Florence To Bring A Late Weekend Impact

Good Friday, everyone. Hurricane Florence continues to pound much of the Carolinas today. This slow-moving system will then head into the Tennessee Valley later Saturday with a late Sunday through Monday date with our part of the world.

This will bring rounds of showers and thunderstorms and gusty winds to central and eastern Kentucky. I will get to that in a bit, but let’s start things out with a check on the vitals of our hurricane…

cone graphic

I want to make sure you guys are utilizing my interactive radar to it’s full potential. You can zoom in on any location in the country to track weather conditions, including showing the latest watches and warnings, real time weather information and live storm chaser cams. You can even make this a standalone window from this blog. Anyway, take it for a stroll and zoom in on Florence and watch the live video streams from chasers in the path of the storm…

The hurricane models are pretty much set in bringing the remnant low into the eastern half of the state later Sunday into Monday…

The GFS Ensembles are on the same page…

The GFS has been in lock step with the Ensembles and hurricane models for several days now…

Let’s review how all of this could play out through early next week…

  • Scattered showers and storms will be around this afternoon and then again on Saturday. Temps are pretty steamy and tropical feeling.
  • What’s left of Florence moves from south to north across the eastern half of the state later Sunday into early Monday. This could still be a tropical depression as it moves in.
  • Given the relatively fast movement of this system, it shouldn’t be able to come close to rain totals from last weekend. Plus, the setup is entirely different.
  • A general 1″-3″ of rain is possible across central and eastern Kentucky with locally higher amounts. Some areas of the west may not see very much rain, if any.
  • Given the recent rains, local high water issues may develop across the east.
  • Winds will be fairly gusty as this system moves through. Gusts of 30-40mph will be possible Sunday and Sunday night.

I will have another update later today, so be sure to check back. Until then, let’s track any shower or storm that goes up to end the week…

Have a great Friday and take care.

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7 Responses to Florence To Bring A Late Weekend Impact

  1. MarkLex says:

    Just so I understand correctly – if you are in the path of the low (where the low is right over you) you will receive less rain than if you were on either side of the low?

  2. Terry says:

    Since Florence appears to be the only short-term solution to give rain in my area and the storm will likely not stall, I will gladly take a few inches. I reached 0.61 on Monday and that has been all I have seen since mid-August in my section of Harlan Co.

  3. Schroeder says:

    Very little rain forecast for my county of Taylor, just more late summer weather from now through the end of next week. The high pressure still hangs tough over the Ohio Valley and extending well to our northeast while the northwestern part of the country is enjoying nice Autumn weather due to a trough which has prevailed since all this tropical activity has started. It wouldn’t surprise me if this high pressure holds Hurricane Florence in place for a couple of more days ? Prayers to all.

  4. BubbaG says:

    This seems a Mini Me, compared to last weekend.

  5. Terry says:

    Chris is worried about ‘piecemeal flood watches’….the NWS probably want issue any watches as the models just don’t show much rain. I bet we get more than current data shows!

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