Florence To Impact Kentucky

Good Thursday, folks.  Hurricane Florence is nearing the North Carolina coast today and is ready to deliver a devastating blow to North and South Carolina. This system is going to then slowly work our way, likely impacting our weather later Sunday into Monday. This should be a wind and rain maker for us.

Let’s get you caught up on the current status of this storm…

cone graphic

This is storm that may make a rare double landfall near Wilmington, NC then again in South Carolina. This slow movement means catastrophic damage in those areas. Here is your interactive radar, complete with live storm tracker feeds from the areas getting hit…

After meandering around the Carolinas for the next few days, the remnants of Florence will lift to the northwest toward Kentucky. What’s left of this system will likely move from south to north across the state from late Sunday through Tuesday. The latest hurricane model forecasts continue to be locked in on this track…

The GFS Ensembles are very similar…

The operational GFS continues to bring the center right on top of the state…

Tropical rain producing showers and thunderstorms will work across the state Sunday and Monday, bringing locally heavy rains. The greatest threat is across central and eastern Kentucky. This doesn’t look like the rainmaker Gordon was because the setup is totally different and this thing is moving along.

This system will bring gusty winds our way, with the potential of 30-40mph gusts at times.

Ahead of all this, warm and humid air will spawn a few storms Friday into Saturday. A few tropical downpours will have to be watched.

Let’s get back to today… Isolated showers and storms are possible and I have you set to do some tracking…

Have a good one and take care.

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15 Responses to Florence To Impact Kentucky

  1. Bryan says:

    So no flooding rains to worry about??

  2. Terry says:

    It is both weakening and looks like it is not going to stall for as long on the coast: Praise the Lord!

    • BubbaG says:

      Probably to the dismay of the national media. Hopefully weakens more for less impact to folks. Flooding though is the main issue, regardless.

      • feederband says:

        You got it Bubba. It will be the most catastrophic, devastating, cataclysmic, disastrous, Cat 2 hurricane to hit the Carolinas……….until the next one.
        They will run out of synonyms and have to make up more.

        • Troy says:

          If the initial hype from the media (which was warranted when it still looked to be a cat 4 at landfall) ends up saving even one person, then it was well worth it…and yes a cat 2 can be just as deadly.

          • Mike says:

            Until people start ignoring the media… Too much hype that doesn’t fruit and people begin to deafen.

          • Feederband says:

            Agree. But over sensationalizing an event that turns out much less than anticipated, causes a “cry wolf” effect. I think that the NHC did a great job getting the word out but the media needs to state the facts.

  3. TennMark says:

    Go dry air, go! For perspective, Florence’s current (as this is typed) 110 mph winds can be compared to the 185 mph sustained winds (even higher gusts) from Irma as it devastated St Martin and Barbuda a year ago.

    But even with the good news that dry air has weakened Florence’s winds for the time being, this unfortunately may do little to reduce the threats of extreme freshwater flooding in the Carolinas and coastal storm surges.

    Hopefully the models showing the remnants of Florence moving relatively quickly through Tennessee and Kentucky will prevail. The heavy rains from Gordan were enough of a headache for our area.

    • Terry says:

      It looks to FINALLY cool down to a fall feel after this storm next week too. Yes, it was cooler for a few days this week but, at least in SE KY, the humidity was only gone for Monday and Tuesday but had already surged back in yesterday. I hit 61 on Tuesday morning and still have not seen a 50s night in a very long time now! My dew point is 71 while I type which is also my current low through 5:00AM….hot September nights!☹

      • Schroeder says:

        Cooler Fall like weather next week ? I don’t no where this will be coming from as the only cool to actually cold weather is in the Pacific Northwest where there is a strong upper level trough.

  4. Schroeder says:

    Meteorologist are still uncertain about Hurricane Florence’s exact path. Will the hurricane stall off the coast and rain for days or will it move inland and cause widespread beach erosion ? No one will know until the storm has past and the remnants has moved into our area ?

  5. MarkLex says:

    Wow. It really looks like it has weakened big time. The last report I heard, it would strengthen because it was moving into warmer water..that did not happen. So I guess there is dry air involved? At any rate, it’s still going to dump lots of rain. I learned the worst storm to hit NC was a category 4. I never knew that. It was Hazel and it was in October 1954 if I remember what I read correctly.

    • BubbaG says:

      It’s called national mets and media REALLY wanted a disaster to tout, so kept trying to will it 😉 Still- flooding will probably be a big concern.

      • Terry says:

        Whether or not Florence damage reaches the threshold for it to be retired or not, all of the media attention will likely push this one in the books!☺

  6. Matt says:

    Well, the cooler weather sure didn’t last long. Heat index up to 96 here in Breathitt co.

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