris can give. TWC covers all of the US and other countries as well, so local forecasts may or not be accurate for a system that is still 4 days away.

  4. JJTeach says:

    We appreciate the updates Chris! Hoping all of these systems can at least throw us some snow…and hopefully maybe one of them throwing us more than “some”.

  5. Rodger in Dodger says:

    Prolonged cold snaps usually end with a robust southern system. Let’s hope we eventually see that too. Relying on clippers for big snows is fool’s gold 98% of the time. This is Rodger in Dodger

  6. BengalFan says:

    Get the Bengals a win tonight, then no doubt I believe we can easily get some snow later this weekend! !


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