Groundhog Day Update

Good afternoon, everyone. Bluegrass Bubba says we have six more weeks of winter on the way to the bluegrass state, and his long lost cousin, Phil, agreed. The not so furry forecaster known as your friendly weatherdude, reluctantly agrees. 🙁

Today is absolutely Frigid as the temps are busting the models in a huge way. Many of us are struggling to get into the 20s… Even with sunshine.

Our weekend system continues to look like a snow, to rain, then back to snow system from Saturday night through Sunday night.

The Hi Res NAM only goes through Sunday evening, but shows this setup very well…

The snowfall from that setup…

The “normal” run of the NAM is similar to what you see above.

The GFS is also signing a similar tune, but appears to be overshooting the Saturday night temps…

The Canadian is much colder, but with less precipitation…

My thoughts:

  • Snow and a mix move in Saturday night, with accumulations a good bet into Sunday morning.
  • A stripe of 2″+ snows is going to show up, but I haven’t pinpointed where just yet. Surrounding that could be lots of 1″-2″ amounts.
  • Temps rise Sunday afternoon as the precipitation tapers off to light rain.
  • Another system dives in from the northwest, with a band of light snow that lasts into Monday morning. Some light accumulations are possible with this.

Beyond all this… Another storm takes aim at us Tuesday into Wednesday. I think this storm may put the rain/snow dividing line right on top of Kentucky.



Another system will follow that up by next weekend. There’s no shortage of winter weather threats in the pattern we stuck in through the middle of the month, at least.

I will have the latest on all this on WKYT-TV starting at 4pm. Another update comes your way this evening. Take care.

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16 Responses to Groundhog Day Update

  1. Admiral Ackbar says:

    Rogue Squadron, weather complaints are incoming! Execute evasive maneuvers, quickly! The barrage of whining from winter weather obsessed individuals is the most that this fleet has seen. Jump to hyperspace!

  2. Andy Rose says:

    We it will be good to see some rain. It has been rather dry in my area compared to normal.

  3. Bobt says:

    Glad that nothing major is showing up on the models. They have not been very good even one day out this winter, so I want have to watch for the next missed storm coming this way. Two weeks from now and it will be around 50 for average day time highs in southern Kentucky. Warmer days are coming. Daylight hours are getting longer. Signs of spring will be coming soon. Can’t wait.

  4. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Cant we just get theses things to gang up and hit all at once with one BIG snow, and them they can move back north and we will move into spring! Well I should be pleased, as I have to come to Lexvegas on Tuesday for a test at the E N T. Sine I was on a waiting list, I would like to keep that one. Looking forward to whatever the weekend brings.

  5. Russell says:

    Well at least west ky had one good snow

  6. Lotsasnow says:

    Mets here say next weeks storm will have the rain snow line north all the way up central ohio

  7. JimCVG says:

    Thanks Chris. I enjoy the way in which you share the model runs on this post.

  8. Cold Rain says:

    Euro looks better for Eastern Ky this weekend..Not a ton but better than nothing..Is it right..Probably not the way things have been going.

  9. BengalFan says:

    the phrase “Winter Weather Maker” is finger nails on a chalkboard for me.

  10. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Looks like another disappointing mess for eastern KY thanks Chris for all you do spring will be here shortly.

  11. MarkS says:

    Uhh, did I miss something?? A few days ago it was Feb weather was gonna be similar to what we had in Jan, artic trough digging in and what not…..all we see coming now is 40 degree temps, and cold rains

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