Wednesday Afternoon Update

Good afternoon, folks. As a major winter storm blasts the southeast and turns into a blizzard by the time it reaches the northeast, we are watching an arctic front and snow showers moving into Kentucky. This front will reinforce our bitterly cold air, with a possible mess lurking by late in the weekend.

The short term models are beginning to pick up on the northwesterly flow snow showers from tonight through Thursday. Even though the models cannot fully capture the extent of the coverage, they have an idea…


Hi Res NAM

You will also notice the band of light snow streaking from the northwest by Thursday night and Friday. The models are finally seeing the little sneaky system. I’ve been showing you that on the upper level charts for several days now. That could very well bring a period of light snow and flurries across parts of the state to end the week on Friday.

For the short-term snow showers, I have no changes to my ideas…

A lot of the overnight and Thursday snow showers may not show up on radar, given the very low water content of the flakes. Here’s regional radar to track the action in from the northwest…

Bitterly cold temps crash back in for Thursday through Saturday. Lows will generally be from 0 to +10 on Thursday morning, then drop to -5 to +5 by Friday and Saturday. Wind chills during this time will be solidly below zero and into the danger category.

Our late weekend system is likely to create travel issues across the region. The GFS has come in on the colder side, taking the low just to our south. That brings a messy mix of precipitation…


Freezing rain

Let me once again talk about the frozen ground. It does not matter what type of precipitation us actually falling from the sky, you can get icy roads to develop because of the cold ground temp. The low-level cold air is going to be tough to move out to begin with, but even if temps do go above freezing, the ground won’t

I will have an update on WKYT starting at 4pm and back here on KWC later this evening. Make it a good one and take care.

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18 Responses to Wednesday Afternoon Update

  1. Andy Rose says:

    Almost at the freezing mark in Knox County

    • BubbaG says:

      Kentucky went from a dome this winter to a raised snow median, splitting snow north and south of us. That then probably collapses later this winter just in time for non snow extreme events for Kentucky. CB and other mets winter outlooks noted the potential of this, so not me guessing. Just wish they would get the snow part right instead.

    • TennMark says:

      I left the office around mid-afternoon; the sunshine and 35 degree temperature felt warm! (Nashville dropped to five degrees Tuesday morning).

  2. Zach says:

    Aaand West KY will continuously be left out of anything…. we haven’t even had flurries here in Paducah yet.

  3. Brian says:

    I dislike the pink on the forecast maps. I hope something changes by then.

  4. BengalFan says:

    I think I’m really going to have to change my handle on this blog…BengalFan(are you serious, a chance for a new start and you decide to give Marvin Lewis a 2 year extension).
    It would be like us snowfans wanting it to snow for 15 years and it never did and then say , you no what, lets have another 2 years without it snowing. That business decision is smart, less money, less hastle, give the snow(wins) to another team…See Jacksonville is getting the playoffs and SNOW! This is Crazy!

  5. Feederband says:

    If only the Euro pans out CB. There will be some happy people and school closings.

  6. MarkLex says:

    I have a question: It may seem dumb, maybe not. I don’t know.

    Anyway – if you have two locations. One location, the actual temp is -9. The other location the actual temp is 4 F, but with a windchill of -9. Does the fact that one location has wind, but the other has no winds equal the same threat or is one threat worse because there is wind involved vs no wind, even though it’s the same feel like temp for both?

    • msd87 says:

      Not certain, but I would guess that the rate of heat dissipating from the body would be the same in both instances (that’s basically what the formula is designed to mimic), so from a frostbite perspective, there shouldn’t be a difference.

    • Dr WX says:

      Mark if I remember correctly from my collage courses so long ago relating to a person out doors In a low wind condition aka 0mph avery small layer of warmth will incircle your skin ( much like the astronauts experience in space their body’s are surrounded by a layer of warmth in a no wind senerio) when the wind is blowing that layer is dissipated rapidly and thus exposed to the true ambient temperature. And if it’s very cold first bite will nail ya quickly….Doc

      • AC says:

        Good question.

        Not sure about frostbite, but sunburn in cold, windy weather is a threat with higher wind speeds—sunshine or not.

  7. BengalFan says:

    Radar shows snow in richmond. But…..

  8. Oh Hail No! says:

    It’s all been virga in Covington. Nothing on radar reaching the ground in first two waves. Humidity below 60% still. Maybe once temp drops another 5 to 10 degrees…

  9. AC says:

    Chris has a forecasted low of -2 on Saturday, and 15 on Sunday. Add that to the pool of frigid temps we’ve had for the past 14 days or so, and this storm coming in on the weekend is going to be a mess. The ground is simply not going to warm up, especially with forecasted highs being so marginal for liquid precipitation. I really do not think we’re going to get anywhere close to 40; which is what we need to really minimize a threat of frozen precipitation forming on the ground.

  10. TeachLou says:

    The WC saying that Louisville will reach 40 on Sunday. I don’t see that happening?

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