Scattered Storms Rumble On

Good Saturday, folks. Thunderstorms won’t be as widespread out there today, but some scattered stuff continues ro rumble across the bluegrass state. This stormy setup rolls on, with another system to bring an increase in boomers for Sunday, with storm clusters waiting in the wings for next week. As I’ve pointed out for months, there will be no shortage of storms this summer.

Today’s storms will be scattered, but one or two may be strong. Any boomer that goes up can put down torrential rains. There is a slightly better chance for late day storms in the west, as our next system works toward the east. Here’s the SPC Severe Weather Outlook…

Showers and storms will then increase across the state on Sunday and early Monday, with the greatest concentration being across the south…

A few of those Sunday storms may be strong, with local severe weather possible…

Heavy rainfall may give us a renewed high water threat on the local level.

Heat is building across the plains over the next few days and will expand into next week. This puts Kentucky in the line of fire for northwest to southeast moving clusters of thunderstorms…

The GFS rain map through next Friday is showing the potential corridor of action…

Here is your Saturday edition of must see storm tracking tools…

Current watches
Current Watches

Possible watch areas
Current MDs

Make it a great Saturday and take care.

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2 Responses to Scattered Storms Rumble On

  1. TennMark says:

    On this date (June 23) in history back in 1944 was the so-called Appalachians tornado outbreak. West Virginia alone had at least 133 fatalities, by far that state’s deadliest day from tornadoes since records started.

    Rugged terrain can often interfere with tornado genesis, but in this case it appears there were ideal conditions over adjacent flat topography including Ohio. The storms then moved southeast (a rather unusual direction) into northern West Virginia where the twisters traversed the mountains with little trouble. Pennsylvania was also hard hit, including an F4 just outside of downtown Pittsburgh.

  2. James M Ferris says:

    I noticed that the forecast this upcoming week has changed for the worst. They were calling for dry weather earlier this morning, but now they are calling for storms most of the week now. That blows. 100 percent certain.

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