Easter Weekend Snow Potential?

Good Friday, folks. Our Easter Weekend is off and running, with thoughts of spring dancing in our minds. While we will see some spring days ahead, true spring is still a ways away from getting started. The crazy pattern we have been stuck in for March looks to roll over into April. Blah.

Our Good Friday is starting on a damp note with chilly showers for many areas…

The rain will slowly decrease through the rest of the day. with temps only in the 40s for several spots, with the west doing much better.

Saturday continues to look good until late afternoon into the evening. Temps hit the 60s in the east, with 50s in the north and west, where clouds and showers move in quicker. That action works to the east and southeast into Easter Sunday morning.

The front then puts the brakes on, allowing for a wave of low of low pressure to develop along it and roll eastward. That allows precipitation to develop later in the afternoon and evening. The models are trending colder with this setup and are bringing the potential for a rain/snow mix or a period of light snow across the northern half of the state.

Here’s the GFS snowfall for Sunday night…

The Canadian has a similar look..

Temps will rebound quickly late Monday into Tuesday, ahead of another potent cold front. That ushers in showers and storms and a big temp drop…

For some time, there has been a signal for a potential winter weather maker showing up next weekend. The GFS has shown it, but can’t maintain it. The European Model has been showing it regularly, as has the Canadian…

If you feel like crying… Just go ahead and do it. 🙁 But, you can’t say I haven’t been warning you that winter was going to fight deep into April. 😉

If we take a look at April as a whole, the analogs are for colder than normal temps, and the seasonal models agree. Here’s the CFS for the month as a whole…

That’s pretty unreal to see temps forecast to be THAT far below normal. It’s a setup that is also VERY active and that carries us through early May. The CFS precipitation forecast shows our region taking the brunt of the action…

Ugh. I will update things again later today. Make it a good one and take care.

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8 Responses to Easter Weekend Snow Potential?

  1. Terry says:

    1st QTR Rainfall Results: Mother Nature 1, Drought Mongers 0!

  2. C-BIV says:

    Looks like Jeff Hamlin is still wrong….2 months running lol.

  3. Shawon says:

    A local met in Cincinnati posted a graphic last night that temperatures in April would be above average.

    He did not cite his source, unfortunately, but I’m guessing it was the April monthly outlook from the Climate Prediction Center.

  4. bhacker76 says:

    Ugh, ugh, ugh. This makes me so sad. It’s really going to mess up the spring season of Little League baseball.

    Time to book a trip to find the sun.

  5. BubbaG says:

    Looks like the potential slush fest is staying above the KY river. Winning! Just say No to slush.

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