Tracking Frosty Cold Temps

Good Tuesday, folks. The calendar says October, but we really haven’t had any kind of October weather, yet. We went from summer straight into November-like temps and that’s a pattern that is rolling on. Frost and freezing temps kick in this week, with much colder weather on the way by late this weekend and next week.

Today starts with leftover showers in the southeast, where temps will be a little milder than the rest of the state…

Temps across much of the rest of the state drop into the 30s, with some frost showing up in the north and west.

Clouds are going to be tough to get rid of today, but some breaks should show up. Temperatures can be held under 50 for areas keeping the clouds, but should generally reach 50-55 for much of the state.

Wednesday will find a weak front dropping in, bringing gusty winds and fair skies. The air behind this front is the coldest of the young fall season, with readings at or below freezing by Thursday morning…

Widespread frost and a light freeze are likely across Kentucky and surrounding areas. Green thumbs are on high alert. 🙂

Our next system rolls our way Friday into Saturday with another blast of cold air to follow that up. Watch the rain roll in with flaks flying to our north and east after it rolls through…

Temps behind that are cold and should hit the upper 20s and low 30s for lows.

I continue to point toward the final week of October for a big amplification of the jet stream across the eastern half of the country. The signal has been there for a few days and it continues to show up. Check out the deep trough on the GFS Ensembles…

With all that blocking across Canada, that could fire up a big slow-moving storm system.

I will try to update later today. Make it a good one and take care.

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15 Responses to Tracking Frosty Cold Temps

  1. Kevin Smith says:

    I haven’t been able to view this site for a week. It crashes regularly, so until fixed I can’t “tune” in.

    • Jamie says:

      Do you view it on an iPad? I have been meaning to say something but just have forgotten…I can’t view this site on my iPad. It constantly crashes and reloads, then gives up on a white screen with the message “A problem repeatedly occurred on” On my computer, the site is fine, but it won’t load on the iPad.

      • Kurt says:

        On the ipad, it may be related to Flash elements on the page, esp. w/the Accuweather bits. Go into your Safari (I presume) settings and disable Javascript. Clear your history. The page will load, but the interactive weather map won’t work. You’ll need to re-enable javascript afterward to work with other sites.

      • Ren says:

        Weird, I’ve been having the same issue on my iPhone with both safari and google chrome. Thought it was just me doing something dumb because it’s my first iPhone. I clicked on the link to this post via CB’s twitter in the app and it seems to be working fine.

      • StormtrackerWV says:

        OMG me too, on both my Samsung Galaxy (Android) phone and my Samsung Android tablet! I didn’t say anything though because I thought maybe it was just me and I was running out of memory or had a slow processor or something!

    • Troy says:

      I’m guessing it’s the stupid Storm Chaser Map causing problems for folks. The map itself always crashes (but not the site) on my laptop. Not even sure why Chris puts it on every post….there’s nothing useful about it other than in severe storm situations and otherwise it’s actually quite annoying, especially trying to scroll past it on a phone.

  2. Bernard P. Fife says:

    Halloween tricks or treats?

  3. Garthe says:

    Only the counties by the river got into the 30s last night. NAM cold bias going to burn those that continue to use it.

  4. Rickie H says:

    The site is doing the same thing on my phone. Glad to know it’s not just mine. A lot of times I’ve been having to go through Twitter to read what Chris is posting.
    I am loving the cooling. Thanks Mr Chris.

  5. Jeff Hamlin says:

    Working just fine on my Galaxy Note 9.

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