More Flooding Possible Tonight and Friday

Good evening, everyone. Another round of heavy rain and thunderstorms will roll across Kentucky tonight and Friday, bringing a significant flood threat. This is very concerning, because many of the hard hit areas of this morning could be hit again.

Here’s a look at the overnight and Friday flood threat…

Rainfall numbers of 1″-4″ may show up during this time. PLEASE stay alert to the possibility of significant flooding overnight and Friday.

Additional rounds of showers and storms move in Saturday into Saturday night, with the potential for more significant flooding and severe thunderstorms.

In addition to the general flooding and flash flooding, river flooding is going to become a major issue. The current forecasts along the Ohio River continue to climb. At Louisville, the Ohio is forecast to reach the 10th highest mark on record…

AThe Ohio River at Cincinnati is also forecast to reach deep into the moderate stage…

A top 10 crest is now expected at Greenup…

Ashland sill crest higher than the recent crest…

I will update things tonight, so check back. Make it a good one and take care.

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6 Responses to More Flooding Possible Tonight and Friday

  1. Terry says:

    The Euro has done a great job with the rainfall with basically nothing here in Harlan this week; this is good as we are not as saturated here. We still are over the 10 inch mark for the month, however.

    • Andy Rose says:

      I did get a small amount of rain this morning 0.14

      • Terry says:

        I am glad for people that are affected around our area. We may still have some issues late Saturday but not looking like a big deal around here compared to areas ti our NW.

        As I have mentioned before a long while back, I really don’t consider far SE KY as in the Ohio Valley. I am about 200 SE of the Ohio River with much different weather overall. We simply do not have the same weather here, specifically from major storm systems that track along the river valley…..this goes for both rain and snow systems!

  2. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. We have been blessed this week in our part of the state. Had a chance in southern and southeastern Ky to dry out a bit. I am very concerned about all of the folks in central and western Ky and along the Ohio and Kentucky Rivers, and even along the Cumberland again before all is said and done. Please pay attention to Chris and to the local forecasts and conditions… stay safe and dry weather friends.

  3. Julie says:

    Thanks Chris for all your hard work! I live in southeastern Ohio and our local forecaster did not predict flooding potential last night at all. The prediction given for tonight is mist and possibly a scattered shower. I saw your tweet of future radars last night so I was prepared. l shared your map of concern for flooding potential tonight! Thank you for staying on top of everything and keeping us informed!

  4. LOUTeach says:

    Thanks for the updates CB. Going to get interesting around here with over saturated ground, rising rivers and creeks and the expectation for several more inches of rain coming mixed with potential for severe weather. If we have high winds with severe weather and the heavy rains I see trees coming down, and power loss chances increasing. Not looking forward to what this next round may bring to my area.

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