Rounds Of Storms Ready To Increase

Good Tuesday, folks. A few isolated showers and storms continue to push across the state, but it’s about to get much more active. Another potent system will cross the Ohio Valley for the middle and end of the week, bringing fairly widespread shower and storm action.

At the beginning of summer, I said this would be a “Summer of storms”. Well… I think that nickname was very appropriate as the stormy pattern will not go away!

Highs today are in the 80s with a mix of sun and clouds. Isolated showers and storms will develop once again, especially in the afternoon…

The showers and storms begin to ramp it up a bit by Wednesday afternoon as another low works into the region. Those showers and storms then come at is in rounds Thursday into Friday…

Locally heavy rains will be likely with some of the storms.

From there, we track another system set to impact the region over the weekend, with one more slated to arrive behind that into early next week…

The models have been consistently showing a pretty good trough pushing that second system into the region next week. They do vary on the depth of the cool shot coming behind it, with some of the latest GFS runs looking pretty darn cool. Check out the below normal numbers…

We will see how all that shakes out over the next week or so, but the signal has been there for a while now.

The CFS likes that cooler than normal signal through the end of September…

That same run keeps the wet signal rolling on through the same period…

That’s a lot of above normal rainfall for much of the country. Guess we will have to keep mowing our multiple times a week through the fall. 🙁

Make it a great day and take care.

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2 Responses to Rounds Of Storms Ready To Increase

  1. MarkLex says:

    I don’t think the eastern part of the country really has a “dry season”
    Any month of the year can be tons of rain, but this time of year should be drier than it is. I guess we have a mini dry season this time of year, but not really. My yard usually gets really brown a few times per year in the summer. But starting in the spring, it has stayed green the entire time…. I think there might have been a brief period where it was dry a few days and started turning brown, but it didn’t last long.

  2. MelT says:

    What little fruit made the late frosts haven’t produced in the heat in Western Ky. The persimmon and nuts have dried and fell off like last yr. Another lean winter for the wildlife in the area will be devastating.

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