An Incredible Stretch Of Bitter Cold

Good Tuesday, everyone. It’s one of the coldest stretches of weather you will ever find around here, and it just keep rolling on across Kentucky. After a VERY small break in the brutal cold on Wednesday, things go downhill quickly to end the week.

Temps this morning are frigid with readings ranging from -5 to +5. Wind chills will drop into the -5 to -15 range at times. This afternoon will feature highs in the teens for many, with a wind chill in the single digits across the northern half of the state.

A major winter storm develops across the southeast on Wednesday, bringing a snow threat from Florida to the Carolinas. That storm then rides up the east coast and may bring near blizzard conditions to the northeast. As that happens, northwesterly winds crank around here with arctic air returning Wednesday night and Thursday.

That northwesterly wind will likely touch off snow showers and a few snow squalls. The NAM is slowly beginning to pick up on a few of these…

With such frigid temps, it won’t take much moisture to produce snow, similar to what happened New Year’s Eve. Light accumulations will be possible during this time.

In addition to the snow showers, the wind chill numbers will tank once again. Lows Thursday morning are in the single digits, with wind chills well below zero…

Highs from Thursday through Saturday will likely stay in the teens for many areas, with overnight lows dropping toward zero or below Friday and Saturday. Wind chills will continue to run solidly below zero at times.

Overrunning moisture streams in here later Sunday into Monday and this can create a mess. In addition to the potential of a wintry mess falling from the skies, the ground and roads will be frozen solid. Even if air temps warm enough to allow some rain to fall, icy conditions can easily develop. We have seen this happen numerous times before and it can have significant impacts.

Behind that system, comes another surge of bitterly cold temps…

I will have updates later today, so check back. Help us out by posting the lowest temp from where you live!

Make it a good one and take care.

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65 Responses to An Incredible Stretch Of Bitter Cold

  1. Chris says:

    lowest temperature at my house in Telford, TN is so far 4.5 degrees above zero

  2. Teacher Nate says:

    -6 F in Fleming Co @2:30 am.

  3. Evan says:

    -1 In Cromwell, KY

  4. Dale Vickers says:

    0 in versailles ky

  5. Dr WX says:

    +1 degree here at Ol Docs abode. Doc mentioned a few days ago to watch for a big winter event developing in the deep South, well the ol tea leaves I see shows this coming to fruition later in the week. Again folks, this season will will be a memory maker for many years to come for Dixieland. As for us, doesn’t it remind you of the 76-77 winter of extended bitterly cold? Hmmm . Take care everyone and keep safe and warm….Doc Wx

  6. Snowbi One Kenobi says:

    -1 Floyd County, Indiana

  7. Beka Williamson says:

    0 in Saint Albans, WV

  8. Kristen Schmidlin says:

    It’s -5 here in Union, KY on Tuesday morning. My dogs wasted no time getting their business done and getting back inside.

  9. Joe Hedges says:

    -3 in Frankfort at 5 a.m.

  10. Mark says:

    -9 in Forest Park,Ohio Hamilton County right now currently.

  11. TeachLou says:

    -1 here in Louisville, KY at 5:37

  12. PattyVersailles says:

    0 at 5:50 in Versailles. According to my phone for what it’s worth.

  13. MR says:

    It’s -1 here in Richmond at 6:00 AM.

  14. Sherri says:

    -5 in Burlington, KY at 6:28 AM

  15. Tim says:

    -1 athens ohio, the the Sunday/Monday system they keep bumping the the temps up, looks like rain with a end in snow

  16. Paula Clark says:

    0 in Priceville, Ky…..Hart County

  17. Lucy says:

    -1 here in Floyd Co. IN. Moisture coming in on Sunday. Will it be cold still to snow?

  18. Retired says:

    -3 here in Hyden with no power. Check on your neighbors.

  19. Mike S says:

    -2 in Valley Station (SW Jefferson, KY)

  20. bgbecky says:

    2 degrees in BG! unbelievably cold!! and I discovered yesterday that cold like this will drain your phone battery almost immediately!! went outside for around 10-15 minutes to take some pictures and battery was completely dead afterwards!

  21. Sarah says:

    -6 in southern Fleming

  22. Rachel H says:

    -8 in Racine, Ohio at 6:30 this morning.

  23. M J says:

    -3 in Augusta, KY @ 0815!

  24. Lotsasnow says:

    Chris said the weekend storm would trend colder but models are trending warmer.

    • MarkS says:

      Oh, it’s gonna rain, no need for speculation…a cold rain at that.

