Tracking The Stormy Setup

Good Friday, everyone. It’s another super windy and super warm day across the Commonwealth, but things are changing for the weekend. Rounds  of strong thunderstorms will roll in here, ushering in much colder air by later Sunday and Monday.

The setup for this weekend has been detailed here on the blog for more than a week, so I don’t have much more to add. But we can have a quick little review. 🙂

Highs today may hit 80 in many areas as southwesterly winds reach 40mph or greater. As a powerful plains system continues to strengthen, it throws a line of thunderstorms our way later tonight. Some of those storms may be strong or severe, especially in the west. Here’s the current Friday severe weather risk from the SPC…

After an early day line of storms weakens across the state, we may break out into partly sunny skies. That won’t last long with additional rounds of showers and storms going up during the evening into Saturday night. Some of those may also become strong or severe…

That severe weather risk will then move east on Sunday…

Rainfall numbers for the weekend are impressive, with some areas potentially picking up greater than 3″ of rain…

Flash flooding is a real potential, especially across parts of central and western Kentucky.

Temps crash on Sunday with gusty winds and rain continuing. Those gust winds will become northwesterly through Monday, with some rain and snow shower action likely on Monday.

Temps will rebound quickly by Tuesday and Wednesday and may hit 70. A slight chance for a thunderstorm moves in Wednesday night and Thursday, knocking our temps down some.

That won’t last long as another big severe weather look shows up next weekend…

Since February, I’ve been touting this as a potentially explosive spring for severe weather and I continue to think that. Some major outbreaks are possible through May.

Let’s get back at looking into what’s going on with the severe threat to our west today…

Current watches
Current Watches

Possible watch areas
Current MDs

I will have another update later today. Enjoy your fantastic Friday and take care.

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6 Responses to Tracking The Stormy Setup

  1. Schroeder says:

    Thanks Chris for the update. Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, but there is always a negative to every positive. Red Flag warnings are up in my county for brush and forest fires. To make things worse my electric problem has not been solved, so my home is not ready for any level of severity from thunderstorms. I hope everyone else has a great day. Today is Friday the thirteenth, doesn’t help.

  2. bgbecky says:

    Already some scattered showers popping up in western ky…may not end up being as dry today and hoped!

  3. Virgil says:

    Im still of the viewpoint that if the Severe threat increases down south, then that will zap away the severe threat for all but far western Kentucky.

  4. Coffeelady says:

    Thank you Chris. I hope this upcoming cold shot is one of the last for the year! It’s getting too far into the spring season now for us to still be so cold. I guess the seesaw has to cone back and balance at some point! I’ll takevtodsys weather and be thrilled to do so! Enjoy a great Friday everyone! Spring game should have perfect weather!

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