Wet Weather Returns

Good Sunday, folks. It’s another wet weather maker rolling back into the bluegrass state and it has a tropical connection. This rain is from what’s left of Hurricane Sergio from the Pacific Ocean. As this passes through, another rain maker follows it up to star the week ahead that will also feature frosty cold mornings.

Let’s begin with the setup of today and roll forward. Numerous showers continue to push across the state from southwest to northeast. Locally heavy downpours are possible and I can’t rule out a little rumble of thunder…

The setup for Monday will feature a slow-moving front draped across the region with a wave of low pressure along it. The end result will be chilly rains north of the boundary with a few storms south of it…

That same setup later in November or December would be a big snow and ice maker across this region. Even though it’s only the middle of October, it’s still producing early season snows way far south in the plains states…

Once leftover showers move way on Tuesday, the first hard frost of the season is waiting in the wings for Wednesday and/or Thursday mornings. Below freezing temps are possible for lows…

Another big system will then roll our way by next weekend, bringing an increase in rain and the potential for Ohio Valley flakes behind it…

Even colder air follows that one up, with a likely visit from Mr. Freeze…

This is some cold stuff showing up  on the Ensembles…

The pattern is ripe for a MAJOR amplification and storm system for the final week of October.

I may throw you another update later today. On Monday, I have some new winter models to throw your way. B to the RR 😉

Have a great Sunday and take care.

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11 Responses to Wet Weather Returns

  1. Jeff Hamlin says:

    B to the RR sounds good.

  2. Schroeder says:

    What does B to the RR mean ? And why do the cold fronts ” hang up ” when they reach the Ohio Valley, but clear the Northeast ? Has to be high pressure to our south slowing them down ? Frost is forecast for my county on Wednesday and Thursday with temperatures in the mid 30’s. If there happens to be a hard freeze, thereafter we will likely have ” Indian Summer ” a few days later. And then those awful Asian Beetles show up in swarms to hibernate in my cabin to make me ill with allergies and asthma. Thank you USDA.

    • John-Austin says:

      RR means rest and relaxation

    • bgbecky says:

      B to the RR means “BRR” I suppose! Like its going to be cold!

      • Terry says:

        I think we are going to have a heck of a winter myself. The old folk signs are there, and scientifically, we have a decent chance of a weak to moderate Modoki El Nino which can help amp up of the southern jet but also allow for at least some blocking, driving plenty if cold air into central/east US!

  3. Terry says:

    We may end up with a kiss of snow on mostly green trees yet☺

    Seriously though, the trees really are mostly green in Harlan this late in October. I hope this cold air has arrived in time to salvage a little color. It usually only takes a week or two of temps this chilly to bring out some color.

    Regardless of any color to come or not, I am simply happy that Augtober is over!

    • Mike S says:

      On my drive to Myrtle Beach, we drove along the I-40 route near Gatlinburg to near Ashville. Last year, the color was absolutely brilliant. This year, same time frame, there was barely any color change at all. This may be a quick Fall.

      • Schroeder says:

        Mike S : Is there any web site that gives you the surface sea temperatures of past years ? I would be very interested to fined out what the SST of the Gulf of Mexico, Pacific, and the Atlantic was back in the year 1969-70. This was the snowiest winter I can ever remember and consistently cold too.

  4. John-Austin says:

    Looking forward to the new winter models you have to show us tomorrow, Chris!

  5. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Arrived back from Daytona yesterday afternoon to quite a temp change. It was 70 at 4:15 am when we left there. And 51 when we arrived home. In shorts and flip flops. ;). Oh well, it’s time. But like Mike S said, we came through the mountains and there was no color to speak if. I was disappointed. Hope we get some color before the leaves gal off. Have a good Sunday everyone.

  6. Schroeder says:

    I always thought the Smoky Mountains cooled off significantly at night, early morning hours especially even in the summer. I’ve been there many times and no matter what time of the year it was you needed a jacket or a coat. Must have been a cloudy, rainy summer in the Mountains too. This is what’s delaying the foliage turn. Just not enough sunny dry days to make the sugar in the foliage of hardwoods. If we have a hard freeze at mid week this will damage some of the foliage and you will have dried out green leaves on the ground. I hope this doesn’t happen as I look forward to the oranges, reds and yellows and all the colors in between. If we don’t have color this Fall it’s not that unusual.

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