Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

Good afternoon, everyone. We are wrapping up the weekend on a very nice note out there with sun shine and temps heading into the 50s. The temperature trend for the next few days could be record setting, with a surge of April temps. Then, the rains set in.

Warmer moves in from the south tonight and will be accompanied by a few showers and thunderstorms. Once the warm front lifts to our north, temps take off with upper 60s and low 70s for highs on Monday. Winds will also crank during this time.

Tuesday is when record and all time February record highs may be challenged. Highs can hit 80 degrees in much of the state, as southwesterly winds continue to blow. Wow.

Showers and storms then increase from west to east Tuesday night through Thursday…

Those could be some very slow-movers, delivering several inches of rain on their own. The flood risk will ramp up during this time.

Additional waves of showers and storms will continue to target the region from late week into next weekend…

All modes of flooding are possible from Wednesday through next weekend. River flooding may continue to be an issue, and could turn into a much bigger issue.

The rounds of showers and storms may persist into the following week, which would not be a good thing.

What we are dealing with is a false start to spring, and I worry about the March pattern throwing more winter weather our way. Severe blocking is being forecast to develop, leading to a cold pattern trying to envelope much of the nation. This is even showing up on the Ensembles for early March…

No thanks. #teamspring

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and take care.

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22 Responses to Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

  1. jacob liford says:

    Hey Chris, you need a break. It’s Sunday!!

  2. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. I agree. If Spring is gonna tease us like this, it may as well stay! But with some beautiful days, like today. If today were 15-30 degrees warmer right now, it would be perfect! As for snow and cold in March, I’ve seen it happen…. with big snows. So I guess we will see….good afternoon to everyone.

  3. Schroeder says:

    As nice as it is today, I would rather have a foot of snow on the ground and a Temperature of 20 degrees. By the way it’s still winter. I hope that March and April are colder than normal, then the plant life wont freeze. I hate when that happens. Here’s hoping that the current warm spell doesn’t last long enough to bring the plant life out of dormancy.

  4. Jimbo says:

    If blocking does materialize, leading to a more Winter look. The average daily temps are rising quickly everyday. Which more than likely would only lead to more 35 to 40 degree rains.

  5. Troy says:

    I certainly hope that a return of winter does NOT occur, even if it meant the possibility of a smack down snow for everyone (which it doesn’t). At this point I think I can safely a*sume that most of us are over this misery that has been this winter season. I for one am ready for this upcoming Tuesdays weather to be the norm again….dry, warm, and sunny.

  6. Formerly from KY says:

    As for me in Northwestern Pennsylvania where I am we’ve had over 8′ of snow, I would welcome and early spring but that would be wishful thinking as we are heading into our second half lake effect snow season as Lake Erie ice is melting.

  7. Bjenks says:

    So two winters and two springs for 2018. March may just bring some decent snows for the Ohio Valley even with average temps on the rise. That looks like some heck of some blocking and major east coast trough.

  8. Xhayden20 says:

    Just saying the major snow we had 3 years ago was in mid march.. anything can happen mother nature is so surprising sometimes. Chris your my favorite weather man I’m new to comment but I see your posts daily and you nail it!! I’m ready for spring as well hopefully that rain hold off we need a break!!

  9. SHAAK says:

    What happened to Admiral Troll?

  10. Crystal In Pikeville says:

    Chris I am with you too #teamspring

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