Tracking The Weekend Light Snow Potential

Good Thursday, folks. Colder weather continues to take control of the pattern, as light snow chances start to show up. More than week ago on WKYT, I outlined December 8-15 as the period when we would see winter really begin to show up, and we are just about to that point.

A clipper dives into the Ohio Valley this weekend, bringing the chance for light snow. Before that, we have one small system crossing the region today and it could spit out a few flurries in the north and northeast. The GFS has this…

Here’s regional radar to see if any of those actually show up…

A potent upper level system dives into the Ohio Valley on Saturday, bringing a period of light snow and snow showers with it. You can see how the vort max digs right on top of us…

That gets the air to rising, creating the light snow. Northwesterly winds behind it will try to pick up some moisture from Lake Michigan by Saturday evening…

Again, this is a light accumulation event taking shape across central and eastern parts of the state. Will this be First Call worthy? We shall see. I want to see what happens on the models as we get within the 48 hour window. That starts later today. 🙂

Winds are going to be very gusty as the flakes fly and this will knock Sunday morning wind chills down into the single digits at times…

The early week snow systems are trending quicker, with the first is now slated to arrive by Monday night, carrying us into Tuesday. Here’s the Canadian…

The European and GFS have a similar look for the same time…

Another snow threat quickly moves in here behind that on Wednesday.



Another clipper or two will follow that up to round out the week.

Our first snow days will likely show up next week. Does that mean YOUR school? I guess we shall see. 🙂

Beyond the clipper mania, the southern branch of the Jet stream is going to try and come alive. This as the cold pattern remains, leading to an active week before Christmas.

I will have updates later today. Have a good one and take care.

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6 Responses to Tracking The Weekend Light Snow Potential

  1. B H says:

    Looks like a lot of people might have a White Christmas this year.

  2. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris, hope your cold is over and you are feeling better. My cold seems to be hanging on. A clipper about every three days will keep us all in the season’s spirit of Christmas. You mentioning the southern jet for latter on next week may make for an interesting weather event. I must mention the disastrous fires out in California. These Santa Anna winds are reported to be up to eighty miles per hour fanning the flames. I just hope the residence that are experience this horrible event are safe and will get back to normal living as soon as possible. Take care everyone and be safe.

  3. bgbecky says:

    Looks like BG and western KY are on the outside rim of every single one of the clippers small amounts of precipitation 🙁 I’m a warm weather fan, but right now, with Christmas coming, I would love some snow!!!

  4. BubbaG says:

    Even if just snow globe vents (snow in the air, little on the ground), at least will have that to get a seasonal vibe.

  5. Jamie says:

    GFS Model picture and actual radar are almost exactly the same. Good for the GFS.

    • Jamie says:

      Of course… I guess the GFS picture was for this weekend’s snow, not today’s, but it was interesting to see almost a mirror image on the radar nonetheless.

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