Tuesday Evening Update

Good evening, everyone. We are in the middle of a very nice run of fall weather, but that’s about to change in a hurry. A major storm system rolls our way by the end of the week, with another to follow that up for the weekend. Moral of the story, some ugly weather is on the way.

Much of the energy for the end of the week storm is coming from a Pacific Hurricane names Willa. This storm is coming ashore along the Mexico coastline, but is already helping push clouds ahead of it all the way into our region…

That rolls across Texas and into the deep south on Thursday. This looks like a wintertime storm with a double barrel low pressure, with one working into the eastern Ohio Valley as the main low goes up the coast. Here’s the NAM for Thursday and Friday…

The European Model is in the same camp with the evolution of this potent storm…

That’s a nice rain and wind maker for our region, with chilly temps joining the party.

Another system then dives in here by Sunday and Monday, bringing some really ugly weather…

That’s not too far away from being a flake maker, but most of what falls should be in liquid form. Still, that’s one heck of a setup for this time of year and bodes well for the winter ahead.

In my last update, I mentioned a recurving western Pacific typhoon and how that likely means an even deeper trough later next week. The European is seeing this very well…

November is likely to be a very active, but fun weather month around here. Buckle up for what I think will be a wild weather ride!

Enjoy your evening and take care.

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3 Responses to Tuesday Evening Update

  1. Coffeelady says:

    Thanks Chris. Me thinks me sees hints of a touch of the white in the future! Guess we will see…… 😀

  2. John-Austin says:

    I always get excited when I hear CB say things like, “Buckle yo for a wild weather ride!” as well head into winter, especially. It would be so nice to get some snow in the air and even on the ground headed into the holidays!
    Thanks for the update as always, Chris.

  3. Nathan says:

    Chris, I like how you break down the extended forecast. With the deepening trough later next week one would think it would be chilly around here. Two of my weather apps from the two biggest weather outlets are showing 60’s for later next week. I put my money on you every time…..

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