Friday Midday Update

Good afternoon, y’all. It’s a frigid Friday with many thermometers struggling to get out of the 20s with lots of clouds around. These clouds are ahead of a MAJOR southern snowstorm that looks to tease the southeastern corner of the state. Then, it’s all about clipper mania around here.

If you’re along the Virginia border, you have a chance to see some light snow from the southern storm. This is going to produce heavy snow from Texas to New England, but mostly is a miss for Kentucky. Here’s regional radar to see how close this gets to the southeast…

Our weekend clipper needed to be about 12 to 24 hours faster, then we would have had a major snowstorm in our part of the world. I really didn’t imagine it would be this close, but that northwest trend holds even when a system misses us. 😉

Speaking of the clipper, it dives into the Ohio Valley on Saturday. This will bring a band of gusty light snows along and ahead of the front, before the northwesterly flow kicks in with snow showers getting a boost from Lake Michigan…

Light accumulations will be possible Saturday afternoon and evening, especially across the eastern half of the state. Can someone squeeze out an inch or snow from this? Yes, they can. My worry is I’m underplaying that northwest flow. We shall see.

With gusty winds, things may look like a snow globe from time to time. Wind chill temps will then drop through the teens and into the high single digits by Sunday morning. The rest of Sunday is just flat out windy and cold.

The next clipper drops in Monday night and Tuesday, bringing our next snow chance…

That’s a very cold blast of air and it’s followed by another clipper by Wednesday…

Another follows that up by Thursday and Friday…

I continue to be bullish on our first snow days showing up in our region as we head into next week.

Over the weekend, I’m going to start focusing on the lead up to Christmas. It’s an interesting look showing up with the MJO following along with many of the analog years I’ve been all over since the summer.

I’m going to attempt to be on WKYT starting at 4 today. If you’ve been watching, you can tell my voice is shot from being sick. The voice is bad today and I’m still sick, but I refuse to be outworked. 🙂

See you guys for an update later this evening. Have a good one and take care.

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26 Responses to Friday Midday Update

  1. PattyVersailles says:

    CB let your body rest! It takes a beating as is but when you’re sick and continue to dive it into the ground you’ll be worse for it in the long run! You have a great crew. Let them shine from time to time!!!

    • BubbaG says:

      He still sounds a little sick on TV. Rest FTW!

      Looks like the theme for December is a Snow Globe. Not much on the ground, but flying around in the air. Festiva snow! That’s what Seinfeld would call it.

      • Bjenks says:

        Sometimes a festive snow is nice. We can all drink a Bourbon drink and get Festivus….at least no shoveling. Don’t even see this being a salt event. LOL

  2. SHAAK says:

    Either the snow is north of us, or even crazier south of us. I hope we get a good snow soon.

  3. JJTeach says:

    Chris, I really would be interested to know if you think that snow day potential exists into central KY next week? Or is this just an eastern KY mountain snow day potential?

  4. Bernard P. Fife says:

    Thelma Lou is a little disappointed with tomorrows look. She never expected anything significant but the local forecast for Wayne County is a rain -snow mix with a high pretty much at 40. With temps at 40 looks like the snow globe will spring a leak. I feel next weeks clippers will play mainly for North Central & Eastern Ky, once again missing our area.

  5. Troy says:

    Fingers crossed for an overachieving clipper tomorrow.

  6. Jared from Letcher County says:

    Still spitting a few snowflakes here every now and then, Jackson radar is showing the main precipitation shield inching ever so closer. Will be interesting to watch tonight.

  7. Cold Rain says:

    Dang you clipper..Of all things knocking out a good snow event..A

  8. Virgil says:

    I for one wouldn’t mind it in the least if the snow we get this winter resembles last winter.

    • 3789N8436W says:

      That verges on heresy or blasphemy!!!

    • Rodger in Dodger says:

      This might not be the website for you! Rodger in Dodger

      • Virgil says:

        Ive been on this blog before this blog existed as it does today, Ive been reading Chris’s weather thoughts since before he made his move to west VA. Im not going anywhere and to all my haters..Keep hatin because I know Chris and he knows Im not going anywhere!

        • TennMark says:

          You and I are among the few here that prefer warmer winters. If offered a transfer to a place like Phoenix (where I visited a month ago on business) or Tampa, it would be very tempting. But my wife likes winter and she has a good job. For this and other reasons, my like for warm winters is relatively low in importance although she and I won’t rule out someday retiring to a warmer climate.

  9. Schroeder says:

    Chris you need to rest. You are working too hard. I’ve been fighting a cold all week and it is still with me. Bad Bug. The radar to our southeast is really impressive and the snow seems to be moving a little to the north. Last night on your 4:00 weather you showed a stationary front all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, with waves of low pressure moving along it. Overriding moisture providing the snowstorm in the southeast right ? We just need to move one of though’s clippers further west and south so all of Kentucky can get in on the action.

  10. nasdaq says:

    HRRR just clobbering East Tn, Going to snow down there for the next 18 hours plus

  11. Bjenks says:

    TennMark you getting in any of this fun?

    • TennMark says:

      Just a few renegade snowflakes in Nashville as of Saturday evening, to the disappointment of my better half 😉 (she’s the winter enthusiast, I actually like warm wx although I still enjoy tracking winter storms).

      I did get up very early Friday to view reports and livestreams of snow in south Texas, Louisiana, etc, before having to head to the stupid office for the day where I had limited time to monitor the southern snow 🙁 .

  12. Schroeder says:

    Just check the forecast position of the trough for next week and there is no change. Looks like western and central Kentucky will be left out of the snow this winter. We had a few flakes in late October, and I think that’s it for my county. What a gyp !

  13. Ricvice says:

    Well kids here we go again hearing that ugly 4 letter word… Snow? Nooo it’s miss( or to the south, north, east ant west it is all the same meaning) a rare early season snow with a chance to maybe see some snow to accent our lovely out side decerations and it falls to the Deep South and directly to our immediate east talk about rubbing salt into the wound ! Gosh I hope we don’t get used to hearing the the word clipper a lot this season. Take care Chris heal up we

  14. Dawnp007 says:

    I want snow!!! And how do I get Chris’ updates sent to my email like before? I can’t find a link to subscribe.

  15. Troy says:

    Wow! Looks as though the state has wasted a ton of money today. US25E has been pre-treated with liquid brine in Bell Co. lol 🙂 🙂

  16. Rodger in Dodger says:

    Rodger says we should all take snow forecasts with a big dose of reality. The south getting clobbered and the clippers look mostly north and east of a lot of us. There’s a whole lot of cold being wasted around here. Rodger in Dodger

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