Winter Storm THREAT Sunday Night

Good evening, everyone. Let’s go ahead and upgrade to a Winter Storm THREAT for late Sunday into Sunday night. For those new to the game. this is a heads up to the POTENTIAL of 4″ or more of snow falling in parts of our region. If confidence increases, we go to an Alert. If confidence decreases, we scrap the Threat and go along our merry way. 🙂

Here’s my current area of concern along with some thoughts…

Pay attention to the headlines, folks. 😉

I’ve said all week that I was worried about getting to Saturday and seeing the models all start to shift north with our storm system. Sure enough, the infamous north/northwest trend is with us.

The GFS has been the ONLY model that stayed the course on the farther north and west track. It continues to show that now, but has a lot of newfound friends.

Here’s the latest GFS…

Here’s the snowfall forecast from that run…

The NAM is a healthy hit…

Here’s the snowfall output from that particular run. THIS IS ONLY A MODEL FORECAST…

The Hi Res NAM offers up a similar solution…

The European Model continues to trend north and stronger…

The late afternoon short range version of the Canadian Model has jumped into the snow mix…

That same model had nothing of note on the run from 6 hours earlier.

I will throw you a rare 4th update later this evening. Make it a good one and take care.

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12 Responses to Winter Storm THREAT Sunday Night

  1. Terry says:

    Still too early but very sad look for far SE KY yet again….likely too warm with little or nothing south of Hal Roger’s….mhhhh

  2. nasdaq says:

    If the track is 50 miles south or north, it’s a huge difference because the band is narrow. If I had to guess, I’d say about 30 miles north of the border to about 100 miles north.

  3. BubbaG says:

    My guess is more south and east for the main snow. Last night was mainly a miss so the models are not exactly very reliable within hours even, and that is being nice.

  4. Teacher T says:

    No snow birds in yard yesterday, but snow birds in yard today! We’ll see if they’re right!

  5. Vicki Ingle says:

    Thank you for this snow or not you are honest about it thank you

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