Monday Afternoon Winter Thoughts

Good afternoon, folks. We continue to track a cold front across Kentucky, bringing an increase in snow showers to the region. This is the opening act of what should be another prolonged period of winter weather.

As the cold front sweeps east today, temps drop in a hurry. Snow showers will then kick in behind the boundary, with light accumulations possible into tonight, especially across the east. A Winter Weather Advisory is our for far southeastern parts of the state. An inch or so is possible in these areas.

Track away…

Watch for some slick spots on area roads later tonight and early Tuesday.

The end of the week system continues to get pushed by another system quickly moving in behind it for the weekend.

Rain develops on Thursday, with a transition to snow before the precipitation quickly moves away. Here’s the Canadian…

The GFS is similar…

Given the very quick movement of that system, light accumulations may be as good as it gets. Obviously, if it slows down, then accumulations with that will be higher.

The “push” comes from this system coming in as early as Saturday night…

That would make for a rather snowy Super Bowl Sunday in our part of the world.

From there, the pattern appears to be heading toward one that COULD lock us into a cold and snowy February…

Watch the arctic shots rotating in here through the middle of the month…

I will have another update this evening. Take care.

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43 Responses to Monday Afternoon Winter Thoughts

  1. Coffeelady says:

    Thank you Chris. Just hope to see some snow ( one really good one). If it comes, i’ll be happy and if not, we’ll thats ok too. Have a good afternoon everyone.

  2. Jirvin1120 says:

    Isn’t the system coming in on Sunday just a Clipper system? The small front coming thru on Thursday should grow up and tell the fast moving clipper that it is in charge! lol

  3. MarkS says:

    The Swedish model should be out soon haha

  4. Lotsasnow says:

    Ya that Egyptian model looks promising

  5. BubbaG says:

    The German Icon calls all of those models littul gurly menn. 🙂

  6. Elvis says:

    And just like that the Thursday system that has been discussed on this site for at least a week is nothing more than an “ankle biter”

  7. Cameron says:

    The real question is, are the Laurel county schools gonna be cancelled?

  8. nasdaq says:

    Euro sticking to its guns, shows decent snow for SE KY

  9. bgbecky says:

    These recent posts are reminding me of December. Problem in December.. There wasn’t enough cold air in place! That’s why a couple weeks ago we ended up with accumulation.. It was COLD! If it’s not going to get cold I don’t think these rain to snow systems are going to be much to write home about!

  10. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris for the updates on the possibility of a snow event at the end of the week. Isn’t there any other way to tell what these weather systems are going to achieve this far out ? I remember years and years ago the meteorologist would only issue a two day forecast, but that wouldn’t work in today’s world. I feel sorry for you, with all the hard work and then nothing pans out. I guess it’s nothing more than to wait for the next weather model runs and to see if they ever come in agreement. It seems very stressful, but I wouldn’t let it get to me. Take care

    • BengalFan says:

      The 2 day forecast should work…because otherwise it’s guessing(an expensive educated guess, but still a guess)!

    • Schroeder says:

      Moderate snow here in Taylor County last two hours. Maybe this is a sign that something is brewing for later in the week.

  11. Jimbo says:

    Just a bunch of week away possibilities that fade. The December trend might be revived. Also none of the forecasters in WV are predicting any artic air just one 35 degree day followed by a couple in the 50’s. Same old same old.

    • Stormtracker_WV says:

      Jimbo, have you noticed the NWS Charleston’s radar hasn’t differentiated between rain or snow for over 2 years now? It used to show rains as green and then of course, yellow, orange, and red the heavier it got–mix of icy precip was shades of pink, then snow was blue…I don’t think they’ve been doing this lately–it’s confusing as can be, I have to go to Intellicast or elsewhere just to see if it’s raining or snowing (if I’m at work or something and can’t look out the window)!

      • Jimbo says:

        The NWS radar is bad. I don’t look at it anymore. All precip is green and all the ground clutter makes it unwatchable.

      • Mike S says:

        Why can’t you use an interactive radar such as from WSAZ? My interactive radar out of Louisville works just fine, even shows Charleston area. Sometimes cannot differentiate between sleet and snow.

    • Rodger in Dodger says:

      Mr Bailey isn’t the only met saying Feb will be very cold. Rodger barely pays attention to any National Weather Service sites now. Rodger in Dodger

  12. C in BG says:

    The German Model (ICON) continues to put a decent 1″-4″ across most of KY. I guess we will see how well the new model performs.

  13. Terry says:

    It really is sad for THURSDAY/FRIDAY Storm as we went from GFS losing the storm (like it normally does) to less than 24 hours later having almost all models agreeing on a flat solution. I still think the models might be wrong today with not showing at least a surface low development as it moves past KY. Regardless…it STINKS!!!

  14. Justin says:

    well, it will either make up for it Sat night or sun or gfs will lose that one too. Models don’t make the weather… so, if it does amount to what it is showing now, the gfs was the first one to pick up on it. Thing that drives me crazy is- especially the gfs- is notorious for showing these healthy systems that end up having to be scaled back by the machine 4 or 5 days before they happen. I wish they were programmed to keep things on the lighter side until they’re sure it’s gonna be a done deal and then blow it up if they have to.

    • Lucy says:

      That’s funny, yet true. Just let us know if it’s going to be big-lol. However, then we do miss out on watching the progression, even if it does not go how we want. Hoping for a big storm soon. By big, my children say at least ten inches.

  15. rich says:

    It has been quite sometime, since we have received at least 10 inches of snow. I would love to experience another blizzard like we had in 1978. BOTS!!

  16. Justin says:

    last time it snowed ten inches down here in Lewis Co TN it was 1985. It just doesn’t do that here. Takes one more freak of a storm. That 2 inches we got the other day was the best one we’ve had in years. lol

  17. MelT says:

    I thank those puters done lost their minds! LOL

  18. Cold Rain says:

    Look like some good snow bands in parts of Eastern Ky..

  19. Bradc says:

    Coming down pretty good here in knott county ground is white

  20. Ecmwf says:

    Pretty snow here in Eastern KY Been snowing at 33 Prob have 1/2 inch of slushy wet Sniw. Just now laying on roadway edges

  21. Bob says:

    Weather nation has no snow over Ky. for Friday whatsoever.

  22. Ruth says:

    Chris hasn’t updated. Is that a bad sign regarding the Thursday – Friday system?

  23. JJTeach says:

    So, I’m a little depressed about no evening update from Chris…

  24. Bob says:

    No school in Knott County. At least 2 inches in my part of the county.

  25. Troy says:

    Its a sad day with all those Tweets in Chris’ feed… mostly pictures of dustings. lol

  26. Jared from Letcher County says:

    Around 2 1/2 inches here so far, looks like a little bit of an overachiever?

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