Thursday Evening Thoughts

Good evening, folks. The heavy rain train is slowly pulling out of the station, but it’s leaving behind a lot of water across our part of the world. Local flooding issues will be noted into the wee hours of the morning, then things slowly start to improve.

Even as things are improving, that doesn’t mean it’s all of a sudden going to become awesome around here. If anything, it’s a littler uglier over the next few weeks.

Before we get to all that, here are your tracking tools for the evening rains…

The weekend setup continues to look the same with two systems impacting the weather. One rolls in here late Saturday into early Sunday, with another late Sunday into early Monday. Combined these two can produce a half inch or so of rain for some…

This does NOT mean the weekend is a washout… Far from it. Much of the daylight hours on Saturday are pretty nice with temps running toward 60. Easter Sunday will also have several dry hours, but looks fairly chilly. As a matter of fact, the new GFS has it chilly enough for a swath of snow during the evening…

As spring and winter continue to fight it out, winter still holds the upper hand through the middle of April. That does NOT mean some days won’t produce spring temps and nice weather… They will. It means the overall pattern is skewed much colder than normal.

You can see that well on the GFS Ensembles…

With the battle going on, a lot of precipitation falls in our region. The bullseye continues to be on our region…

With the cold thrown into the mix, I don’t think we have seen our last snows flying. The GFS Ensembles agree…

That’s ugly for a lot of the country!

I will focus more on April and the spring setup with my late night post.

Enjoy your evening and take care.

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4 Responses to Thursday Evening Thoughts

  1. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Have you thought about just changing the date and reposting the same forecast? It seems to be like a record that gets stuck on the turntable and keeps playing the same part of the song over and over. 😉 No matter how to look at it, it looks ugly. Don’t think I am ever going to get to wear anything to work but boots to either keep my feet warm or keep them dry. ~Big Sigh~. Have a good evening everyone.

  2. Jeff Hamlin says:

    All patterns like this break down sooner or later.

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