Upper Level Low To Bring A Few More Storms

Good Friday, folks. If it’s a day ending in Y, it must bean rain chances are in the forecast. Showers and storms may increase a bit today as a big upper level low works in here for the weekend. This will bring, at least, scattered storms with it, and I have more storms to throw at you for next week. Yippee!

As mentioned, today’s storms will be a little more widespread than Thursday and may put down heavy rains. I can’t rule out a strong storm or two, so track away…

The upper level low then camps out across the Ohio Valley this weekend, bringing scattered showers and storms with it. This is NOT going to be a washout of a weekend by any means, but keep the umbrella handy to be on the safe side.

The wet weather then looks to hang around into next week. Watch how the waves of showers and storms just keep doing their thing…

The European Model is actually going toward more of a slow-moving system by the end of the week. Watch how it cranks out the rain…

I will be talking about fall and winter over the weekend, so check back. That will give us something besides storms to talk about! 😉

Make it a great Friday and take care.

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5 Responses to Upper Level Low To Bring A Few More Storms

  1. bgbecky says:

    your posts lately have seemed more typical of summer…same thing every day! I am ok with that…as long as there is some sun between the rain!!!! Excited about Fall and Winter talk…the muggy out there right now is STRONG!

  2. JTaylor says:

    looking forward to the fall and winter talk! however it don’t even seem like its been long enough to be that time of year again. winter was just here not long ago or so it seems. time goes by so fast anymore!

  3. Rickie H says:

    I drive a school bus, and when Chris mentions the winter talk. It grabs my attention. But I was one of Chris’s weather weenies before I ever started driving a bus. Lol

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