Thursday Evening Thoughts

Good evening, folks. Today’s surge of nice weather is just what the weather doctor ordered. How long can we keep this rolling? The simple answer is… Not much longer. Old Man Winter is not going quietly into the night. Wah Wah!

The system rolling in here for Friday and Saturday continues to slow down just a bit. That should give us some bonus dry weather across the central and east on Friday. Showers and some thunderstorms will rumble into the west, and those roll across the rest of the state into Saturday…

There’s an outside chance for a strong storm to pop along and ahead of that low. That same low will also bring a healthy temperature gradient from north to south. The farther south and west, the milder those temps will be through Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, it looks like a pretty decent weather day, right now.

A strong southwesterly flow develops on Friday with temps having a shot at spiking to 70. This is ahead of a more potent storm system, crossing the Ohio Valley. A few strong thunderstorms may be noted ahead of this, with the potential for snow behind it by Tuesday and Wednesday…

That’s a lot of cold air surging back in here for the middle and end of next week…

We are likely to see this setup repeat itself a time or two before March is finished. True spring continues to be a pipe dream at the moment.

Enjoy the evening and take care.

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5 Responses to Thursday Evening Thoughts

  1. Mike S says:

    For the month of February, Indiana and Tennessee were among several states with all-time wettest (124 years) while Kentucky had its 3rd wettest.

    • Terry says:

      Probably about the wettest here in Harlan Co., IF it was based on a smaller geographical region instead of the entire state. The county monthly total ranged between 12 and 14.50 inches here for the month!

      • Mike S says:

        From the Midwest Regional Climate Center, they did say the wettest region of the Midwest was southeast Kentucky with more than 200 percent of normal.

  2. Virgil says:

    Im sick of cold….

  3. Chris Mercer says:

    I am good with this weather pattern. We had a big snow Monday, and it was gone fast! Today was great! The deeper we go into March and April and 50’s for highs will become much colder than normal. I’m good with 50’s and sun!

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