Thursday Evening Thoughts

Good evening, folks. Bitterly cold temps and a few snow showers continue across the bluegrass state. While we deal with the bitter cold, it’s time to focus more on a couple of winter weather makers coming  over the next week or so.

I have no changes on the bitter cold and the snow showers. You can see my thoughts on that in the prior update.

The Sunday/Monday system continues to look very messy across our region, with a definite colder trend on the models showing up. I think that trend continues, leading to a wintry mess falling from the skies.

The European Model continues to show all modes of precipitation…

With the models likely being just a little too warm, the frozen stuff may end up showing up stronger and stronger in the coming days. With a frozen ground, icy travel is a good possibility regardless of precipitation type.

A brief moderation in temps will show up by Wednesday or early Thursday, but the models are all showing another arctic front moving in, with a storm developing along it. Here’s the European…

The GFS…

It’s been a while since we have had that type of a setup around here, so I guess you can say we are overdue. 😉

I leave you with your evening tracking toys…


Hamburg Area from WKYT Studio

Fifth Third Pavilion Live Cam
Downtown Lexington

I-275 approaching KY 20/Airport
Near Covington
I-275 East of KY 20/Airport Exit

I-71/I-75 at Buttermilk Pike
Near Covington
I-71/I-75 @ Buttermilk Pike

I-71/I-75 at 12th St.
I-71/I-75 @ 12th St. in Covington

US 60 @ US 127
US60 @ US127

Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Broadway
Downtown Louisville @ 2nd & Broadway

I-64 at KY-801
Near Morehead




Have a great evening and take care.

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24 Responses to Thursday Evening Thoughts

  1. Rodger in Dodger says:

    We can all hope! Rodger in Dodger

  2. Farmer 43 says:

    I know we can’t control the weather and thank goodness for that but it sure seems like it would have to be our turn soon hate that we’ve wasted all this cold air on high energy bills and frozen pipes one thing is for sure no one should be able to complain about cloudy gloomy winter days this is one if not the driest winters I remember and sunny day after day maybe we’ll get some snow soon it’s been pitiful so far here in nw ky

  3. Jim Hamm says:

    The “next” system for late next week is way too far off to really focus on at this time. We all know that the models will do some flipping and flopping, and adjusting in the days ahead. This weekend still has a great potential to be a monumental bust, as the models can quickly be warmer…heck, the actual temps can be warmer and leave us with rain on frozen ground, leading to some slick roads and that is about it. The extreme cold of the next couple of days is the real deal. In the meantime, my sister in East Texas has had more snow this year than us.

  4. which way is the wind blowing says:

    The way I judge winter is by my phrase Snow or Bust.
    I am not interested in ice storms.
    I can live with a few days of extreme cold if there is snow laying on the ground.
    This winter is actually worst than last year so far.

    • Jimbo says:

      I agree, Last year I had about 5 inches of total snow. So far this year just slightly over an inch. I think that this year will be less than last year. Especially if all we have to rely on is these pitiful little clippers. If we got a dozen more of them like we have already had it wouldn’t add up to 5 inches. Only way I exceed last years total is for one storm to dump 4 or 5 inches. I don’t see a large number of 2 to 3 inch snowfalls in our future to add up.

    • Bjenks says:

      If it we were in deep February I would say the same. At lest last year it was pretty warm all winter. This year we have the cold in place and no precip. That really sucks!!! The good thing is that winter just started. We have plenty of time to get a good snow storm.

  5. Troy says:

    You know its a sad state of affairs for snow lovers when Chris’ posts include “tracking toys” for random flurries…

  6. Ruth says:

    I had a feeling something was going to be lurking behind this warm up. The local mets in Central West Virginia are saying we could see temps near 60 degrees by Thursday. In the winter,around here it never gets that warm without some sort of catch behind it.

    • Terry says:

      Except last year…..warm never lead to anything but an early spring last year….big difference this year in the temp department!

  7. JJTeach says:

    PLEASE let next week be the week that we can finally break this snow streak and many central KY school districts get their first snow day! I’m crossing my fingers so hard it hurts.

  8. Msd says:

    This blog is one huge vent fest tonight. I like that. Meanwhile we are all still learning weather, thanks to Chris. Hope things turn around next week.

  9. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Life without snow is still life. It could be much worse. I’m not going to complaim or throw shade at CB over it.

  10. SK says:

    I know we are all here to talk weather and most of us would love to see some decent snows… but the negativity around here is ridiculous. Get a grip, people. Tomorrow I will be at a funeral of a dear friend who died way too young and left a family behind. Life is precious. Weather is… weather. If snow means that much to you, perhaps you should consider living somewhere else because while we’ve lucked out some winters, the area isn’t exactly known for snowy winters.

  11. Bobt says:

    Looking forward to a warm up. Unlike most of Kentucky the dome still lives in much of SE Kentucky. I will trade out the high power bills and no snow for warmer weather. We are just going to have to come to the conclusion that we are the midpoint for winter weather. Georgia gets as much snow as SE Kentucky.

  12. Cold Rain says:

    Jesus lord have mercy mother of god..What an ice storm..Oh wait i forget that’s next weekend..carry on..

    • Mike S says:

      I don’t see anywhere that says ice storm, but possible light ice accumulation for some this weekend. Don’t blame God for the weather or lightning may strike with your ice accumulation…lol.

  13. Lucy says:

    Snow will come. Patience, not grumbling.

  14. TeachLou says:

    Thanks for the updates CB. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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