A Busy Easter Weekend Of Weather

Good Saturday, everyone. We are putting the wraps on what has been an incredible month of March across Kentucky. It’s been a very cold month, with record setting snows and a lot of rain. As we get ready to flip the calendar to April on Easter Sunday, there isn’t a ton of change in the overall pattern.

This, obviously, spells bad news for spring lovers, as we have a while before we can get into true spring.

Let’s start with today’s weather then roll forward. Highs hit the mid and upper 60s in the east and southeast, with those numbers scaling back toward the north and west. That’s because another cold front is moving into this region, with clouds and showers increasing later this afternoon…

That action will then continue into tonight, as a cold front slows down on top of us. That can keep a few showers going in the south and southeast early Easter Sunday morning, but the big news comes later in the day. This is when a wave of low pressure develops and quickly rolls eastward along the front.

Rain and a swath of snow develops by evening and races eastward across Kentucky. The best chance for snow is across the northern half of the state…

Light, slushy accumulations will be possible, especially on grassy and elevated surfaces in the far north. Sigh. #teamwinter 🙁

Monday will find temps rebounding pretty quickly, but it comes with an ugly price. Showers will be on and off throughout the day, as a warm front lifts northward through the state. Temps will surge by Monday night and Tuesday. Highs on Tuesday may hit the 70s…

Don’t get used to it, a cold front wipes that out while you sleep Tuesday night. Showers and thunderstorms will be common, to go along with gusty winds…

That’s a major temp drop coming behind that front, with freezing temps showing up.

Another big storm system moves in late next week or next weekend and may unlock even colder air. This low temperature forecast is straight out of the heart of winter…

Yes, those are below zero numbers showing up in the upper Midwest. Once again… What the what is going on around here?

I will have updates later today, so check back. Enjoy the final day of March and take care.

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11 Responses to A Busy Easter Weekend Of Weather

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    April gonna April. :p

  2. Double A says:

    It’s all that global warming!

  3. Coffeelady says:

    Thsnks Chris. One word for this….U G L Y. It ain’t got no alibi, it’s just ugly! Gonna enjoy today and storecit in my mind to come back to next week. Have a great Saturday everyone.

  4. WeatherNerd says:

    Erratic weather over the past few years against climate normals. It rains for days on end nowadays with a sunny day occasionally. Typically it will rain every third or fourth day in southern IN, barring some huge storm system. The rumor has it we are going into a grand solar minimum, specifically the Eddy Minimum, I guess that is what is going on around here. The climate zone may shift 300 miles north if we are.

  5. Evan Hayon says:

    Backloaded winter would be an understatement

  6. Troy says:

    I continue to be thankful to live in the southern half of the state this Spring. Been a few chilly and rainy days so far but at least we aren’t getting these ridiculous snow chances the northern half are getting. Love snow but not at this point in the year.

  7. Terry says:

    I have noticed the AO is extremely negative at the moment with a slightly negative NAO. Good news is this : The blocking want last forever☺

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