Tracking Another Active Weather Day

Good Saturday, everybody. Another storm system is working across the state. bringing the potential for additional high water issues and some winter weather. This continues to be part of a very active setup that will throw a lot more rain our way over the next few weeks.

A Flood Watch is out across southeastern Kentucky, where a general inch or two of rain may fall. This can cause additional high water issues to develop through the evening hours. Here are your trackers…

The northern edge of the rain shield has a chance to be in frozen form, with some slushy wet snows showing up. The best chance will be for areas north of Interstate 64…

Temps are marginal for snow to fall, let alone stick, but we will have to watch the snow rates… If it does snow.

This system zips through here quickly, leaving us alone by the middle of the evening. That sets the stage for much better weather moving in on Sunday. A mix of sun and clouds will boost temps deep into the 50s.

As even warmer air surges in Sunday night and early Monday, a few showers and thunderstorms will work across Kentucky…

That introduces a VERY warm setup for the first half of next week. Daytime highs can easily reach the 70s on more than one occasion. I wouldn’t be shocked to see an 80 degree day.  It will also bring rounds of showers and thunderstorms our way from southwest to northeast across the region.

High water issues are very possible into next week, with the initial threat area being across the western half of the state, the focusing farther east later in the week.

I will have updates later today, so check back. Make it a great Saturday and take care.

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18 Responses to Tracking Another Active Weather Day

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    I love the 80s!

  2. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Well at lest we are getting s short break tonight into tomorrow night. Might as well drag out the raincoats and boots and have them ready. Have a great Saturday everyone.

  3. Mike S says:

    Absolutely pouring large snowflakes here in Valley Station. Amazing sight! 37.6 degrees.

  4. LOUsnolover says:

    Pouring snow here in Eastwood (LOU) right now, beautiful!!!

  5. Schroeder says:

    Very cold miserable rain. Thirty five degrees. Must have warm air aloft. In the past I’ve seen heavy wet accumulating snow at a temperatures between thirty and thirty five degrees. Must be chem trails spraying raising the temperatures aloft ? Just a thought.

  6. Lucy says:

    Lovely large snowflakes here in Floyd County, IN.

  7. Mike S says:

    Temp has dropped to 34; snow is overcoming warm ground, sticking to my snowboard with accumulation now up to 0.2″ but rapidly gaining momentum with such large flakes.

  8. Justin says:

    Getting a rain sleet mix here in Northern Pulaski right now

  9. Virgil says:


  10. feederband says:

    Cars having problems on I-64 between Simpsonville and Shelbyville.

  11. Allen says:

    And rain, rain, rain in Lexington. Snow looks so close!

  12. Allen says:

    Snow so close to Lexington.

  13. Allen says:

    And yet so far

  14. Mike S says:

    Now getting a rain snow mix in Valley Station. Temp had dropped to 33 with slick slush on my porch and sidewalk and accumulation of 0.4″ on my snowboard. Can’t rule out additional accumulation but melting should be able to overcome the lighter snow intensity.

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