    • Tim says:

      Yep they do have it warmer a couple days ago the the high was 34 for Monday and now they have it bumped up to 44

    • Rodger in Dodger says:

      That’s probably why Mr Bailey didn’t show any weekend maps. He’s still thinking they will get colder for a “mess” here but you can bet Mother Nature will kick us in the gut with a cold rain after all this wicked cold. Rodger in Dodger

  25. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    0 in Pikeville

  26. Allison says:

    -3 at 8:40 in Stamping Ground, KY! Brrrr!

  27. Deb says:

    -6 at 7am Independence Ky

  28. Andy Rose says:

    -4 Knox County

  29. Robin Howard says:

    0 in Wallins Creek in Harlan Co.

  30. PG says:

    Lowest was -2 here in Forkland, Boyle County.

  31. J. says:

    -2 just outside Evarts in Harlan County during the overnight hours.

  32. dave says:

    -6 in knox co. You only missed the low by 12-15 degrees, not bad, I have to admit, you are getting better Chris.

  33. Jason says:

    -3 in Raceland this morning at 7 am. That’s way too cold for me!

  34. Reenyinky says:

    Greenup County, near I 64 at exit 179..-3 degrees! If it’s gonna be cold, let’s have some snow! Thanks, Chris, for all you do for us “bloggers”!

  35. Mark says:

    -12 in Apple Grove, WV at 7:30 am

  36. Sandy says:

    -6 in Verona, KY

  37. SnowLover13 says:

    2 in Columbia, KY

  38. Bill L says:

    Where is our snow?

  39. Jessica says:

    -2 Greenup Co

  40. Sis says:

    -4 Meally Ky

  41. Jared says:

    -5 here in Lancaster this morning as the sun was rising!

  42. Bradc says:

    -1 this morning in my neck of the woods of knott county

  43. C in BG says:

    -5 early this morning, down in the valley, where I live.

  44. April R says:

    -4 in McKee, KY

  45. Matt says:

    That was the most inactive December I can recall in southeast ky. The only significant weather system we got the entire month was the Christmas weekend storm which dumped 2 in of rain. You know it’ll flip wet at some point, but right now I’m enjoying the nice dusty frozen ground..

    • Andy Rose says:

      We have been inactive for a few months.

    • BubbaG says:

      We really can only go by trends. Last winter was near zero total for most and the expected front loaded snow for the season appears missed as well. That is a steady trend with the models (overall) having no snow credibility for anything beyond a few days. It is what it is. Seems if we miss the outlook of extreme non-snowy type weather for the rest of winter, we probably should be thankful.

      BTW, anybody see WLEX’s new weather promo? Seems they are perhaps taking a stab at our main man, CB.

    • Farmer 43 says:

      Couldn’t agree more if it was summer we would’ve in at least severe drought if not extreme luckily I don’t grow much in winter

  46. Farmer 43 says:

    Custer ky Breckinridge co not a trace of snow on the ground-3 here this morning pretty impressive for no snow

  47. Snow says:

    -3 this morning in Flatwoods. I hope to see the squalls Wednesday night put down a nice accumulation here!

  48. Jackie Ellis says:

    -3 Paris, ky

  49. c-BIV says:

    Laughable that Florida is about to get its second snowfall in past 2 months.
    I just got back from Illinois where it was -20° with a wind chill of -39° and 9″ of snow on the ground. I Couldn’t start my car. That thing is used to having a garage over it. Let me tell you, this “bitterly” cold weather feels better on my body than 4 hours North of here!
    I’m beginning to wonder if we will even reach the 3.5″ of last year’s winter total.

  50. Rodger in Dodger says:

    Winter Storm Watch in northeastern Florida! SIGH!

    Rodger in Dodger

  51. Cristy says:

    -3 in McKee KY at 5:30 am.

  52. MarkLex says:

    -2 in Lexington this morning. UGH, Our power bills are going to be insane!

    I looked at the extended NWS forecast and 7 days from now they have an 80% chance of rain. Yes, they are that confident that far out. Anything can happen this winter though. Totally weird all this crazy cold with no snow.

    • C in BG says:

      Very weird. This Winter is just as snowless as last Winter, but it is the polar opposite (no pun intended) of last year. Too warm to snow, too cold to snow. Kentucky, especially Western and Southern, can`t seem to catch a break.

  53. Chris says:

    5:00 am this morning it was 0 in Cannonsburg (Boyd County)

  54. Jkl says:

    -8 Bridgetown ohio

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