Wednesday Evening Update

Good evening, folks. We continue to say goodbye to this latest round of winter weather, with some much better stuff on the way for the next few days. Unfortunately, this won’t last into the upcoming weekend, with more ugly conditions ahead.

Skies will stay partly cloudy for our Thursday with highs in the upper 30s and low 40s.

Friday continues to look like a winner of a weather day with a mix of sun and clouds and highs flirting with 60 in some areas…

That’s ahead of a rainy system moving in for Saturday as temps flirt with the 50 degree mark. Locally heavy rains are possible across the southeast.

Much colder air then filters in on Sunday, as temps crash to freezing or below from west to east…

That sets the stage for rain to a bit of a wintry mix…

As of now, this doesn’t look like a huge deal.

I’m seeing a lot of back and forth in the temperature pattern over the next few weeks, and that should make for an active storm track in our region. While this can bring additional winter weather threats, it’s also loaded with mostire. Here’s the two week precipitation forecast from the GFS…

Have a great evening and take care.

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36 Responses to Wednesday Evening Update

  1. Andy Rose says:

    Maybe something other than rain will fall for southern KY

  2. Admiral Ackbar says:

    We be makin’ it rain up in hurr.

  3. Jared from Letcher County says:

    Rivers and streams are already running above normal here, wouldn’t take much more rain to cause some flooding issues.

  4. Bjenks says:

    Looks like more of the same the next week or so. The cold and snow will return though.

  5. LeeAnnie says:

    Blech! Cold rain or colder rain. That’s our choices…….( insert eye roll )

    • Admiral Ackbar says:

      Folks, I have identified another complainer who actually rolls her eyes whenever the weather does not do what she thinks it will do. What a true spectacle.

      • JGillz says:

        I’m all for some good ole’ fashioned sarcasm, but not when it’s insulting someone who hasn’t done anything to warrant. It’s surprising to find a troll on a weather blog.

        • Admiral Ackbar says:

          I was not being sarcastic… I am pretty open on this blog. Yeah, we have people that “roll their eyes” whenever the forecast does not pan out the way that they would like. Bizarre.

  6. Lord Helmet says:

    Greetings all, looking for our missing space ball science officer…I can’t see a thing in this snow dome. He likes to pretend to be from other universes. Looks like interesting weather with all the precipation…stay safe everyone…oh and may the swartz be with you.

    • Admiral Ackbar says:

      This guy sounds like the type of guy who would use “1-2-3-4-5” as his briefcase code.

      • Lord Helmet says:

        Not at all…never use a briefcase…type of guy who could change all your security codes though…just here for Chris’ insight for the exciting weather regardless if it’s so called ‘boring’

        • Admiral Ackbar says:

          Welcome, Lord Helmet. It is good to see another fellow weather lover who is here for the in depth analysis and discussion.

  7. Snowbi One Kenobi says:

    What happen to the possible memorable February wintry pattern???

    • Admiral Ackbar says:

      In Chris’ defense, he did make that prediction about two weeks into January. Models have trouble predicting snow from 12 hours out from the targeted time of impact; expecting Chris to make accurate predictions about an entire month of weather is a bit much.

      • Jeff Hamlin says:

        Some look for any reason to take subtle jabs at Chris.

        • BengalFan says:

          I don’t know Snowbi”s intent, but I really would like for Chris to explain…is it as simple as the southern winds a lot stronger than the northern?

          • Admiral Ackbar says:

            Chris does not owe us anything. He operates this blog on top of his WKYT obligations. The man updates this blog at 2:00 am in the morning for Chris’ sake, but you still want him to explain why a guess over one month out from an event did not pan out, pal? Your hubris is somewhat admirable.

            • BengalFan says:

              Of course he doesn’t owe us anything. I love this blog(and have for a long time) and Chris does a Great job! That’s why I just asked his thoughts…
              because I don’t know (I can guess). But I can’t guess why you are trying to put people in their place.

          • Snowbi One Kenobi says:

            My comments weren’t meant to be snide. Like you, I also just want to understand the science side of what happened to the cold/winter weather.

        • Bobt says:

          That was a legit question. No need to police the blog. If CB has a problem with it let him address it. If February turns out to be a dud, it would be interesting to know what type of signs the maps where showing early and what was the influence that caused it to go another way? Cold and snowy early February was talked about by many just a few weeks out. What didn’t happen to make it turn from severe cold to near normal temps?

        • Admiral Ackbar says:

          Subtle? These guys are completely lacking in the “subtle” department. They complain about Chris, but then they keep coming back. Bottom line, these users are masochists.

          • Lord Helmet says:

            mmm…kettle calling the pot black…

            • Admiral Ackbar says:

              When did I ever claim to not be subtle? Your posts that follow me around confuse me, Lord Helmet. You seem to exist entirely to ensure that you complain about all of my posts. I have never felt so influential on someone’s life since the day that I left the womb. Cheers.

  8. Virgil says:


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